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  2. surface tension

    Looking for melodic forest tracks

  3. Jaex - Soul Echoes (Surface Tension rec. 2018) Jayex's return to the source. Old-school has got a new hypnotic coat, woven from synthetic swirling thread. Special wide stereo chip implanted and bass add-on granted (note: insufficient data slot for generic carousel audio). Inspired by: Moravian folk music, 90's goatrance, 2000s progressive, breakbeat Bandcamp: https://surf10rec.bandcamp.com/album/soul-echoes Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/spacekirtan/sets/jayex-soul-echoes-album-2018 Czech producer Jayex aka Smoke Visions is a long-standing creature on local Moravian psytrance scene. Summers he is roaming open-airs and during winters he is closed in his studio with cat, old laptop and string decos. This album has taken 4 years to be ready and about 25 years of listening to psychedelic electronic music....
  4. Sounds great, I can't wait to hear these in full. You've got one of the best labels around right now and should be proud!
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  6. SubConsciousMind

    SubConsciousMind - Symphonies of Life (Ektoplazm)

    Hey GhostOnAcid! Thank you very much for your review! I'm very happy to hear you liked it. And it's an honour to have been part of Antaris thanks to you! I really appreciate that. I think I can understand what you say about the Bass. I did indeed go for a more homegenous bass through the whole Album compared to my former release intermezzo extended. It is a deliberate choice since I noticed that during my sets too many people get confused with too much ryhthmical and melodic variation in the bass. The majority of listeners are used to either off-beat or gallop, everything else is "complicated". In my opinion, compared to what is played at partys normally my basslines are still a lot more diverse. For example: There is a lot of melody going on, more than in pretty much any style imho :-)
  7. Manuser

    V/A - Dementertainment

  8. LOL man I remember once falling asleep to my ambient and downtempo playlist which has some dark ambient albums and I had some elm street shit shuteye kid you not, anyways space ambient with soft pulsating interludes always gets me in a hazy limbo mood so it might work for ya
  9. I apologize if the topic was confusing, primarily I was requesting suggestions of those styles but it's also awesome to hear what other styles, like the full-on ones padmapani shared, you think are gone or are on it's last push gonna to give a proper listen to those psysex and nervasystem albums for sure, tears rolled for no more breaks though, I only find progressive breaks nowadays which are good actually but goa breaks are on another level
  10. i think you did not get his request lol - he is asking for recommendations i guess you can forget about music such as endora as for minimal progressive have you listened to psysex mind penetration? https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/69863-psysex-mind-penetration/ its not too recent but very good also nervasystem brainradio is a strange one that has some minimal in it https://phantasmrecords.bandcamp.com/album/brainradio
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  12. Label: Maniac Psycho Pro CD: Nada Brahma Format: Digi Pack CD Produced By: Btoxik, Dirty Phreak & Friends Mastered By: Kashyyyk (Mexico) Artwork By: Leoart Distributed By: Beatspace, Psyshop, Bandcamp The whole creation and the creator are just sound. Every vibration is a sound. Every form that you see in the world is a certain kind of sound. The human body is constructed with seven basic components, and the root sounds for these seven basic components are what have become musical notes everywhere in the world. Music is not just entertainment; it is a spiritual process to reach a higher level of consciousness. It is the quest of Sound Essence to give the information and the tools needed to allow the song of your soul to be heard. Tracklist 01) Btoxik & Dirty Phreak - Electric Kool Aid - 170 BPM w/p By Humberto Cesaretti (México) & Cesar Pérez (Guatemala) 02) Btoxik & Dirty Phreak - Intergalactic Waste - 172 BPM w/p By Humberto Cesaretti (México) & Cesar Pérez (Guatemala) 03) Btoxik & Dirty Phreak – Pure Audio Witchery - 174 BPM w/p By Humberto Cesaretti (México) & Cesar Pérez (Guatemala) 04) Arcek & Dirty Phreak & Gotalien – Algoritmo – 175 BPM w/p By Alejandro Rayas (México), Cesar Pérez (Guatemala), Alberto Zatta (Italy) 05) Btoxik & Dirty Phreak - Dirty Pricks – 175 BPM w/p By Humberto Cesaretti (México) & Cesar Pérez (Guatemala) 06) Btoxik & Kliluk - Trip Balls - 178 BPM w/p By Btoxik (Mexico) & Edgar Ruiz (México) 07) Btoxik & Dirty Phreak – Mantra - 186 BPM w/p By Humberto Cesaretti (México) & Cesar Pérez (Guatemala) 08) Btoxik & Dirty Phreak – Toad Prophets – 192 BPM w/p By Humberto Cesaretti (México) & Cesar Pérez (Guatemala) 09) Btoxik & Dirty Phreak - Flesh of the Gods – 199 BPM w/p By Humberto Cesaretti (México) & Cesar Pérez (Guatemala) Sample Previews = https://soundcloud.com/dirtyphreak/sets/btoxik-dirtyphreak-nadha-brahma-maniac-psycho-pro Buy Soon At Any of Your Favorite Shops: Beatspace, Psyshop, Bandcamp CD Description Maniac Psycho Pro very proudly presents Btoxik & Dirty Phreak – Nada Brahma CD. We invite you to feast your ears on our spellbinding sounds and surrender to the allure of psytrance enchantment with this well-crafted journey, intricate and delicate movements of sounds. A psychedelic marvel, concept which leaves an individual content to its abilities!! Allow the music to traverse the body and reach up to ecstasy. So please enjoy the ride while we sonically ejaculate onto your tits. If you enjoyed this cd show us some love by liking us on Facebook www.facebook.com/dirtyphreakgt https://www.facebook.com/ManiacPsychoPro/?ref=br_rs https://www.facebook.com/Btoxik-377318729007069/
  13. https://soundcloud.com/grantstanleysa/closed-system-140bpm
  14. yeah, minimal-progressive like beat bizarre or psytek like x-dream. but also fullon (think silicon sound, early protoculture, early talamasca). it's completely different than the what we now get when is says "fullon" on the label. thankfully fullon like electro sun or alien jesus also falls into this category. the artists that are only in for the money and the psy-tourist crowds now all make futureprog.
  15. cyberg

    Quantum Groove

    Quantum Groove 013: A 2 hour Progressive / PsyTrance journey. I try to do a new mix every month if I get the time. Hope you enjoy. Thanks. https://cyberg-music.com https://www.facebook.com/cyberg.trance Download: https://hearthis.at/cyberg/quantum-groove-013/ Tracklist: 01. Static Movement - Energy (Original Mix) [Dreamstate] 02. Metronome - Sadhana (Original Mix) [JOOF Mantra] 03. Vertex & Interpulse - Galactic Frequency (Ascent Remix) [TesseracTstudio] 04. CARINA - The Goodness Inside (Original Mix) [Timelapse] 05. Cyberg - Lunartech (Original Mix) [Liquid Energy Digital] 06. Sideform - Reflection (2018 Edit) [Iono Music] 07. Shadow Chronicles - The Matrix (Original Mix) [Future Music Records] 08. Progeye - Das Grösste Geschenk (Original Mix) [Binary Audio Machinery] 09. Kristallklar - Metatron (Original Mix) [Dropzone Records] 10. Jakaan - Artificial Language (Original Mix) [Iono Music] 11. Out of Range, Starlab (IN) - Alignment (Original Mix) [Digital Om] 12. Tristate - More Than Human (Original) [Digital Om] 13. Sinerider & 2012 - Primordial Ohm (Original Mix) [Antu Records] 14. SUN (GR) - Burning Sun (Original Mix) [Iono Music] 15. Audiotec - Arrival (Original Mix) [TechSafari Records] 16. Lyktum - Reality (Original Mix) [TesseracTstudio] 17. Mekkanikka - Spirit Molecule (Original Mix) [Iono Music] 18. Makida - Musical Sphere (Original Mix) [TechSafari Records] 19. N-Kore - Life Intelligence (Original Mix) [Sahman Records] 20. Relativ, Audiofire (UK) - Balearic Dawn (Original Mix) [Digital Om] 21. Sonic Species - Zero (AudioFire Remix) [Iono Music] 22. Hypnocoustics, Relativ - Final Frontier (Original Mix) [Digital Om] 23. Hypnoise - Space Time Singularity (Original Mix) [Sacred Technology] 24. Mekkanikka & Jon Klein - External Realities featuring Jon Klein (Original Mix) [United Beats]
  16. GPS COORDINATES are 51.211263,3.637741 Tickets and more info : https://shop.ikbenaanwezig.nl/tickets/event/lost-in-summer-time-part-2 MAINSTAGE LINE UP: Friday 17 AUGUST 13-15: Aavepyora 15-16: Trinitrix 16-18: Dr Psylocibine 18-20: IronSun 20-22: Gnome 22-23.30: Ufomatka 23.30-01.30: Pavel 01.30-04.30: Spiral Storm Saturday 18 AUGUST 04.30 – 05.30: Javi & Skooma 05.30 – 07.30: Mummra 07.30 – 10.30 : Inada 10.30 : Bypass Unit &  14: Color Box 14 – 16: Summamutikka 16– 19 : Fatcat the Pousse 19 – 22: Mallki 22 – 01: Masa / X-Tron 01 – 03: Mr Crash 03 – 05: Charris 05 – 08: Psytek Sunday 19 augustus 08 - 09: Dr Acid 9 – 11: Anoebis 11 - 13: Dyonissos 13 –15: Psymuch 15 – 17 : Holymen 17 – 19: Rohm 19 – 21: Stighara 21 – 23: Psygasus Alternative area: Fri17 12:00 17:00 Goapal Fri 17 17:00 20:00 Dj Phooka Fri 17 20:00 22:00 Synthetic Dream Fri 17 22:00 01:00 Dj Gaby Sat 18 01:00 02:00 Thru5th Sat 18 02:00 03:00 Lost Lands Sat 18 03:00 06:00 H von Heavy Sat 18 06:00 09:00 Dr. Psylocibine Sat 18 09:00 12:00 Synthetic Dream Sat 18 12:00 15:00 Reggae Rootssytem Sat 18 15:00 17:00 Benne Bayevall Sat 18 17:00 19:00 Gambian Jammers Sat 18 19:00 21:00 Trala Lama Sat 18 21:00 00:00 Anoebis Sun 19 00:00 03:00 Bad K Sun 19 03:00 06:00 H von Heavy Sun 19 06:00 09:00 Stighara Sun 19 09:00 11:00 Kenya Dewith Sun 19 11:00 12:00 H von Heavy Sun 19 12:00 15:00 Positiv Sun 19 15:00 18:00 Djane Fatcat Sun 19 18:00 20:00 Psygasus Sun 19 20:00 23:00 Trala Lama Sun 19 23:00 00:00 Thru5th c you all soon folks !
  17. Mindspring Music Presents: Panda On The Bamboo Tree - Slumber Available on Bandcamp Panda On The Bamboo Tree is a synergy of musical elements: psychedelic flair; organic melodies; and tribal beats. Combine that together with uplifting breaks and technical prowess, and you have the essence of the Panda sound. The concept behind the album Slumber is to blend a combination of acoustic forms and many instruments into one tranquil space. As a result, there is a kind of sound evolution, and the songs are a little blurry, flitting on the edge of sleep and reality, teasingly ambiguous. Psychedelic enough for the vivid dreamer, and calm enough for the sound and blissful sleeper, Slumber is sleep therapy wrapped in a psychill blanket.
  18. Trance2MoveU

    Human Blue - Base Basket Buffet

    Artist: Human Blue Title: Base Basket Buffet Label: Transient Records Date: February, 2009 1. Lone Ranger 2. Imperial Mind 3. Dessert Desert 4. Dragonflingz 5. Hide and Seek 6. Party Deluxe 7. Pacific Run 8. Gravity Affair Progressive trance from Sweden? Sign me up. The churning beats, the deep bass sounds that growl from the ether, and lush pads make this one a keeper. The opening track is a lesson on how to open an album combining power and layers to blur the line between psytrance and progressive. That trend continues throughout the album with long tracks which I believe mostly hold up well some ten years on. Psyshop
  19. Trance2MoveU

    Geko - Poison Flowers

    Artist: Geko Title: Poison Flowers Label: Digital Psionics Date: June, 2009 1. To the Face 2. Like This 3. Heads Up 4. F*cking B*tch 5. Iron Fist 6. Squeeze It 7. Suck My Ectoplasmic 8. World On Fire (Battlegoats) 9. Poison Flowers "I don't want to set the world on fire..." Well good news...you didn't. For me it's kind of hard to get excited about full-on projects even though my mind is always open. There's good stuff out there if you know where to look (be prepared to wade through a waist deep morass of crap though) and recently I've had a couple fall into my lap. This is an Israeli artist whose brand of full-on is acidic and punchy and he's a had a few good tracks on some compilations. With his debut (and only) album he beats you over the head with its aggressive nature loaded with harsh sounds and dark, futuristic themes. It's not the best I've heard and there are some cringeworthy buildups that will test your fast forwarding finger. What I've found is that there are some really thumping beats and fat basses that seem as though they will set the world on fire. Yet... Sometimes he takes that momentum and slams it into the wall with the aforementioned buildups. Let me just say that I love the last track. Supremely powerful with it's Chemical Brothers brutish swagger that will keep your head nodding. That is how you put an exclamation point at the end of a decent yet unspectacular album. Psyshop
  20. Out today on Reincarnations Recordings - Shinouda aka Caemix - 'I Say Wow!'. Listen to a sample & grab your copy here :) https://www.beatport.com/release/i-say-wow/2338492 #psytrance #psytrancenewreleases #psyfamily #progressivepsy #trance #edm #ravemusic #musicislife #musicislove #djlife #psyartists #trancefamily #numusic #newreleases #psypromos #djswholikepsytrance #undergroundsounds
  21. i have a MINT copy (obi included) of Kuro-Vision Of Mars and im willing to trade with a MINT copy of Blue Planet Corporation -Blue Planet
  22. psytones

    Looking for melodic forest tracks

  23. psytones

    Looking for melodic forest tracks

    This is more melodic and fun in the Forest with elves music present https://youtu.be/1mqYApM19PM The whole Haltya album is awesome.
  24. psytones

    Looking for melodic forest tracks

  25. Out now on Bandcamp (free download): