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  2. Finally the time has come and long awaited release by label located on the Black Sea, Odessa city is ready; When we dive deeper into the psychedelic trance trip we are always look first at a powerful mysterious light in our minds and souls that is always lead us to the top of spiritual bliss and active meditation in every moment when we are present on any floor.We are proud presents next compilation - 11th brilliants-extraordinaire-artifacts between so many layers of psytrance scene releases.ClockTail records owners are making new steps aimed at the fairway psyche-shamanic-cosmic grooves of spiritual and phisical energies directed into unknown space. Tracklist : 01-Initial - Trippy {146 bpm} [06.27] W&P by Ilja Vig @ Pacilistrica Sounds Studio - Tallinn | Estonia 02-Weirdbass Vs Cosmic Brahma - Kaun Hain (Who Is There) {148 bpm} [07.43] W&P by Kaio Donato And Abhishek Chakraborty @ Maschine Studios - Juiz De Fora-Minas Gerais | New Delhi | Brasil / India 03-Tookytooky - Aliens Dialog {149 bpm} [07.39] W&P by Sergey Verbitskiy @ Tooky Sound Lab - Odessa | Ukraine 04-Fractal Spin - Transactional Mode In The Matica {150 bpm} [07.01] W&P by George Hadjiconstantinou @ Fractal Spin Studio - Sheffield | UK 05-Nightvision And ChakraView - Nocturnal View {149 bpm} [07.39] W&P by Shaveer Ahmed And Adnan Baig @ Nightvision And ChakraView Studios - New Delhi | Hyderabad | India 06-Z3nkai - Lunatic Behavior {150 bpm} [08.21] W&P by Nico Z3nkai @ Z3nkai Studios - Geneva | Switzerland 07-SysTree, Buckle And Orion Signal - To Mars {150 bpm} [05.58] W&P by Igor Agra, Thiago Fideles And Aramis Venancio - Campina Grande | Brasil 08-Warp Engine - Cabloco {150 bpm} [06.52] W&P by Jack Allsopp And Nico Z3nkai @ Act One And Z3nkai Studios - Geneva | Switzerland / Uk 09-Fractal Dimen5ion And Cykonaut - The Dark Side {146 bpm} [07.48] W&P by Shaurya Shah And Nikhil Solanki - Mumbai | India 10-Cosmic Brahma - Game Boy {150 bpm} [07.52] W&P by Abhishek Chakraborty @ Maschine Studio - New Delhi | India 11-Konflux And Kiva - The Big Ear {145 bpm} [07.57] W&P by Vasily Myazin And Kiva @ Bedtime Studios - San Francisco | USA Artist: Various Artists Title: Dive To The Top Powered by: ClockTail Records https://clocktailrecords1.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/clocktailrecordsofficial Media Format: Digital Download Genre: Psychedelic Trance Catalogue Number: CLOCKDG013 Distribution by: Self Distribution Release date: 11.12.2017 Artwork Design by: Neo Druid Art Mastered by: Antagon Mastering
  3. This set is record on Màgürô's private room at monday morning. Fresh & powerful twilight psychedelic tunes!! BPM 149-150 Good listen Happy People FusionDeLic Records Podcast 017 Fractal Spin - Ttracker - Galactic Groove Records Ooblek aka Black Noise - Don’t Feed The Aliens - Sangoma Records Shred’er - Digital Fingers - Nataraja Music Peace-Ka , Module Virus - Siddhi - Sangoma Records Psiked’eliah , Ready - Premonitions - Dream Project Records Uka Uka - Boom Bahi - Sangoma Records Uka Uka - Ukadelic - Believe Lab Kaya Seneman - The Discovery - Clocktail Records Rezonant - Midnight - Sangoma Records Fungus Funk , Vial - Binary Sensation - Sangoma Records Leopardtron - So Good -Sun Station Records Yabba Dabba - Pineal Nerds - Sangoma Records Diksha , Purist - New Era -Sangoma Records
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  5. Psy people / culture

    Interesting and valid points! The ceremonies I attended didn't feel dogmatic or ideological but unifying and welcoming.
  6. JaraLuca - Fata Morgana

    There are some really crazy tracks in this album. A true success. Congrats!! (and you got the track name of the year with Acidic Goacamole )
  7. Psy people / culture

