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  1. Yeah, seems like lazy spam, if there is no real discussion, and just dropping a link to ones own youtube and spotify lol. And the unnecessary "hahaha" is spam too (scroll-trolling lol), so I mean this would fit better in the offtopic section IMO.
  2. Kinda amusing thread, I'm not gonna bother viewing the video the thread starter made, since the whole topic/thread style feels way too click baity. The thread name makes me think of, somekind of self-proclaimed psytrance scene oracle. The naming of the thread follows some formulas used for gaining attention/views online in general, pick a "controversial" topic, claim something that can't really be proved and which is sure to engage an often heated discussion, which commonly leads nowhere. Reminds me of trolling to be honest, as some of the reactions here seem to be in line with. The purpose of the thread seems to be more about promoting a youtube channel than anything else really. THIS IS A PROPHECY.
  3. "Many of these Digitalis tracks were produced on nothing more than an Atari ST, a 12 bit Roland sampler (with 2 Mb memory), A BOSS Mini Mixer & just 1 effects unit (My trusty Alesis Quadraverb GT) - luckily I had scored 2 incredible analogue synths while I was a student in Salford, Manchester, I think they were my saving grace. The SCI Pro One & The Korg Delta (which I still have & use regularly) are both brilliant machines, & I got them for £75 each! Amazing. It was not until 1997 that I received my first album advance (when my Shakta act was signed to Dragonfly / Big Life) and I started to acquire more serious equipment like a mackie 24:8 mixing desk & a G3 Mac computer. The majority of these tracks on this 25 yr collection were produced before that transition, however.”The debut album & a couple of the first compilations to include Digitalis tracks View from the stage at Brixton’s renowned ‘Fridge’ venue“It is worth nothing that some of these tracks here were written start to finish in a matter of hours (Not days, mind you - hours! With one significant release having less than two hours work put into it! I’m not going to say which one, haha). Our Vinyl distributor Alpha Magic needed to master a release the next day & I was pretty ill with the flu, but The Indica Records label managers convinced me to push through & there you go.... Crazy times.To sum up, let’s say.......95% raw energy, 5% production Skills...So anyway - if you’re a fan of meticulous production probably best to stay away - but this was undoubtably one of the the most significant stages of my musical life. The energy and enthusiasm is UNDENIABLE!...... It ALL sprang from this :)Thanks for joining me on the journey!” Seb Taylor 2020" (from Digitalis - The Early Years liner notes )
  4. Ahh too bad, hmm wonder what it could be then.
  5. I recognize that issue with some other forums, it's usually when you've bookmarked a site/forum from the mobile browser, and then browsing it on the laptop. Tried clearing your cookies?
  6. Billy Cosmosis used to be active here I think? Either here or the Isratrance forum, I recall he used to create sounds for the then very popular plugin Rob Papen Albino 3, this was around 2007 or so I think. You should ask Billy Cosmosis if he used the Novation Bass Station, or the MAM MB 33 for the "fake 303" acid lines in Alien Disco I Love those. I think MFG used some of those as well for their acid lines on Overload and Magnetic Activity. I'm messing around some more in Logic I'll post something tonight.
  7. Yes that rings well with what I've heard as well, also if you listen to "Tryptomine Dream" on the Another World album at: 05:22, the lead sound that comes in, sounds just like the lead sound in Spiritual Healing, and thus most likely is a JD-800 Lead. It has that same digital crying aspect to it, a very nasal and almost wavetable sounding quality. Two Etnica tracks, which I don't know what gear was used on them, but that to me also displays some of these digital sounding qualities are: Nice Toys and Floating Universe. It wouldn't surprise me if the JD-800 had something to do with it. But yeah Draeke and Filteria knows for sure. I would love some input here from them.
  8. I'm gonna give it a go this week, the hot temperatures last week made me take a break my poor old computer was cooking lol, would be nice to hear your progress, you can send me a pm if you don't feel like sharing it here yet. The tuning can be a bitch sometimes with these old tracks due to various reasons, I certainly feel you on that one. Sometimes it's a combination of things, for example the scale used plus how they set the tuning of the oscillators, sometimes amplified by unstable osc tuning, and then some external chorus which further adds variation to the timbre can mess with your ears a lot. And when the ears get fatigued, it can often become difficult detecting pitch correctly. Gonna boot up logic now to see wuzzup It sounds promising that you seem to have got the timing and the pitch of the individual notes, have I understood the progress so far correctly? So now it's only the finer details of the actual patch and effect chain that needs some work?
  9. This is not bad at all, and it gives some hope to the notion of their upcoming album... whenever it comes (if it comes someday?) So yeah between this compilation of remixed tracks, the remix of Push - Strange World, and the teasers AP have been sharing on their social media platforms, I'm confident they still got the magic touch. And could deliver a magical new album. +Pros: Somehow they managed to not butcher some classics, and instead added some signature AP flavour, without resorting to some cheaper tricks we've heard others do. -Cons: Yes the mastering could've been better, but at the same time I've heard worse. Perhaps I've listened too much to neo goa, which often lacks proper mastering, so your mileage might vary. So it's not unlistenable by any means, atleast not for me, right now. And I do agree that the overall sound is way more digital/VST-plugin in nature than their classics, which again is kinda expected. But yeah I wouldn't mind hearing what they could come up with by combining the best of their old analogue synthesizers, with the digital clarity of todays DAW's/computers/sound cards/etc. It would/could be the best of both worlds. And as Trance2MoveU so eloquently put it, they've bought themselves a decade more with this release, so 2025? Fingers crossed. I WANT TO BELIEVE! So unless Trump gets re-elected and bans Goa Trance or something we should be good.
  10. Ett tips kan vara att skriva på engelska då det är väldigt få här som kan svenska Translation: A good idea might be to write in english, as there are very few around here who understand the swedish language.
  11. Haha wow this album seems to be some hilarious stuff, I don't listen to full-on but I might make an exception for this. Since it's classical goa tunes which we all love, that have been remixed. I'm mildly amused by the "heresy" that seems to have been taken place here, classics should be left alone I think, unless there are some novel ideas to explore or expand upon. But yeah I think generally that's the issue, since the classics are classics for a reason, they are often difficult to surpass. The description/reviews reminds me of the old fake/parody full-on project someone from this forum created on myspace back in the day. Called Goa Baba or something similar. It was some hilariously lazy stuff :p my main suspect is obviously Pavel. Which featured all the common full-on tropes of the day, pure comedy gold. I'm not sure but was it not Hallucinogen who introduced the idea of changing between time signatures within the tracks, in the psy/goa genre? If so it's quite the irony, that his classic work is butchered here in a genre wherein the changes of the time signature, has become a trope. We've come full circle so to say, if it was Hallucinogen who first pioneered the idea within psy-trance that is?
  12. I only know that on the Mystica singles collection, the Orly's Remix track is from Israel's Psychedelic Trance vol 2, since you can hear the fade-in of the intro to the Nada & DJ Jörg - Viking track. But yeah it's stated clearly for that release that the tracks were sourced from various compilations. "This is a single collection of the released Mystica tracks on various labels and compilations! Many of them are hard to find these days, so we are sure this will make the fans of euphoric typical Israeli goa trance happy! Classic Goa Trax (a sublabel of Suntrip Records) works together with Mystica for this release, so the artist gets her part of this amazing music of the past! :)" And this specific track I believe was never released on any other VA either, besides Israel's Psychedelic Trance Vol-2? A great track btw.
  13. The track sounds really good, very old school vibe. Production sounds fresh as well. Is this the first old school artist out of Israel doing neo goa?
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