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  2. Hello everyone. As the Vinyl quality is nowhere up to our standards , we are stopping Vinyl publishing and we are going to refund our customers that have bought the Vinyls. Our apologies for this situation. From now on we will just be releasing in Digital and CDr. We'll be happy to post photos of our CD's when they arrive. Kind regards and all the best , /Lab37
  3. This one was okay. Not sure it improves much over the original but at least doesn't ruin it. It adds a bit of Median Projetct's own touch and a speech sample which seems to be taken from a classic AP track (don't remember which one) but overall it doesn't change much. That extatic melody in the end is somewhat buried behind other synths, could have been given more room to breathe like in the original. What i didn't notice was that the compilation had a Psy-H Project own track. It was nice, not the best I heard from Psy-H but pretty solid track. Didn't listen to the rest yet.
  4. Just listening to Deviant Electronics, seems ok stuff, but this album cover for sure rocks: Ah and do not confuse the 2 bands with "Deviant", as Deviant Species is in a sameish realm. Both seem good so far, however the Species might be more my taste. Need to listen to DE´s earlier stuff too ("Brainwashing..."), the Green Room did not grab me so far, but it´s not bad at all...
  5. Not sure if a masterpiece but a very nice track indeed. Centavra Project is one of the few newschool guys whose works I always enjoy. My favourite is this one
  6. despite being newschool goa the track by centavra project - space flight is a rare masterpiece
  7. OPs point was not only the melodic one, to which I agree certainly if we take popular music, to a large extent music eg. in the charts is melodic. Except much of this hiphop shit fashionable in the last years. The Op also provided some names as example what he meant has future, eg. Vini Vici or Astrix IIRC. So I looked up Vini Vici tracks (I posted 2 above) and did not find them futuristic or bringing something new to the table (I found them a bit cheesy tbh), so was wondering why this would have future in particular? But if cheese and age old concepts are now the future ok - then I am not :) You could have looked up remixes yourself, there are enough: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=einstürzende+neubauten+remix Also Skinny Puppy have more then enough, and only some tracks are known for the melodies, in fact much of theirs were also quite noisy: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=skinny+puppy+remix But I guess in the end it is a matter of taste, or of own definition of a term "has a future" or "is dead" (in musical terms, not medical LOL)
  8. Hello dear music lovers. We decided to make a public announcement regarding the Vinyls for the moment as Psyhoe informed us that the sound Quality is not proving to be satisfactory. Psyhoe pointed the Doc Von Ooze vinyl sounds ok but does not sound ''Deep and Juicy'' while the Journey Into Acid has hissing all over it and this is totally unacceptable. Not just this situation is totally unacceptable but also unfair because the music we are pressing deserves the best it can get. We're really unhappy and severely stressed with this situation and we have already contacted the company that is producing these cuts so as for now we are waiting for a solution from their part. We are demanding fresh proper cuts and replacements to our customers with Vinyl that provide a proper clean and powerful signal , else we will demand refunds and we will compensate customers that have bought the Vinyls. As for the moment we are going to remove the Vinyls off our page until this situation is resolved to avoid any further damage , because we don't want to supply anybody with items that have completely terrible sound quality. If the company that produces the Vinyls does not sort this problem out for good , we're deeply saddened by the fact we have to stop publishing our releases on such format and we will just publish them on CD's (and you can be sure they are real , they just won't have these issues as Vinyls can have and the music will sound good on them as it's a Digital Media and not Analogue one). Even tho , this is not due to a a fault of our own , but the manufacturer themselves (which they better step up and take some responsibility over this) we offer our deepest apologies to everyone and as it's for the moment we're deeply saddened and heartbroken about this as we always loved Vinyl but if this is the way it's going to be we will have to drop it. Feel free to order CD's since they won't have any of these issues if you wish to do so. PS - We spoke to Draeke (Dat Records) once regarding Vinyls and he said: ''they were a pain in the butt''. Now we understand. We'll keep everyone updated regarding this and hopefully a positive outcome will come out of this. Thank you for your time.
  9. I think a cheesy and lame melody is a cheesy and lame melody regradless of the genre and a great melody is a great melody regradless of the genre. Psytrance has some restrictions, you typically will have less chord/keynote changes and more repetitive patterns because you don't want to lose the hypnotic momentum, but still you can have your melodies and harmonic sturctures as sofisticated as you want. Okay the last one has all cheese in the world but still sounds very cool
  10. Yesterday
  11. Well it sparked a discussion about psytrance, so it seems like the appropriate forum to me.
  12. lol soon enough you'll be stepping to the stars. btw does someone know if there is a list of all the "ranks/levels" one can reach here on psydernews? I'm stuck in some kinda impossible vortex, would love to know for how long? Is it some type of eternal alien quarantine? LET ME OUT OF IT!
  13. ? as far as I can remember, for a techno track to be remixed outside of it's original release frame/promo campaign there's typically a signature melody... which techno tracks that don't have signature melodies, riffs, hooks, of some kind get remixed a decade later? I'll grant you that a vocal hook or rhyme or rap will suffice, like that insipid "they don't know what is what, they just strut, what the fuck" track... I don't understand how this refutes the videos point that one needs something musically iconic as content for a remix. ones' kick drum isn't sufficient material for a remix, or maybe I'm missing out on something major here? Hey wow, I became "enlightened ape"! I love that album. Shakta has loads of signature hooks/melodies, lol
  14. but no, I'm no producer nor musician... just a picky whinger who likes to babble on and on about topics I know fuck-all about... that's why I like forums, lol.
