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  1. You truly outdid yourself this time NHJO. Guiness World Records of Goa Trance. You are hereby catapulted into the upper echelons of Goa Trance maestros, cementing your legacy as a true Goa-Jedi. We bow in thy presence almighty Goa ruler.
  2. It's equal parts spirituality, madness and esotheric ramblings, with a bit of OT sprinkled on top. It's psynews aye!
  3. Aha interesting, I always assumed that remasters were done for the remastering process foremost. I didn't take into consideration how rare a CD might be that makes sense then. Is that the reason as well for Ra - To Sirius not beeing remastered? Or are there other factors as well sometimes, like how good/bad the original master might sound by todays standards?
  4. So what's the opinion here on the two different cover artworks that were available for this album? Do you prefer the Blue Moon Productions version? Or the Velvet Inc./GTN (Global Trance Network) version? I think both are cool, but the Blue Moon Productions one is far superior. It just feels more psychedelic and inspired. And also fits better with the artwork of the previous album Transdimensional, in terms of having a graphic identity which is instantly recognizeable. And besides that I also think it reflects the colors of the music more accurate
  5. "Remember your name and address And telephone number too Then if some day you lose your way You'll know just what to do Walk up to that kind policeman The very first one you meet And simply say I've lost my way I cannot find my street" Infernal Machine - The Loin Sleeps Tonight
  6. Aha probably due to distribution not beeing synchronized between the platforms. My bet would be that they manually add the bandcamp releases, so it's most likely in the pipeline for bandcamp as well. (hopefully)
  7. Nice that's a great one. When looking at it now on spotify, it says: Copyright 2020 Classic Goa Trax. So case closed. I'm just surprised it wasn't released on Suntrip Records instead, remastered. It would've complemented the other D5 remasters on there for sure.
  8. Yeah that's exactly what I'm thinking and it doesn't make sense like a rock band setup. "Maaan you should hear Max! He's a wicked 303 bass player!" "Ooh great! He should totally meet this TR-909 drummer I know, he programs some killer 4/4 beats. With some mean snare rolls to boot!" But then again who knows, considering many of the goa acts of the first gen were previously in synth, metal, punk bands etc. This makes me think of the sleeve notes on UX - Ultimate Experince regarding their live setup at the time, which I think is somewhat similar these days perhaps? "All tracks w
  9. I don't doubt that. But does that mean that he somehow lost his ability to produce goa, if he should like to do so again? And I didn't know that they stopped with uptempo. I would've formulated myself differently if I knew. Anyways too bad! Hope they make some uptempo goa again. What I meant was that Ra managed to produce goa after the golden age. So if the D5 crew hypothetically would assemble again, could they create some nice goa again? I don't know but I wanna keep the dream alive. Third Phaze BELIEVE! I always wonder how they did produce albums with so many members of the gro
  10. No, the worst scenario is of course to lose your mind. But that could be a possible outcome of losing the phone
  11. Yeah but atleast Christer Borge-Lunde is still active so I mean if he can still make kick-ass goa after all these years l don't see why it couldn't happen. That beeing said the odds aren't exactly the best since so many years have passed. But hey who knows perhaps some of the ex D5 members might've been doing goa at home and just not felt for releasing it? Or the magic that came from them working together as a team, never really was there anymore if they split up? I think an important factor, is that Christer Borge-Lunde never really quit. So he maintained his goa skills. But I imagine o
  12. Very nice read, I got really absorbed by reading this flashback. Only thing I noticed is that DAT records aren't mentioned with regards to the goa trance movement of the 2000's. I can somewhat understand omitting them if the focus is on neogoa, but I still think they played an important role. And their releases were influential stylewise for the new goa wave as well. And I totally understand the difficulty in selecting which goa projects to add, to the list of those who were active during in the first goa age. But I think MFG are missing there? And very interesting to read about the Fly
  13. And btw does anyone know why Dimension 5 hasn't made a comeback? I would love to hear what they could come up with today. In the same way that Ra joined the goa resurrection in the mid 2000's. If they ever decide to make another Dimension 5 album, I would love to hear what direction they could take the Second Phaze and Transdimensional styles. With todays technology, preferably in tandem with some old analogue and virtual analogue synthesizers as well.
  14. Yeah the similarities between this album and the Ra albums is undeniable. And in all the best ways. And it's no surprise then that one of the members of the Ra project contributed to this album. To me this is a combination of the colder, and slightly scaled back nordic Goa sound, and the hyper-psychedelic Goa approach characteristic of the other albums in the Dimension 5 catalogue. This album to my ears atleast, has touch points with Miranda's Northern Lights and Asynja albums. And of course shares features with the two Ra albums To Sirius and 9th. It becomes immediatelly obvious, if you play
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