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  1. Provided that it’s the same dimensionality/depth you describe and look after, that I interpret it as beeing. It could very well be the amazing FX Processors from Eventide, and perhaps from Lexicon too. Which added a very particular spatial dimension to the tracks. And those are not common in todays mostly in the box production. And as far as I know, there’s not much (if anything) that seems to match these effects in the plugin domain. Not even Eventides own plugins. Also these were used in tandem with the Alesis Quadraverb. Which makes the sounds form a very dimensional sound image. Also the combination of putting hardware synthesizers through those effects, really encapsulated the sounds. Creating a very nicely textured and detailed sound with depth. As long as the mixing/composition itself was good as well of course. Even all these things considered, I don’t even think there were that many old school albums which truly provided this effect. Could you provide some examples so I could listen and compare to those I feel have this quality to them? So I understand if it’s the same thing I think of when talking about dimensionality and depth. For me this aspect is something I closely associate with how psychedelic music and indeed sounds in general are perceived when in a chemically altered state. Almost like a holographic sound texture. With opacity and intricate layers of sound textures/melodies. So this aspect of the genre might not be entirely an issue of hardware/software techiques, but about the experience with hallucinogenic substances. And how to translate that into production/arrangements. *btw re-read OP now and realized it’s for your friend. Ask him for some examples of tracks.
  2. That would be really cool, that album artwork is very nice. Purple hues and dreamy wizard theme by Mark Neal. The old and newer Flying Rhino logos would work really well in the format as well. This japanese version of The Lone Deranger would look badass: https://www.discogs.com/release/767378-Hallucinogen-The-Lone-Deranger
  3. Sounds like a great idea! Would look especially cool on some M65 jacket or bomber jacket.
  4. Thanks for listening/feedback, I’ll fix that tonight in logic. *fixed and updated the link/created a new soundcloud for this specific style.
  5. Their catalog is pretty damn epic. Certainly for Acid/Acid Trance/Dream Trance/Goa Trance. Big part of my teen years. Too bad nothing ever lasts for ever. (Except maybe the universe). I think their Cosmic Cubes compilation was my first ever exposure to Goa Trance. Or some other of their compilations which included all kinds of styles by todays subgenre-categorization. So it wasn't like I knew what the hell I was listening to. We probably thought it was all Acid. But there was certainly some tracks that stood out as different, in retrospect those were the more Goaish tunes.
  6. Hehe nah it sucked, back to the drawing board. Keep ya Mickey Mouse ears open tho, there'll be some new "Spooky" Halloween-Goa coming soon...
  7. My attempt at some Hallucinogen-inspired 101 acidic lines. Used Output Thermal for chorus on the TAL-101. Quite warbly. Also used the Arturia ARP-2600 plugin, Korg MS-20 plugin and 101 for bass as well and other things, SFX was 101 + Korg MS-20. I tried to limit myself to the instruments Hallucinogen used, but in their software counterparts.
  8. Interesting I had to dig around to find the old thread about Saikosounds. I wasn’t active when that one closed. Seems almost like a Déjà vu experience. https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/65903-whats-happened-to-saikosounds/
  9. Some insight into Simon Posford’s studio routines during his first and second albums Found in the Discogs Goa Trance group: https://www.flickr.com/photos/76970880@N08/albums I found the details about the giggling samples in the Gamma Goblins Remix funny. Didn’t know that he sampled himself laughing. If I understoood it correctly? Or atleast the running water samples. I guess both. Interesting as well about his habit at the time of purchasing weird CD’s to sample from. Sample manipulation sure seems to have been a big part of his sound. I always wondered wtf that sound in Space Pussy was? And what effects it had on it. I’m not sure if it’s a tweaked elephant sample, or some synthesizer sounding really weird. Slinky Wizard also had some mad sample warping. The baby sample in the beginning of Funkus Munkus for example.
  10. Indeed, it’s quite an hallmark/obsession of the genre. I sometimes wonder, what some potential visitors to this planet would think about this music? And how would their own music sound if they had something similar in their cultural repertoaire? If they exist I hope they join a forest party some day.
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