  15. I don't think it necessitates an "ultra cringe-worthy cheese fest" as simplistic major/minor diatonic chord progressions are typically more cheesy than richer harmony. Voice leading, my friend. Do you imagine that one jumps up and down like a silly Balearic rabbit? Consecutive chords in a GOOD professional level chord progression usually share notes in common and half-step movement in resolution is ideal. One voices the chords and inversions and notes with sophistication and maturity. I'm familiar with arpeggiators and delay effects, and it's true that one must take care for the space of a mix, but this is tangential, I would say. What I generally feel in most "formula" prog and fullon is this minor triad "sigh" as the only harmonic context beyond the bassline indicating the key we are in. I need a little more to FEEL actual human emotions. I sincerely doubt that anyone in their right mind would call the superlocrian mode "cheesy", or any other modes of the harmonic minor scale, for example. Don't confuse poor initial compositional results and first attempts with a bad conceptual approach. Honestly, you should just work on your prog-rock attempts more and after significant effort you may find that you have something amazing. No one said that achieving the next level in psychedelic trance was easy. Maybe you will bring some cool new fusion to this world! I think that one will pass through many throw-away melodies and harmonic structural ideas before one arrives at something that SOUNDS good. One must be ruthless and not settle for the first thing that comes along. Often times one can recontextualize the chords with regards to the bassline, "counter-tonic", relative-major/minor, recontextualizing a sustained minor triad as the 3-5-7 of a new 1, etc. The chord voicings and the VOICE-LEADING are what will determine the meaning (context) of a melody, and this can be as subtle or as obtuse as you make it. Honestly, I think that the reason most dark psy features very little melody is this fear of "oh that's cheesy" when one first even begins messing around with a synth. One must embrace the initial cheese, study music more, and then improve the cheese until it's a 3-year aged fine parmesan lol...
  16. you do not produce psy i suppose? once you go in with all these rich chords, progressions and concepts that work for old music and bring it into electronic dance music you almost inevitably end up with an ultra-cringey cheesefest. i've had the same idea a while back and wanted to bring some of the magic that i know from my prog rock background into psy and the results have all been despicably bad. the only way i've found to do harmony in a tasteful way in our context is to use sublety. lots of it. if you want to hint at a chord, you might for instance use an arp-like melody and play the chord defining note a single time in a whole bar, you might as you mention use delay, you might use a reverb tail of a heavily filtered note, you might use the resonance of your filter to emphasize a particular frequency while playing the root note, you might use a pad that uses a waveform that emphasises a particular overtone… if you want to go deeper and more complex and don't want to risk ending up with unlistenable shit, you go deeper and more complex with sound design.
  17. Psychotoonz and Witchcraft are 2 of my favorite releases from the 90's. Sandman has a unique sound. I remember some interview in which he said something to the effect that "trance needs more MAYHEM" and this was before minimal, fullon, dark, etc split off. Sandman and UX are what I would consider "proper dark" trance with actual music, vs just sound-effects and 20 layers of the same FM synth grind or LFO-pitch-mod rubber sound. But yes, Spawn (and others) are way ahead of it's time.
  18. the whole point of the op can be easily refuted with a single word: Techno.
  19. Looking good, do you fill the monitor stands with sand or something? Are you satisfied with them? If yes what brands are they. Having a studio in the cellar must be have some real advantages if one have neighbours close by I think, a proper techno bunker
  20. Thanks Actually the latest tracks might be released at some point.
  21. Nebula Meltdown - Selected Experimental Tracks 2001-2006 1. Bending Space (original 01-01 mix) 06:58 2.Kerberos 06:56 3.Atlantix 07:17 4.Drunken Cobra 07:46 5.Asthma 07:26 6.Hellraiser (Pinhead has a Migraine) 07:23 7.Tombstone 07:29 8.Nebulasphere (original 2001 mix) 08:42 9.Global Killer 06:16 10.The Gnat (Live Edit) 06:37 11.The Gateway (original mix) 07:23 12.The Orcs are Back in Business 08:10 13.Protein Synthesis 08:32 14.Painful Echoes 08:20 15.Last Day at Eden (Live Edit) 08:49 16.Magic Virgo 07:50 17.Technotihuacan 07:37 18.Giant Maggot (2003 version) 08:20 19.Couch Philosophy 07:39 20.Heads or Tails 08:49 21.The Gateway (2005 remix) 09:55 22.Mental Assassin 08:40 23.Ego Hunter 08:49 24.The First Sight 08:30 https://nebulameltdown.bandcamp.com/album/selected-experimental-tracks-2001-2006 "In celebration of my 20th year as a psytrance artist I have chosen here a selection of my older tracks ranging from 2001 to 2006. Some of them are quite bad sound quality-wise but listenable. All of the tracks are done with Fruity Loops 2.70 (those of you who remember the version will know immediately what a pain it was) Enjoy & have a good time all the time." I asked him to share these tracks sometime ago, said perhaps and I'm soooo happy he finally did. If anyone remembers, I hyped nebula before because of tracks like these. Epitome of Psychedelic goa with a suomi twist. Ego Hunter is madness if you need a track to start with.
  22. It sounds as real as any producer I've listened to. Reminds me of Goa trance a bit But seriously, good sounds, you should put it out. Submit it to labels at least.. It's at least as good as anything out there, and better than most.
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