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  2. Hi all! I made a little live mix of our most recent works with my friend, and collegue FoldingCircus [together we are Taangarga] - drawing material mostly from our first album in the making Enjoy our little tale! --->
  3. Drosophila

    What music are you listening to right now?

  4. Aspartic

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Right now at this very moment, I'm having a retro moment:
  5. technosomy

    drug antidotes ... and my plan

    as for seretonin like i said kanna does it easy, long term tryptophan, easy solution, works to well
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  7. Padmapani

    drug antidotes ... and my plan

    paracelsus also liked to "treat" people with hefty doses mercury. and unsurprisingly, he died of mercury poisoning. he was also a proponent of the completely ludicrous "signaturenlehre" (if a plant looks like an organ, it's god's hint for us to use it against diseases of the organ). he also did advance medicine at his time (before the scientific method), but thankfully we now have a few more hundred years of medical trial and error to look back on now. taking st. john's wort regularly does increase your serotonin receptor density (of subtype 2, which is also what psychedelics bind to). some subtypes of these receptors are also anxiogenic (if overactive you can get nervous/panic attacks). so while i have never heard of panic attacks from st. john's wort before it's not too surprising. but the exact mechanisms of st. john's wort and why it helps against depression is still not fully clear. raising serotonin lowers dopamine? that's so simplistic that it's most likely completely false. however if you have a good reference i'd like to see it. but generally, stimulating serotonin release by a specific population of neurons will affect different populations of other neurons differently. some might release more dopamine, other will release less dopamine, others will release less acetylchole, or more gaba, ... the brain in insanely complicated and even if we had the tools to stimulate brain regions accurately enough to study the thing in detail we still don't have the tools to measure the effects precisely enough to make any sense of it. any simplistic hypothesis that includes "too little serotonin" (for depression) or "too much dopamine" (for psychosis) or whatnot has been proven to be false. they are just repeated by the media and even doctors because they are easy to explain and we haven't come up with something that's a lot better yet. "it will make you feel better because it raises serotonin" sounds better than "we have no idea why it works for some but a third of the people getting this drug will feel better eventually".
  8. winterelegy

    tribal industrial

    Have you heard the new Ulf album "Inland"? So fucking good, he is a master. For tribal stuff (some of this is more on the dark ambient side but its all kinda industrial-y) I like Herbst9, Geomatic, Vasilisk, Rukkanor, Flint Glass, Wychdoktor, Raison d'etre side project Svasti-ayanam, Exotoendo, Inner Vision Laboratory - Spellbound EP (his stuff is great but that ep specifically is super tribal), Maculatum, Phelios, and FLA Vector & Tribal AD for a less good This Morn Omina vibe. Also I recommend my own stuff cause i've got a lot of tribal bits, def influenced by Ulf and TMO https://wormsoftheearth.bandcamp.com/
  9. RTP

    drug antidotes ... and my plan

    Thanks for the clarification ofthe run off drugs. So these should not do any harm ... less effective maybe, but that's not the end of the world. And sorry, I did in fact _not_ mean homeopathy up there. The statement that "similar cures similar" (german: "Ähnliches mit Ähnlichem heilen") has not been established by homeopathy, but by Paracelsus, who's quite a famous guy concerning the foundation of medicine as far as I know. More specific: (from https://academic.oup.com/toxsci/article/53/1/2/1673334 ) I found this out because I talked to a friend. That statement is popular in the homeopathic community too, which is why I confused it. I did not mean to take substances that don't contain any molecules due to their high dilution... The correct term in my opinion for what I meant was probably microdosing -- but also not in the sense in which it is talked about out there... ____ However, thanks for the info that this micro-dosing (or whatever my idea is called) actually might increase sensitivity ... that would be the exact opposite to what I intend. Also I read up on it more and it says that cannabis tolerance may re-set "quite quickly" within few days ... that would be totally against my goals - working on micro doses for the purpose to build tolerance and then having it all pop back to normal within few days having to begin the painstaking process once again... But are there any other methods to lower dopamine? A website suggested to take St. John's Wort, because it increases serotonin, which in turn will lower the dopamine. However, I am skeptical. I have tried St. John's Wort already several years ago (for a few months) and it was doing me good, but once I decided to leave it, I promptly got some panic attacks ... really bad stuff ... don't need that another time. I want it in the exact opposite direction and with maybe, a slower ascent to the "peak tolerance" that my brain adapts so slowly that it won't trigger panic "on the way up", so to say.
  10. Coza

    Demons Of Pain

    Hello Dear Friend ... My New Work, Will Make You Travel In A Very Classic World Of Psybient Music. Universal Guitars Energies Are Flowing Through Your Body. You Feel The Sensation Of Freedom.. If You Like This Mix !!! Please Share It With Your Friends. Enjoy The Traveling . . . https://youtu.be/cU3w4LvWR7k
  11. Hello Dear Friend ... My New Work, Will Make You Travel In A Very Classic World Of Psybient Music. Universal Guitars Energies Are Flowing Through Your Body. You Feel The Sensation Of Freedom.. If You Like This Mix !!! Please Share It With Your Friends. Enjoy The Traveling . . . https://youtu.be/cU3w4LvWR7k
  12. psychedelic chipmunk