    But structures don't mean dogma. It's impossible to escape structures, our world is a network of highly complex structures. And highly complex structures allow "freedom" (whatever that means). Samples are words. Words constructed by the very societal construct we try to deconstruct. The difference between a sentence and a movement is immensely vast. Every form of ritual, meditation and all, are beyond language - or are body/eternal language. Getting into "that" structure, is the most freeing that can happen - in my experience. And you know, loud music with repetitive beats and patterns is an ideology in and of itself. But music is abstract, evocative. A good structure is like that. It lets you project yourself onto it and find things that you can relate to on a deep level, things you may no have known of. That is basically wisdom, it is guiding you. And this is present to an extent in psytrance event, maybe not enough. What I sort of mean is, we need a diversity of structures, but that means more structures. When a structure is organic however, it does not feel limiting but the very opposite. Limitations are expending. Some things are not bound by time ...
  8. Psy people / culture

    I've been to a few festivals here in Sweden which had opening ceremonies and even 15-30 minute ceremonies during Saturday evenings, held at the main stage. But I think much of the anti-structural elements is rooted in anti-dogmatism, which is also kindof necessary. Balancing structure with freedom and not imposing too strong beliefs on people can be hard, for me, hearing long spiritual, "cosmic", new age samples during songs can be pretty annoying - on the dancefloor I like to switch between some weird thing in my own head and connecting with new and old friends, and that's enough to handle without external messages about "what humans are" or what I should think. But yeah, therefore separate ceremonies seems like a pretty good idea. If one doesn't want to join, no problem. In general, I've had pretty varied experiences when it comes to the psy-community, but I've met many bright, beautiful people. For some reason my best experiences with people has been at festivals/raves deep in the forest, often with focus on darkpsy and forest, but that's surely individual and maybe different from country to country. I just can't help but suspecting uk fullon and prog attracts the kind of folks I don't get on that well with, atleast the spiritual-instagram-trendy ones. Not trying to put down any sub-genre or sub-culture, my partygoing has been limited to almost only Sweden and my first psy-rave was like two years ago.. The dark-crowds certainly has some less favorable elements as well.. ...like ketamine abuse
  9. Pleiadians - I.F.O. (Identified Flying Object) 3CD

    Ok, so many Etnica/Pleidians die hard fans here, no one mentioned that this complimentary introduction is actually from another Etnica track? Not easy to find, you'll need to check their entire discography
  10. Hypnoxock - Eurythmia [Goa Madness Records]

    Just finished a bit of dj'ing with this CD and it was amazing! I found myself jumping around and going bezerk on the many melodies, twists and crazy journeys. I've been listening to this album for a long time already and it's not going to stop. Hypnoxock made his best album here and it breathes goa madness. So positive, clever and uplifting. Well done Hypnoxock!
  11. MY 2017 Psychedelic Trance Carol started.

    Look who it is!!
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  13. Hiscore - Identify

    Does anyone know what synth was used to make the mad acid screams in this one and true freedom? Thx in advance ^^
  14. Just stumbled upon this without reading the promo and was impressed with how well the producers nailed that proto-Goa vibe... this is what I've been hoping newer artists would try! And then I read the rest now I'm burning with curiosity...
  15. Planet Ben - Test

    Hit and miss. I reckon Silver had a more appealing dark touch. That being said, some cold sunless tracks like Hi-Fi and Rotten Lung do it. Lol, I don't mind house but this track sounds a bit out of place here, still decent track. Favorite: probably Straight Ahead, together with Rotten Lung. Domestic Dirt is pretty nice too.
  16. VA Goa Trance Legacy vol.3 by DJ Psara

    https://www.discogs.com/Various-Goa-Trance-Legacy-By-DJ-Psara/release/10912952 1 -Manmademan Hex Hard ('97 Unreleased) Written-By – Paul Baguley, Sonya Bailey 6:53 2 –Artha Kalachakra Written-By – Michal Baczek 7:16 3 –New Born Space Rubble Written-By – Tom Rarin 8:07 4 –Hypnagogia Pangea Written-By – Goran Mrganic 6:43 5 –Goasia Autopsy Degradation Written-By – Balint Tihamer, Vladislav Radulovic 6:54 6 –Technossomy Electron Bender ('94 Remaster) Remastered By – James Monro Written-By – James Monro, Matt Evans 8:42 7 –Ufomatka Extraterrestrial Intelligence Written-By – Oleksandr Yemelianov 10:02 8 –M-Run Chronos Written-By – Mario Matakovic 6:30 9 –Fluorest Heliocentric Written-By – Sergio Walgood 7:20 Agree about New Born, I think it is more interesting than all tracks released in the double CD album (maybe as good as Universal Bus which was my favorite track together with Omen). The whole compilation ended up to very good and varied. Manmademan produced a great track, love the sounds in the intro. Goasia again with a robotic trance track, similar to Tetrodotoxin. I never cared too much about this Technossomy track... a very Posfordesque production as you could expect from Artha. Ufomatka - Extraterrestrial Intelligence did not start too special but ended up being a killer track, with unexpected twists. Again, the guy manages to deliver with a great piece of dark psychedelic goa. This compilation is one of the highlights of the year and shall not be missed! Best track: for sure track 7!
  17. Psy people / culture

