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  1. Yeah I noticed that as well, no chillout area. Well not that I care that used to be mostly a place for people to binge their laughing gas balloons. Not that they don't do their balloons now, it's even worse now lol. People passing out in the middle of the dance floor like dead zombies. Since the laughing gas has become one of the biggest revenues for the organizers, besides the entrance fee and smuggle beer. I can see how the chillout can be as you say an effective spot to recover, certainly on festivals. But on these short illegal forest raves, I don't think it's such a big deal. When people feel they've had enough, it's time to head home.
  2. Well one off or not, what has happened once can happen again. And take surprising directions, the future is unwritten and full of possibilites.
  3. Indeed but as I wrote: "radio/TV friendly edit/remix of a Goa Trance track" There was a deliberate effort from the record companies involved at the time to create interesting touch points between closely related genres. For example the Antiloop remix of Mars Needs Women. As a means to add variation and put the spotlight on other artists/genres within their stable of artists.(Or as a collaborarion between labels). Which I think was a very clever move, as it would no doubt attract a wider audience and fans of Antiloop who saw the Miranda albums with perhaps a sticker citing Antiloop remixes, or by checking the tracklist on the backside of the album. I could definitely see Afgin doing something similar with ASOT or Future Sound of Egypt, in a not too far off future.
  4. I think you should do a vocal cover of "Infected Mushroom - I Wish" You have the same soprano voice as Duvdev. With some autotune or even Infected Mushroom's Manipulator plugin, you could come really close to the original. Heck.. even better I think. Or just use a Roland V-Synth XT for the true elastic audio goodness. You could name it: AZ INFCTD MVSHYRMS PSY TEK TRNZ FT NHJHVH AZ XVER TIKTOK PSYKDLK DNCE
  5. Yeah lots of possibilites, even more so since it seems the track in question is unreleased? So how do people know the full writing credits if it's unreleased? I would assume that CS knows Avi Algranati, since he has mastered one of their albums I saw on discogs. One of the newer ones from 2014 or so.
  6. Refinement, Progression, Evolution. This is the true South Koreaoke spirit. b0m
  7. Interesting points. Where do you think things are heading in todays Psytrance scene compared to back in 2016? Perhaps when Armin Van Buuren and the likes become bored with Psytrance, Goa Trance might become the next buzz word again? I wouldn't be suprised at all if Suntrip Records gets contacted by him in the future.(If he hasn't already). Or maybe Armin and them feel like they've got that base covered, since a lot of Psytrance is marketed as Goa Trance?
  8. Well I wouldn't mind that, I think hardstyle has some really nice euphoric melodies, and memorable/clever intros and interesting production values. Perhaps the hardstyle thing with keychanges affecting even the kickdrum, as the kickdrum in hardstyle is essentially the bassline+kick at the same time. That could perhaps work within the psy/goa style who knows.
  9. Yeah indeed, waves is an apt description. Soon enough people will be complaining about "too much cheesy melodies" again.
  10. Well it's just history repeating I guess. The same thing happened with Goa Trance back in the day. It was a huge commercial success for some labels/artists. One might forget that, and think that Goa always was some kind of underground resistance movement. In middle school pretty much everyone had a copy of some Destination Goa, Goa Head or Distance to Goa compilation here in Sweden at least. Both guys and girls. Same with the Acid Flash compilations, and none were really into the scene or anything. Some older teens in college I knew about were though. Just like all the kids who purchased The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation, weren't necessarily ravers.
