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  2. I just joined the forum and look forward to conversing with other like-minded people and checking out new psychedelic trance/music. Here is my new track "Something Underground." If you get the urge to dance then don't try to fight it!!! If you like watching trippy visuals then check out the Youtube version at the bottom. Do you think this would sound dope playing at parties?
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  4. Dear moderator. Then why post it here (& there).. Yes i understand why, you wrote why. If you have self interest (label worx), you should maybe not mod. As it can quickly becone an issue of self interest. Anyways, it's nice that you share your love and support. Don't mind me too much. #assrant-out I have always had high love for this that i truly concider to be proto Zenon Records music: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Dragon-Tales-3/release/470780 It was not that long after Tatsu Recordings closed it's doors that Zenon opened theirs. If the Sound Quality was better back then maybe Tatsu would still be around.
  5. Not bad:) I listened through the whole thing earlier. Kudos and best of luck reaching more opl!
  6. Nice:) I did enjoy his HigherGrounds album a lot back in the day. Now I recently sold the CD^^ ..
  7. ok, this is not old progressive ... but you guys might still be interested as the guy behind is 12 Moons ... which should be pretty well known in this thread
  8. I think this is worth a thread ... and since nobody made one, here it is 12 Moons used to be legendary, I hope that needs no introduction ... Scando Trance / old progressive at its best ... the project is dead since many years and it was thought that this guy will never return - well, guess it has come otherwise And this summer, the man behind 12 Moons (Michael Andresen) released a new album - as Healer, his ambient sideproject Healer was brilliant ... the only reason I don't mention him more nowadays is that we now got Solar Fields, CBL and Astronaut Ape ... but boy, it surely was great stuff ... so I hope that several people do like those news the new album is called "Book of Clouds" http://www.michaelandresen.se/ it gives me hope that other legends and dead projects might one day return again too cheers
  9. She might not be widely aknowledged and a bit controversial, but she is the sexy secret of the Psy scene. Undoubtedly a legend of sorts. A true classic even some people claim. Sometimes there can a be a thin line between art projects and trolling. A bit like Banksy. Whatever the case was with Psynina, the person behind the project seemed to have known how to manipulate a market, which was ready to embrace the creation. I think this approach is far more common in other genres. And no one would have cared if it was a Pop, RnB or a Hip Hop project. Ghost producers are common. How common they are in Psy today I don’t know. Perhaps the Psynina project was ahead of the times?
  10. Check check it out! My opinion: track 1 has some kind of struggle but is nice. Track 2 is hefty and impressive. Track 3 is a beautiful piece. KER BC: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/chalice-of-the-void-ep Also on Beatspace, Psyshop, Amazon, iTunes, and all of those places. And yes, Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/chalice-of-the-void/3506906 And for those streaming their music, you know it. Tidal, Deezer, Spotify and all of those places: ^ search for individual tracks. What else? .... Promotext: The Norwegian producer formally known as Aion returns with a brand new Artist name, and with that, a beautiful new EP: A1ON - Chalice Of The Void He says; My new EP 'Chalice Of The Void' is part of a series where I explore the different symbolic elements of music. This 'Chalice Of The Void' EP is the direct continuation of the now old 'Scepter Of The Machine Construct' EP. So the idea and main construct for this new EP is about 3 years old from when I first met the record label Kali Earth Records. For me this is purification of old patterns, and of suffering. I realized that everything -much like this e.p.- has a beginning, and an end. And the end, is the nature of transformation .... Soo what you are listening to now is the element of water and the symbiotic synonyms of symbolic severity. From birth to death, this album hopefully contains meaning on every level. Symbolically it is connected to the sphere of Binah. The truth about life and death and the structures of the universe. Cups, female, waters, time, death, primordial. The potential of human suffering and empathy, and how it unlocks the truth about our interconnectedness to everything. I hope you enjoy my offerings, and ask you to be on the lookout for my next EP as well when ever it's ready. Which most likely will be an exploration of heavy foundations, or the cloudy ideas and clarity. I would with this like to give thanks to my Mother for her lessons in life, Stig for his stubbornness, Andreas for his ideas, Jim-ero for his groundedness, and Jan-Erik for ideals. Also I would like to thank Kim, Mikael, Thomas, Pelle, Jakob, Eirik, Katharina, and at last my beloved Grandmother. I love you all very much. Cover Art by ShivaOm Mastered by Zeamoon All Tracks by Henning Olsen Winter
