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  2. Amithaba Buddha-Buddhist Circus Which seems to be an unreleased track, I can't find it on discogs.
  3. Tracklist 1–Mana Source-Krystal Clear6:12 2–Medusis-Sanctuary6:22 3–Mind Reset-Parasite Eve7:09 4–Räma-Karisma7:24 5–Sleeping Buddha-Cherry Blossom6:33 6–Medusis-Aghast6:32 7–Mana Source-Karmageddon7:07 8–Mind Reset-Spiralistik6:20 9–Räma-Night Prism7:28 10–Gankyil-Wheel Of Joy6:50 11–Doc Von Ooze-Hexon Fluid6:07 12–Mana Source-Moon Minerium6:47 So what is this you might wonder? At first glance it seems to be a standard compilation featuring various artists, but on a closer inspection it seems to be only one artist present. Namely Filipe Santos under his various aliases. So this is basically more of an artist album/best of. Rather curious, perhaps some people play best alone? The only track that slightly deviates from this is: Medusis-Aghast, which according to discogs was a collaborative effort between Filipe and Christina, which I would assume is/was his girlfriend? Anyone better than me at reviews are welcome to contribute. I'll try to write something more in-depth later, but I just noticed that this compilation was missing here.
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  5. To us fire is hot, but it's just semantics. There's little hope for any significant progress here since we can always turn it into a game of semantics: what is hot or cold, what is fire and so on.. As any philosopher would say "well, it depends.."
  6. One of the first goa compilations I purchased in 1996. It still holds up today, amazing timeless classics! The distorted/overdriven acidic (what I suspect is Roland SH-101) leads in Astral Projection-Time Began With The Universe, are mindblowing.
  7. Magic Lamp and Ja'far are brilliant. A return to form stylewise, it's somewhere inbetween the playful caricaturistic styles of Pandemonium, and the more classic goa styles of early Amithaba Budda/Lost Buddha. It's not as grossly exageratted as Pandemonium however, so the preponderance is more on the classic side, but it has a touch of the comical side of things. Sounds a bit like Mystica and Power Source at times. My only complaint, albeit a minor one. Is that the sound quality hasn't improved since those early days. It could of course be a deliberate stylistic retro choice? There is like a certain lo-fi character to the sound quality. My guess whould be that it's due to a simple sound card/lack of proper studio monitors? Or it could be due to using some plugins with lots of aliasing.
  8. Astral Projection-Time Began With The Universe Also from Israels Psychedelic Trance Vol-1 there seems to have been some lag when I posted, sorry for the triple posts
  9. Coma-Fusing Of Tones From, Israels Psychedelic Trance Vol-1
  10. Yesterday
  11. Wow.. that's a killer lineup. someone should interview every single artist/group there, and add to the interview section. Btw what type of music does Tsuyoshi play in his dj-sets nowadays? Classic goa or neo goa? Or a bit of both? Mindsphere, Subcouds, MFG, Oforia/Pigs In Space, Prana, Transwave, Artifact303 alone would have made it more than worth the price for me. I haven't seen any of those live before. The only thing missing really, would a be a NHJO live-set with his new killer metallica style.
  12. No Line in Midi is amazing! Probably my favorite track on the album I really enjoy also Symphonatic remix, Splicon and Ani Mevushal (6:54 - 7:18 ). Btw that Megamix by SpaceNoize & Vertical Mode is nice throwback to oldschool IM classics! You can hear some parts of Noise Maker, Dancing With Kadafi, Mush Mushi, B.P. Empire, Sailing in The Sea Of Mushrooms, Unbalanced, Tasty Mushroom, Acid Killer, Elation Station and Psycho https://monstercat.ffm.to/morethanjustaname-y6vm
  13. It's called spamodelic psygoasyndrome. Some call it NHJO for short
  14. Diaks

    Ethereal - Anima Mundi

    Yes any news on the progress of the new album? I love the track Moondawn on the suntrip compilation Opus Iridium, which I would assume is a newer track? If the new album would sound something similar to that, I would be more than happy.
  15. Diaks

    V/A - Apsara

    The Yesod track is interesting. And even more so since it's the only track they ever released? Overall looking back at this compilation, it captured or rather defined the beginnings of what the new school era would be like. It has a wide range of different goa styles present, each artist/group with their own individual style. Since there hadn't really been any major new school goa compilations when this dropped, the stylistic developments/trends we later came to see were not present. I remember beeing thrilled to finally seeing Goasia appear. Goasia had been quite active on the since long defunct mp3.com site. Of course when one compare some of the featured artists tracks on this compilation, to their later works, the progress is inevitable. But that doesn't mean these tracks are bad. They capture an early optimistic sensibility, where everyone seem to have been exploring and developing their style. The Yesod track beeing the odd one, since we never got to experience their development after this track. What happened? Did they drop out of the goa/psy scene? They had a very promising and unique style. They remind me a bit of Sine Die, who also had a very cool goa style, and never released more goa?
  16. We invested heavily in many physical commodities held in a safe box that will hold the value of cash is worthless. My wife's parents came from a severely war torn country, she was raised to be ready & invest appropriately in case the economy ever collapses. all of this stuff was bought with case I've made this year from work, currently a lot of people need their music mastered.
  17. I told Jagoa the 1st album is killer :) Warm, deep and innovative own sound Well worth the purshase ;) Note: Not a real fan of the 2nd (more cristal clearer sound).
  18. Misra Indica still kicks ass, I wonder why Arsim On Acid wasn't included? It would have been a good fit I think.
  19. Btw the album artwork is really good, who made it? It's not added to the album's discogs entry yet. There is a consistency in their album artworks, with a good balance of humor, darkness and twisted fantasy. The album artwork for Converting Vegetarians II and Return To The Sauce were exceptionally good as well.
  20. Wtf is alpha male music? Supports violence? Fuck no. I don't think any music supports violence. The potential for violence would already be present in whomever gets violent i.e the music might act as a catalyst or their reaction is caused by something else, entirely. Too prone for publication bias type of shenanigans: here are 10 people who went batshit crazy when listening to music of genre X, therefore listening to X makes people lose their mind and yada yada yada..
  21. Eating a pear, listening to some goa and reading the news. Entry-level multitasking.
  22. I made a few coughs and the whole aisle cleared in the supermarket. Most convenient. Not forcefully quarantined, like in Paris, say. Have to redesign a course on linear algebra to include a metric butt tonne of electronic materials, so I'm not really going anywhere, anyway. Also, bought an apartment, so some movement is necessary due to formalities. It's not really that different for me, thank god I don't work in catering or my situation might be a bit..shit.
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