    From my point of view, it differs from place to place. Like in Israel, Trance people are pretty chill and are tend to be more diverse than the people in Western Europe. And, as someone stated before, conservatism and Trance don't really fit together. This loud dance music with weird noises, which works pretty well with psychoactive drugs, and parties all night long, especially in the early morning doesn't fit the 9-5 working reality, the life with a wife, a house and a 25-year loan, together in a world driven by consume. Also, the backwarded thinking 'What used to work in the past also works today' and 'Always listen to the authorities, with the highest of all being God' doesn't go together.
  18. How to clean CDs

    Even though this is an old thread I feel obliged to get some misinformation out of the way. I cleaned 100ths of discs and checked what the ripping process (with EAC) does afterwards. This is how you do it: 1) To get rid of dust: Dust off the disc with a soft brush (like a makeup brush) 2) To get rid of grease, finger stains and thick layers of dust: Do NOT use any kind of alcohol on your cd's as this will eat through certain types of plastic! There are multiple plastic layers underneath the data layer. Instead use a ph neutral soap (like baby shampoo, not dish washing soap) in water (preferably demineralised, but that's not really necessary). Use a soft micro phibre cloth to rub it inside out (never in circles). Then rinse it off with water. Afterwards let the disc air dry. 3) To get rid of scratches: This will only work on superficial scratches in the bottom plastic layers, not on deeper ones, not if the data layer has been damaged and not if the scratches are radial. I used tooth paste (must be whitening toothpaste because that has a grainy texture) and rubbed this over the scratch with a cloth. This way you polish the cd and scratch off a part of the layer, taking away the scratch and allowing the lens to read through a solid surface again. I fixed almost half of my scratched tracks with this, I kid you not! I gathered this info from many resources years ago. All my cd's still work.
  19. The Maniac - Project Dopamine

    Thanks a ton!!
  20. Hypnoxock - Eurythmia [Goa Madness Records]

    Haha 1st track is definitely my favourite. My taste is all over the place though. The whole album has this clubby feel to it that I just can't bring myself to dislike, Music that I could dance to just about anywhere.
  21. The Maniac - Project Dopamine

    Even better than Crawling Chaos
  22. Psychowave - Dancefloor Metadata [Boom Rec.]

    I haven't checked this album yet, but I'm interested to hear reviewers say the tracks are poorly organised and don't really progress satisfactorily. In my opinion, Psychowave tracks like Moon Bindi (one of the very best goa tracks from the last 5 years!) and Supernova have some of the most psychedelic progression and flow I've heard in goa. Reminiscent of Koxbox in how lots of different colourful ideas are woven tightly together without big buildups or repetition. I'll be listening to this album and report whether I share the consensus view here.
  23. Psy people / culture

    People often associate structure and discipline with rigidity and restriction, I think it's the perfect opposite. When those things are done right, they open endless doors, blissful ones - we are just traumatized by society very bad way of doing those things. Rave culture is full of contradiction, and there is a beauty in that of course, but still, it's carrying a lot of society bad habits and addiction. And even though it is more progressive than a lot of other things, we could take it further I think. At first the further looks like the psy-trance scene, because that's where it's more "spiritual" - less speed, more tribal alien gods; eventually I still feel we can get so much deeper (a basic thing is singing, we go to music festival but people rarely sing together. It's a beautiful thing I have seen the tremendous healing and bonding power in some Rainbow Gathering). If you were to say "Well, there is going to be music, but we have to get you 'there' first, so there will be a ritual (in any form)", most people would freak out, be bored or go smoke their joint and yell for the music to start. Or if you say "Now, let's drop the music and integrate the two previous mix for a wee bit thirty minutes", and I don't know, other stuff that could be "spiritual or intellectual" (because i'm like: "let's represent the digestive psychic process in parties, let's get symbolical yo"). I'm sure we can find new way to structure the parties and make everyone interact, bring new meanings and horizon, make the parties "more" than just parties. Most people think those kind of structures will kill the "Good Time", they don't want to get heady or what, they just want to drop out. It's too bad, because if you accept to kill the Good Times, you get to the Sacred Time. That little dragonfly beyond death that sings with the cicadas ... Still, though I can see the downside of the psy-culture, I still think there's enough diversity for things to fluctuate. And a good amount of people see it as a place of transformation. When you get into meditation or martial art it's like this beautiful technology designed by ancestors of yours that make you rediscover yourself, and there is wisdom and balance soaking every inch of the stuff. There is this respect and gratitude that are inherent to the whole thing, and it's there in music culture too, but it can become more primordial. I think that's the spirit that psytrance needs to enhance, the ritual, more and more. Wasn't is supposed to be digital shamanism?
  24. Maharetta Records Label Night

    ✫✫✫ Manchester`s Brand New Psytrance Party ✫✫ Mind Blowing Psychedelic Decor & Visuals ✫ Massive Fresh Beats ▓ MAHARETTA RECORDS LABEL NIGHT ▓ Crystal Kids and Psynergy are proud to present their brand new psychedelic trance night in Manchester. We have been working hard and fast to bring all the right elements together to prepare an absolutely epic night, with just one flavour: PSYCHEDELIC ! Teaming up with Maharetta Records, we present you 3 massive headliners from one of the freshest and most cutting record labels out there: Chameleon, Spiritual Mode and Neutron. Not stopping there, we have guest sets from Crystal Kids head honchoFreetech as well as residents Micro Bites and Lost Element. Prepare for a full on, full power and full spectrum night of banging psychedelic trance. Music is but one of the elements that makes up a killer party and we are pulling out all the stops on the 2nd of February 2018. Artistic mastersCognitive Dissidents UV Active Decor will be bringing the most out of this world decor to turn Rebellion into a space as you've never seen it before. Join us in Psynergy for a proper psychedelic rave! --- • LINE UP • --- ❂ Chameleon - Live ( Maharetta Records ) https://soundcloud.com/chameleon23 ❂ Spiritual Mode - Live ( Maharetta Records ) https://soundcloud.com/spiritual_mode ❂ Neutron ( Maharetta Records ) https://soundcloud.com/neutron1 ❂ Freetech ( Crystal Kids ) https://soundcloud.com/ozzycetin/sets/freetech ❂ Micro Bites ( Crystal Kids ) https://soundcloud.com/microbitesuk ❂ Lost Element ( Crystal Kids ) https://soundcloud.com/lostelement --- • DECOR • --- ✫ Cognitive Dissidents UV Active Decor ✫ DreamScapes ✫ Crystal Kids --- • ART GALLERY & LIVE ART • --- ✫ LOOSH https://www.instagram.com/leylooshone --- • VISUALS • --- ✫ TBC --- • STALLS • --- ✫ Bonnie Stitch ( UV Face Painting, Jewelry & Hippy Clothing ) https://www.facebook.com/BonnieStitchdelights ✫ Woven Gipsy Clothing ( Hand Crafted Warrior Artwear ) https://www.facebook.com/pg/wovengipsy ✫ More stalls to be confirmed --- • TICKETS • --- ✫ Phase 1: £8 + BF ✫ Phase 2: £10 + BF Pre-sale link: skiddle.com/e/13096324 ✫ At the door: £15 Organized by Crystal Kids & Psynergy www.facebook.com/crystalkidss www.facebook.com/groups/880081345364785 ♥ RESPECT, UNITY, PEACE & LOVE ♥ ★•••• B I O G R A P H I E S ••••★ ❂ CHAMELEON ❂ Chameleon began his journey in mid nineties when the Goa Trance scene was in its infancy, and having moved to London in 1999 to study sound engineering he's been dj'ng and learning to produce psychedelic music. Since 2008 he has released 3 Eps and many singles on various labels including Liquid Records, Nano and Neurobiotic, including a Beatport no.1 Ep. "Reptilian Genetics". The past couple of years has been spent working relentlessly to create an album which will define his unique interpretation of the music he's been so passionate about for more than half of his life. After his recent live gig in Mexico at the Alebrije festival, the forthcoming Chameleon album - " Wild Life" looks set to rock dancefloors around the multiverse. Album release date - 29th MAY 2017 on Maharetta Records. https://www.facebook.com/chameleon23uk ❂ SPIRITUAL MODE ❂ Spiritual Mode is the psychedelic trance project by Slovakian producer Marek Polak. 4 years In the making Marek has experimented with all a variety of styles within the psychedelic spectrum. In 2016 Spiritual Mode joins the Maharetta Records roster of artists, working alongside Hypnoise. Yarzaa. Overload and manager Neutron. https://www.facebook.com/SpiritualMode ❂ NEUTRON ❂ UK Based DJ, Zac Lee known as Neutron, Began his journey Into the world of music from the day he was born, with the help from highly Influential parents, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, James Brown, Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters, where all familiar records whilst growing up. This undoubtedly contributed towards the enthusiasm and obsession Zac carries with him today. By around the age of 8 years old, he managed to cobble together his first pair of belt driven turntables. Falling apart and weighted with a penny, this was where he very slowly experimented with different types of electronic music. Today, that same meticulous taste, and Instant recognition for a great record has lead him to become the manager for successful Psychedelic Trance label, Maharetta Records, where he continues to look for, and push Inspiring, Innovative music. With one foot firmly In the past, Zac’s trance roots extend back to the days of Dragonfly Records, T.IP, Flying Rhino and early Nano Records sound, and still holds a small record collection of the very same music that originally captivated him, all those ago. https://www.facebook.com/neutronmusic1 ❂ FREETECH ❂ Ozzy Cetin aka Mysticism, Ramizes & Freetech was born in 1984 in Istanbul and discovered psy-trance at the age of 18 through the artists Kox Box, Cosmosis, Hallucinogen, Goa Gil, Astral Projection etc. Since then he has been gathering a psy-trance archive, which still continues. Whilst studying towards a BA, Ozzy organized various indoor parties and performed under the alias ‘Ramizes’ between 2004 – 2007. Meanwhile, he helped out his producer friends by giving them ideas and loops for their new tracks. Since 2006 Ozzy has been involved in some of the most well respected international festivals such as Ozora (Hungary), Psy-Fi (Holland), Sonica (Italy), Earthcore (Australia), Free Earth (Greece), IllumiNaughty (UK). Within Turkey he performed at, and worked with many festival organizations including Tree of Life, Mind Manifest Project, Neon, Ayata, Freaks in Love and Soulclipse Festivals. He now dedicates himself to his Istanbul & Manchester based psy-trance events organizer community; CRYSTAL KIDS; to spread to word through the minds & souls which are ready to UNITE with RESPECT, PEACE & LOVE. As a freelancer, Ozzy is also doing artist liaison and music management at Ayata Festival (Turkey); production management at Free Earth Festival (Greece); general coordination at Psy-Boutique Festival (Turkey); ambassadorship of Shankra (Switzerland) & Tree of Life (Greece) Festivals to the UK. Along with outdoor festivals, Ozzy performed over 150 gigs including indoor events since 2004 around the globe. Ozzy, as a resident DJ at Crystal Kids mixes; Psychill, Psybient, Chillgressive as MYSTICISM; Progressive, Dark Progressive, Fullon, Psytrance as RAMIZES and Twilight, Forest, Hitech styles as FREETECH. ALL FOR ONE ♥ https://www.facebook.com/freetech.ozzy ❂ MICRO BITES ❂ Micro Bites is the name of the Deep Melodic Techno project from Juri Ceresato, who has started in the earliest 2010 when Juri decided to make psy-trance music. Music has always played a big part of his life, as from a young age he performed as a guitarist in metal bands, until he found a big interest and passionate attraction to electronic dance music. His debut album "Gateways of the Mind" was released in 2014 on Talismat Records, and in 2015 “High Voltage” was released on Synergetic Records, gaining him instant international recognition and securing him performances at some clubs and festivals at Italy, Germany, France, Swiss… At the end of the 2016 Juri decided to convert his style of music in Deep Melodic Techno. Always assuring fans that the best is yet to come… https://www.facebook.com/microbitesUK ❂ LOST ELEMENT ❂ DJ and Producer since 2008, with a passion for psy-prog, morning and full on styles of psychedelic trance. Resident for Crystal Kids, and a regular at Sunrise, Tribal Sphere and Remedy. https://www.facebook.com/lostelement
  25. Hey! Sorry for spamming this sub forum. Listen to this melo Goa track. Happy holidays! k bye.
  26. Thank you Sati always brings really nice artworks
  27. Psy people / culture

    I was fully into the RSA Cape town scene and must have gone to somewhere between 15 and 25 parties. I thought I would never grow out of trance parties, but I could and did. Miss the dancing and good music played over insanely large soundsystems. The rest of the "psy-lifestyle" is nonsense (imo). Hell, I don't mind the excessive drug taking but at least pay for it yourself! I still like the music, and discovered many of my favorite releases on this very forum.
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