  11. Since when has the PsyNina album been considered a "classic" in any other way than "a case of epic trolling"? :DD
  12. UnityVerse Music proudly presents the debut album from Russian artist Mawru. This wild mixture of thick basslines and big beats, spiced with ethnic instruments, throat singing and jew's harp is influenced by different cultures such as the peoples of the North, Slavs, Balkans, Eastern and Asian cultures. Out of nowhere and from everywhere at the same time, this album carries the idea of uniting and interpreting music from all over the world. Music is a language that everyone can understand. Let it speak without words. Tracklist: 1. North Call 2. Senokos 3. Anatolia 4. Gypsy Baron 5. Heiya (feat. Irina Nomirovskaya & Abracadaver) 6. Red Sun 7. Mantra 8. Balkanaria 9. Microtonaliya 10. Mirmulnir (feat. Abracadaver) https://unityversemusic.bandcamp.com/album/from-nowhere-lp
  13. Last week
  14. Howdy. All our releases got Events attached to them. > https://www.facebook.com/events/572181917548774 :)plz join in(: Or main page: https://www.facebook.com/KALIEARTH/events
  15. Dear all, Enjoy the musical journey filled with dub, down tempo, goa and psytrance played through vinyl, which I have been collected for the past 20+ years. Tracklist: 1. Doof - Sk.2k 2. Total eclipse - One Size Fits All 3. Cyberbabas - Vine of Souls 4. Zen Lemonade - Pussy Galore 5. Zodiac youth - Space (Station II Station mix) 6. Bus - Bullet (Original Velocity mix) 7. Noosphere - The Beyond 8. Star Sound Orchestra - Youth Machine 9. Man with no name - Axis flip 10. Busted - Uncontrolable Substance 11. Saiko-Pod - Silent Running 12. Saafi Brothers – Internal Code Error (X-Dream rmx) 13. Doof - Home On The Strange 14. Shakta - Questions 15. Koxbox - Ambivalentino 16. Galaxy - Alien Encounters (vol. 1) 17. Noosphere - Paradigma 18. The Delta - As a Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling (Dub mix) The set was played on Amok Radio - https://www.amokradio.co Visuals by Bojan Dimitrijevikj / www.instagram.com/b.dimitrijevikj Youtube: Soundcloud:
  16. dune had the best references my favorite samples def come from that movie. https://www.aeap.se/tmp/dune.zip
  17. Indeed. The soundtrack of Dune 2021 by Hans Zimmer was amazing. A very oriental and Beduoin-invoking theme throughout. It actually was very inspiring from a Goa Trance perspective. As I found it to sound like some kind of ambient/downtempo Goa at times. And it got me some inspiration for Goa Trance intros and melodies.
  18. Oh yes indeed, and what a track it is. What I mean though is of course that these tracks were made prior to the shift in MFG's style. I would have loved to hear how their later/darker style would have sounded in a collab. Btw offtopic, but the track name "The Sleeper Must Awake" another Dune reference. Btw pt: 2 MFG-To Eternity from that same VA on which I first heard the Sleeper Must Awake is also stellar. The doubling of the main melody in the final part is incredible.
  19. Agree with your whole post but, they did at least make one more tune together, which is absolutely amazing. The Sleeper Must Awake. And ofc their "megamix" called Nintrance. Also amazing. I remember taking the bike to college the years 98-02 (well alot of times i did that) and had this stuff on repeat. This is how I discovered MFG to begin with, as the track Sunshine from Nintrance made me go and visit the Genesis CD. Would have really loved to see them create more music together as their sounds incorporates so well.
  20. Title: Cybernetic Response compiled by Data Decay Label: Phonix Records Format: Digital download World Wide Release: 15th October, 2021 Artwork by Luis Cruz at Pentagraphix Design, Mexico : Promo: The year is 2021. We are still dealing with the effects of the global lockdown. It is time for a new escape – this time Phonix Records puts beat scientist Data Decay (Tim Mancini/Canada) in charge. Using cutting edge technology, magic and every other option available – he has assembled the ‘Cybernetic Response’ – a transmission describing his version of things to come. Data Decay tunes into the psychedelic frequencies with a little ‘Mind Woggle’. Synthesized by Glitch (Dash Hawkins/South Africa), ‘Mind Woggle’ tickles and flexes all the right parts of the brain that make you dance! Catching the right wavelength – we commence ‘Frequency Surfing’. Tweaked and fine-tuned, this robo-trip of psychedelic proportions was originally assembled by Tickets (Josef Summs/South Africa) and Earworm (Max Meshiv/Israel) – and is now remixed by Tickets to achieve the maximum output resonance. As power levels stabilize, mage Skryre (Fergus McDermott/Australia) dwells deep with his epic – ‘Tantrum of the Opera’. A ballad of technology gone wrong, humanity