    Ephedra - What the Future Brings

    Can''t wait to give this one a listen. Love the Journey through my head album a lot. For what ever reason I'm always like super late to Ephedra releases. Only recently found about Flying over the universe.
  13. I finally finished my remake on the classic tune Edvard Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King". Listen to it here and give me some feedback
  14. Artist: Tranquility Base Project Title: Strange Theories Ep Label: Timewarp Records Date: September, 2018 1. What Is Reality 2. Time Traveler 3. Bubbles In Space Timewarp Records is a goa trance factory, releasing a whole bunch of material. They cater to those who enjoy digital and physical media. This is a debut Ep from Austrian Alexander Koch and I gotta say it hit me in the sweet spot. This digital ep has three long, winding tracks that have an E-mantra feel. That's 33 minutes of kicking back and putting off today what can be done tomorrow. He shows that he's not in any hurry to unwind and lift you above the clouds. There are sharp 303s, layers aplenty, and smooth transitions into and out of breaks. What is Reality is a track that I will have on repeat for several weeks. All the tracks have a liquid feel to them leaving me very impressed. Great job! Timewarp Bandcamp
  15. So a full on tempo thing, with some analogues, metalics and some beauty I hope.
  16. drezz

    Nervasystem - Brainradio (Phantasm Rec.)

    Hey guys, just read this thread. I'm humbled by your very kind words. Thank you all so very much. It really means something to an artists when his or her means of communication is taken on and appreciated, so from the bottom of my heart, a big, BIG thank you ! Just to let you all know, i have re-released the album (Brainradio) & '3' & '4' albums on my bandcamp page. Please go along and support the music if you can. All the best.............. Drezz (Nervasystem) https://nervasystem.bandcamp.com/
  17. 6 months have passed so I'm compelled to pull the alarm handle for the 5th time. @Celaripo I didn't back this album, and I don't hate Elysium. I just think it's time to point at stop those who abuse the scene repetedly. @thanosp81 backers ave been waiting for nearly 6 years! If we stay on a 2-year/track mixing rate, then we can expect the release in 2024 (hopefully). Thanks for the FB link btw, cause the Indiegogo campaign wasn't updated.
  18. psytones

    What new music did you get today?

    The Psycho Realm album is also epic^^ + I just bought this catchy track (love the two YouTube teasers) http://atyss.bandcamp.com/track/total-eclipse-vs-atyss-batman-special
  19. Drosophila

    Best Kickdrums

    UX - Master of the Universe btw do you guys know the EP version of this track? It pretty damn amazing, but I haven't been able to find it online (for streaming it here) but it has the same kick...
  20. Drosophila

    What new music did you get today?

    Portamento - The Portal is Epic!
  21. psytones

    What new music did you get today?

    Well I today recieved 2 great CDs in the post. One Goa and one Rap album. You recognize?
  22. Manuser

    This morning goa track deserves more views

    You are right, there is a touch of goa but it is definitely a mix of several genres (psytrance or melodic progressive). I wish the melody during the break down at the 11th minute could last a bit longer or come back later in the track.
  23. Shpongled247

    New Years 2018!?

    Yeah I was thinking that would happen... Hopefully not a clash with Triquetra! Anyways after looking at accommodation i went ahead and booked everything for Berlin as things were only getting more expensive by the looks if we waited. Let me know on here if anyone else plans on going!
  24. Padmapani

    drug antidotes ... and my plan

    the expiry date gives you an estimate when there will be a guaranteed 90% of the active ingredient left in the tablet (if they aren't exposed to excessive light or heat). some medicines will generate less pleasant degradation products (if you like your stomach don't take expired aspirin), others like benzos should in theory simply get less effective (if they're not extremely old). for some drugs (amphetmine and probably mdma, and who knows what else) there will actually be a sensitisation at low doses (not homeopathic doses). so you'd actually be even more susceptible to the effects, which is the opposite of what you're looking for (with salvinorin even regular doses lead to sensitisation). homeopathy has been disproven time and time again. every good study shows it to be equal with placebo. placebo can be a powerful tool sometimes, and a good way to treat minor illnesses with minimal side effects in willing people. but in all honesty, the body does not detect homeopathic doses because in the highly diluted (=strong according to homeopathy) dilutions there is not a single molecule left to do anything. we have no way, neither advanced analytical instruments nor people taking it as a medicine, to distinguish one homeopathic "medicine" from the other — or from simple sugar pellets. as long as you take higher potencies than D6 or C3 (with very few exceptions like the ultra-potent botulinum toxin) you cannot harm yourself using homeopathy.
  25. Last week
  26. Jaza

    New Years 2018!?

    That party in Berlin is meant to be very, very good. Just note that Astral are playing the main room, not the goa floor, so will clash with a goa act.
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