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  1. RIP Gilbert Thévenet. Thanks for the amazingly beautiful music! Asia 2001 definitely put France on the Goa Trance map alongside other giants of the genre like Transwave and Total Eclipse.
  2. Once again big thanks! This is great stuff to learn from, straight From the Source, together with the BPM and Key available on Beatport.com Btw speaking of BPM for Goa Trance these days, what do you guys reckon, is 150 BPM as some of the Dimension 5 tracks are in, a good tempo for todays listener/dance floors etc? I have no clue what BPM ranges people are in these days. 150 seems to be very energetic indeed and I quite like it. Gives a good rush, but I remember that atleast the Neo Goa in the 2000's was a bit slower in comparison, 138/146 bpm ish. And also of course some of the Old Scho
  3. I have been listening and comparing this album with TransAddendum lately, both have their strenghts. This album is a bit more varied in quality overall, but the masterpiece Blue Pyramid is a must have in any Goa collection! Such an energetic glowing drive in that tune.
  4. No hard feelings. Another one which was always mentioned in similar threads in the past was Psylent Buddhi, which of course today is released on Suntrip. So yeah it gets reaally difficult to finding anything less known these days. The goa archaologists have been busy bees. When similar threads were made around 2006/2007 it was amazing some of the unreleased or less known stuff people posted. The majority of those tunes are now remastered.
  5. This album often came up in similar threads here over the years: https://www.discogs.com/Psygone-Optimystique/release/197564 Which qualifies if you like the music that is. But I think this is the thing, a lot of music had a hard time competing with the best stuff at the time. But then in hindsight when people feel the need to explore and find something which they haven’t heard from the era. The bar might get lowered and anything which is from the period will automatically become interesting. Despite the quality often not beeing the best, or on the same level as the true classics.
  6. Well that’s the essence of the problem. The really good Goa old school everybody heard already. Besides the really sought after rare stuff that Suntrip and other labels have released/remastered in recent times, I personally don’t think there is much more out there. If there is I’m sure it will be re-released at some point. There is a lot to dive through tho, both in terms of the classic stuff and also all the new remasters etc. There have been some stuff posted on this forum before that was unreleased or rare which blew my mind. And I’m still kinda mindblown about some of the Dime
  7. I don’t know, some of the examples posted here that are tracks featured on Destination Goa simply don’t qualify IMO. I mean it was one of, if not the the most well known and best selling Goa Trance compilation out there. So that doesn’t really qualify as ”not well known” in my book. If thousands of people heard them it becomes a contradiction. My definition of not very well known/obscure but still very good Goa, would be stuff that really didn’t reach a wider audience because of rarity and perhaps because the artists wanted to keep a low profile. And in some cases because of how it was
  8. From their latest facebook update: ”Tomorrow : : 19/6/2021 We gonna play for the first time EVER! Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy [2021 Version] at Klika Of Happiness Party See You on the Dance Floor Line Up: ACE VENTURA - BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION ASTRAL PROJECTION BAYAWAKA DEKEL New Album Launch EARTH CONNECT FUNKAMEL KIDO & GALAPAGOS RITMO SHIVATREE” Now that new version of Dancing Galaxy would be interesting to hear. Really hope it’s dreamy/trancey and somewhat faithful to the original. And at the same time, adding something new and unexpec
  9. I really like this album, it’s a solid introduction to the first Neo Goa wave. The album takes on where their debut album ended. Which interestingly enough was one of few Goa albums released back in 2001. So one could argue that Ra - To Sirius was indeed an antecedent to Neo Goa wave which would emerge in the mid 2000’s, along with Dimension 5 - Second Phase, Miranda - Asynja, and MFG-The Message. Which were really the truly last proper Goa albums from the veterans of the first 90's Goa wave. When I contrast this album with the To Sirius album. I actually think the 9th album has more good
  10. This one is illusive, I still haven’t heard the extra tracks this release included. Is the artwork identical to the classical release?
  11. Very curious about this album. The artwork seems very nice from what I can see on discogs. A bit of a holographic vibe I guess?
  12. I agree, so let’s get back on-topic. Any news about the Etnica/Crop Circles/Pleiadians music? You seem to be in the know. Or perhaps it’s classified Area 51 stuff?
  13. Aight sounds fair and square to me. I assumed you were here as a label representative.
  14. Classic Swedish stuff. I also like how for a brief moment in time, there was an overlap between Goa Trance and this commercial Club sound. With some remix works between for example Miranda and Antiloop. And also with I Savastano, who was really a House/Club music guy anyhow, before and after his short forays into Goa Trance. The idea that club music could overlap rather seamlessly with the Goa Trance sound, is still rather fascinating. I'm not sure why something similar isn't happening today, except perhaps within full-on music.
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