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  2. Atmospheric progressive psy trance 137 bpm D# Minor
  3. I donno how cool it is to ask this question in the open, but it seems fair enough and might provide an answer. Why not have these essential Goatrance classix for half the price or something lower than 10 Euro for 8 tracks? When DL, does the booklet images also come in the DL-pack? Takk. If this is already answered, my apologizes, I didn't read it. Ive read much Now playing https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/album/california-sunshine-trance PS. is there a spelling mistake in the texts? "Classic Goa Trax (a sublabel of Suntrip Records) works together with Mystica/One Man Game for this release, so the original artists get their part if the amazing music of the past!"
  4. Seriously? I've got the biggest grin right now
  5. I listened to this album last night, it aged well, I find the sound and groove quite remarkable. One of my favorite EU albums.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hey ppl, if you have a gig on a train it's fun to play Train tracks. There are many tracks out there mainlining, so hit it, mention some Train tracks, prefferrabll that you enjoy. I'll start and welcome to discuss mainlining. 1. 2. 3. unmastered version 1. same as MM, mainlining the union jack (respect) https://beatspace-aliced.bandcamp.com/track/transformation
  8. Entry #45 Cabeiri and CJ Catalizer made this less painful fortunately.
  9. We are talking about this for Classic Goa Trax...
  10. MFG? Awesome I'd also love to see a remastered/unmixed/BPM fixed edition of a few MFG classics like Psychic Resonator and much of Project Genesis.
  11. And, again, big news for old school goa lovers! MFG is back, and they will release a new album, filled with only 90s unreleased tracks and remixes, on Suntrip Records! The release date will be the 21st of december 2019! But thats not all, they are also available again for pure old school/retro live sets! You want to have both legends playing on your party? Please write to: 604bookings@suntriprecords.com
  12. Actually, that is because a lot of releases are planned. We are now around 30-35 already... And as there is the summer break that means almost a release per week for the rest of the year Well, the release will be online for a serious while, so no worries if you cant afford it every week
  13. Last week
  14. How many releases are planned for now? One each week is quite a lot
  15. I think he's in vol. 4 now? I don't like drone unfortunately.
  16. I love Astropilots Solar Walk series. Perfect drone/space music.
  17. Same as Penzoline. I adore T-shirts. Even when they're not free. But usually the prints/drawings are too large. E.g. I love Global Sects artwork and their t-shirts fluorescence like * fucking major *. But the prints are too large. More subtlety would have benefit the outcome. Other labels have good kick ass prints, like 303 Syndroms by Mammomam. But the shirt doesn't fluorescence as it should. It's always something.
  18. Excuse my bad manners, but this music is in my opinion not only made for Dance. You don't live on the dancefloor or only listen to Goa or Psy on the floorrist, .. Or maybe you do who knows:) So back to my manners, I can't think of a really long "kaffepause" track now but i did make this DJ-set which got a (daring?) long,,, teabreak in it. DeMon Tea comes to mind tho.. Mushroom flavoured. I love to dance, as well as hugging moss(:
  19. ^ yes thats one amazing tea-break pressed on CD in 96 track Manuser. . . Planet B.E.N. - Trippy Future Garden (the really long track) got a staggering 6 minutes & 22 seconds of trippy acid-delighted teabreak in it ..ammagash. Amazing track. (in this time .. Padmapani, you (and others) will be refreshed and ready for more dancing *blink* Maybe on the way back encountering some fable creatures floating exitingly meditativedlly or blissed out on the floor *remember to dehydrate, food, chai, mm! Goa-Psytrance party best gathering*) -- anyway, artists tend to present their chai holes differently when playing the track with it Live . . (i.e Material Music). at the moment I got no other "long teabreak inside a track" on mind .. I'll hopefully return with one. The Angelic bonus one doesn't count baja. But what A track. Gosh https://www.discogs.com/Planet-BEN-Trippy-Future-Garden/release/203798
  20. Here we are with our next baby! :) A classical melodic goa-trance album with an acidic touch that is not so easy to find! :) The guys that were behind One Man Game, became more known later on under their alternative name Mystica! :) Now available on bandcamp in full quality of course, and all other digital channels! (beatport, itunes, spotify,...) Enjoy!!!! :) https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/album/one-man-game-total-trance
  21. We can start with our first digital-only re-release of Classic Goa-Trax! :) California Sunshine - Trance (1997 - Phonokol Records) https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/album/california-sunshine-trance
  22. What is Classic Goa Trax? Classic Goa Trax is a sublabel of Suntrip Records, focussing on releasing classic goa-albums from the 90s on all digital platforms! We were a bit sad when we saw so much great music out there was not available anymore, so we decided to help all lovers of goa-trance, or new dj's who want the music in full quality! So, we decided to contact artists from back in the days that created magical Goa-Trance. Some of them reacted positive, and we made the deal to re-release their classic music digitally on Bandcamp and of course Spotify - Itunes - Beatport - Juno - Apple Music - Google Play - Tidal - Deezer - ... The artists get a fair share of the money again and new guys, young djs, or djs that miss the good old times, can get the music again in good quality, instead of buying them at insane prices on discogs! :) https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com
  23. PERFECT BLIND - Sjever EP Genre: downtempo / trance / ambient Get it here in 24 bit quality @ my Bandcamp Dark beats, brooding atmospheres and analogue synths. Here's a more classical, even retro in sound, 4/4 beat-driven EP, rounded up with an ambient track. Sjever means "north" in Croatian. Written, produced & mixed by Igor Čeranić 2019. Mastered by Igor Čeranić @ Deimos Soundlabs 2019. www.deimos-soundlabs.com Cover photo source: ESO/Alexandre Santerne Tracklist: 1. Submerge 08:28 2. Spiraling Down 07:02 3. Sjever 04:24 https://perfectblind.bandcamp.com/album/sjever-ep
  24. Entry #44 A lot of potential. Unfortunately never realised.
  25. Well personally I like this track a lot, not just the MWNN GoaTrance that it so elegently offers, but I think the vocal, that for you ruin the track, is very cool- and I really love the lyrics that still kinda work in these modern times even though we dont put film in the camera anymore.. Which, with the "bad"vocals/lyrics IMO makes this track, punk.. Not saying it actually is punk genre. I bet someone who is both Punk construct expert and Goatrance could drop a "punk" like Goa-track without use of vocals. The Suicide track by Dirty Youth has punk to it. Then again one can disect and throw away what is punk and what is not. Punk afaik started with The Who track, MC5, Iggy Pop, and had the tops with The Ramones and Sex Pistols, rolling into Indistrual .. & Nofx, Bad Religion, you know the offsprings of Punk fuck, and yeah, the mega mainstream blast with Green Day. What happen to the sk8ter girl? She flead %) Nirvana was of punk .. One can argue that much of the Goatrance genre is sidelining punk philosophy, Hah, some bonus hard rock dolls slap: And when youtube keeps the roll, this is nice and well worth checking out:
  26. New one for Dune 3! The Harmonic Stars Soundset contains 80 high quality presets for the amazingly brilliant Dune 3 synthesizer from Synapse Audio and is suitable for any contemporary electronic and ambient music genres. This soundset has been lovingly crafted since Dune 3's release, while being tweaked over and over on monitors, computer speakers, and headphones for optimal balance between sounds. It includes a wide variety of presets spread out in many categories, including, basses, leads, pads, keys, plucks, sequences, arps, soundscapes and FX. It also includes 11 awesome wavetables. An optional MIDI pack is also available for an additional $5, which includes 22 MIDI Files (over 50 merged patterns) used in the audio showcases, which can be used inside Dune 3 or in other synths. These are extremely useful and sound great on there own! They can add the icing to an already beautiful sounding patch to make them truly inspiring. Video Showcase https://youtu.be/UdJ9-Hky2FQ Audio Showcases https://soundcloud.com/ttu-harmonic-stars/sets/harmonic-stars-soundset-for-dune-3 Soundset Description The Harmonic Stars Soundset for Dune 3 contains 78 patches for electronic music of any kind, including ambient genres. Every patch is assigned to the modulation wheel and nearly all have detailed velocity assignments. Most of the leads have some very complex and sophisticated path structuring going on with many different types of filters and resonance settings. Many patches run at audio rate settings, allowing for ultra smooth modulations, which Dune 3 absolutely excels at. All patches have been volume normalized, ensuring no clipping and equal volume distribution across the layers (including the modulation wheel settings). There are some breathtaking pads and floating keys within the soundset as well, often using all 8 layers. Soundset Details [list=]Include 78 Presets for Dune 3 [/list] Optional - Includes 23 Midi FIles (Over 50 merged patterns) from most of the audio demos (excluding leads). They are named identically to the corresponding preset. All patches are volume normalized. (They won't clip and have equal volume levels when scanning between presets) Complex Modulation Wheel destinations for all patches. When appropriate, many patches also utilized velocity sensitivity. Patches created in the latest 3.02 version of Dune 3. Patch Breakdown (78 Patches) Leads - 19 Pads - 17 Price = $15 (Introductory Price)
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