lost, a monster unleashed! Dancefloors – beware! More chaos leads into disarray and disorientation. Fear not, ReFractor (Luan Boes/South Africa) and his claims of ‘Lights in the Sky’ – helps re-orient with perfect precision. With a newfound sense of clarity – another legend comes to push things… sideways. Shift (Chris Hoy/South Africa) thrills with ‘Mesmerizer’. A dark and troubling dystopian tale – an unexpected side effect of the Cybernetic Response! The reality matrix is fractured, and Killer Buds (Marcelo Espindola and Tarcisio Mainardi/Brazil) with the help of their new and improved 2021 remix of Digital Talk – ‘Acrobeat’ – recalibrate audio sensors! Synthetic acid leads over powerful beats – the ideal means to break through the firewall of the mind! The perfect setting to turbocharge your dance shoes – Alienn (Patrick Ferreira/Portugal) hacks the mind and pushes listeners closer to euphoria embracing the dancefloor zombie inside. Entering the final phase, wizard Ionkhe (Ivan Lugo/Mexico) and amigo Droptor (Robert Hernandez/Mexico) present the story of Tsukuyomi – the moon god! Helping complete the story with a little bit of groovy, glitched, and dimension shifting magic! If that isn’t enough – M.A.D (Luis Cruz/Mexico), helps secure every ounce of leftover technology to take care of any loose ends with his lethal remix of the classic ‘Global Thermonuclear War’ by Frozen Ghost, Psyqlopz feat. Jester. Dare if you will, pass this point, for beyond this lie ‘Nightmares’! Newcomer China Rose (Rebecca Broadbent/United Kingdom) presents this parting chapter – a haunting tale! This is not the happy end you imagined, but it is the EPIC end you get – a 149 BPM roller coaster of a ride bursting with energy! With this – Data Decay concludes the Cybernetic Response. Take the time to re-orient yourselves, watch that first step - its a doozy! So waste no time and take us to your speakers! It’s time for the Cybernetic Response! TRACKLIST: 1. Glitch – Mind Woggle 144 BPM Written and produced by Dash Hawkins at Glitch Studio, South Africa 2. Tickets vs. Earworm – Frequency Surfing (Tickets RMX) 147 BPM Written and produced by Josef Summs and Max Meshiv at Earworm Studio, Israel Remixed by Josef Summs at Ticket Studio, Portugal 3. Skryre – Tantrum of the Opera 146 BPM Written and produced by Fergus McDermott at Skryre Studio, Australia 4. ReFractor – Lights in the Sky 145 BPM Written and produced by Luan Boes at ReFractor Studio, South Africa 5. Shift – Mesmerizer 143 BPM Written and produced by Chris Hoy at Shift Studio, Australia 6. Digital Talk – Acrobeat (Killer Buds 2021 RMX) 147 BPM Written and produced by Julian Fougea and Luc Achintre at Digital Talk Studio, France Remixed by Marcelo Espindola and Tarcisio Mainardi at Killer Buds Studio, Brazil Released with permission from Digital Talk, France 7. Alienn – Ohm (2021 Edit) 147 BPM Written and produced by Patrick Ferreira at Alienn Studio, Portugal 8. Ionkhe & Droptor – Tsukuyomi 147 BPM Written and produced by Ivan Lugo and Roberto Hernandez at Ionkhe Studio, Mexico 9. Frozen Ghost vs. Psylopz feat. Jester – Global Thermonuclear War (M.A.D RMX) 146 BPM Originally written and produced by Barry Wynn, Zak Caralis and Lester Pywell at Frozen Ghost Studio, South Africa Remixed by Luis Cruz at M.A.D Studio, Mexico Released with permission from Frozen Ghost, South Africa 10. China Rose – Nightmares 149 BPM Written and produced by Rebecca Broadbent at China Rose Studio, United Kingdom Mastering: All tracks mastered by Tiago Pimentel at Tryambaka Studio, Portugal except, Track 5 mastered by Chris Hoy at Shift Studio, Australia Track 7 mastered by Patrick Ferreira at Alienn Studio, Portugal Track 9 mastered by Luis Cruz at M.A.D Studio, Mexico SAMPLES: https://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/sets/cybernetic-response-compiled-by-data-decay Available on shops everywhere such as: BeatPort http://www.beatport.com/label/phonix-records/21766 Juno Download http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Phonix/releases/ Bandcamp https://phonixrecords.bandcamp.com/ *More Info: http://www.facebook.com/PhonixRecords http://www.phonix-records.com/ *Join our mailing list on our website for the opportunity to receive free CD's, free entries to parties and previews of upcoming music from Phonix Records!!! *For Bookings Info: angad AT phonix-records.com phonix-records AT gmail.com
  21. Unreasonably Funny Yo n3w tr4ck
  22. How to do audio mastering with Native Instruments Traktor Pro and a DAW (Ableton Live in this case). Traktor Pro can be used as another tool in your home mastering process to compare your track to reference tracks and bring your mastering chain into a DJ mixing context. This is not a replacement for a professional mastering process. It is an addition to workflow for doing a simple home mastering with tools that most beginner and intermediate musicians understand and can use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPc3VmqjXYM
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