  11. Yes there's lots of things happening right now, the scene as we knew it is changing at a rapid pace. The crowd certainly is different now, gone are the people in Psy-attire. Atleast what I've seen, the majority are teens, which I suspect have either an inclination towards Techno/House or just attend the parties to listen to whatever weird music is playing. And not necessarily listening to this type of music in private or beeing particularly invested. It's pretty much the Tik Tok crowd attenting. Some I suspect beeing under 18, drawn to the illegal nature of these outdoor events. Where alcohol is sold to anyone, and drugs are offered openly by drug dealers who have realized the market value of said parties. This combination of youngsters and lots of drugs/alcohol I think has the potential to become politically toxic, once the society is back to normal(if ever) from the Corona outbreak. The focus of the police seems to be elsewhere for the moment. I didn't know about the phenomenon of Psytrance tracks getting shorter? That's certainly a clear sign of adapting a more mainstream-friendly structure, perhaps for the radio broadcasts. Only examples I knew about before was some Infected Mushroom tracks, but those were really more of synth pop tracks. So it made sense, when there is a verse/pre chorus/chorus/bridge type structure going on, that's the logical thing to do. Here is an example from the golden age of a radio/TV friendly edit/remix of a Goa Trance track, music video and all, broadcasted on one of the two big music channels in Sweden at the time ZTV, the other beeing MTV of course. So yeah we've perhaps come full circle now. It would've fitted even on ASOT with its commercial Trance aspects.
  12. I bump this thread, because I think it's interesting to see how things have progressed since this thread was started. And I find that this thread touched very good on the state of Psytrance in 2016/2017, with some nice reflections from our dear forum members whom are all part of the scene in one way or another. So what's the latest development with regards to the mainstream EDM producers interest in Psytrance? Is there still a buzz? Or did it fade somewhat? I tend to think that perhaps the emergence of Techno as the new event sibling to Psytrance (at least here in Sweden). Has pushed Classic Goa and Neo Goa back somewhat. As I can't seem to find any events/venues playing Goa, which I would love to enjoy once more. Goa used to be the logical partner to Psytrance, but not anymore it seems. So what this basically means for me is that Goa has become like a rare special interest with very few people to share that interest with in Sweden. The active Swedish Goa producers seem to be very few as well. The few I know about are basically Filteria and Ethereal, and Ethereal doesn't seem to have released any new music in a while? Not since 2014 according to discogs. Which basically makes them an inactive project for the time beeing, except for the live show they were supposed to play at the now canceled 2020 Apsara Festival. So the natural thing then becomes to explore what's out there and and enjoy what's on offer. This weekend I attended a very nice outdoors event located in a forest, the Techno floor played Acid and Techno, and it was not bad at all, very hypnotic 303 grooves. Reminded me a lot of the music played at raves in the 90's in Sweden. The Psytrance floor was even more enthralling, with Twilight music and other styles fit for a night in the forest. I'm quite thankful that they didn't play some of the more dull Full-On styles touched upon in this thread(at least they didn't during the few hours I attended) like Vini Vici etc. But yeah I can understand the appeal, certainly for newcommers. As someone in this thread mentioned, I also believe that this more shallow commercial version of Psytrance can serve as an introduction, and a starting point for some deeper explorations of what the genre has to offer. At the end of the day I think what matters most to people is if the music works on the dancefloor, is it dance friendly? One thing I noted was that when switching back and forth between the Techno and the Psytrance floors, is that Psytrance seems to have an edge productionwise over Techno. There was just something much more refined about the very polished futuristic alien sound image of the Psytrance, compared to the more old school sounding nature of Techno. The Psytrance has a distinct clarity in the sound image. Perhaps this is what draws the commercial EDM producers to Psytrance? That there is something appealing about the very high production standards in Psytrance? Even when I compared the mixing quality of Psytrance to the regular Trance of the mid 2000's I found that the Psytrance seemed to be ahead a couple of years with regards to the perceived sound quality. The regular Trance at the time often sounded quite muddy in comparison. So I guess regular Trance might benefit from the production tricks learned from Psytrance. As a consequence of the convergence between the styles by ASOT and others. Perhaps this thread should've been named "A State of Psytrance"
  13. Cool I like psy too, btw are there any particular styles now that has developed with a specific greek spin to em? Like for example how are the darker psy sounds from Greece?
  14. So I went to an outdoors party tonight, and I'm a bit perplexed with regards to the styles they played. Is this Twillight or Dark-Psy? Or are the two terms interchangeable? https://streamable.com/vf6xxp https://streamable.com/lcqin Track-ID if possible
  15. No probs, my bad that didn't really pay attention and inspect the youtube channel. Theres just so much stuff uploaded by randoms on youtube, that it's quite a messy platform for music certainly. No guarantee whatsoever for anything beeing what the track titles say. And as seems to be the case here, not even from artists themselves. Anyways my bet is on human error.
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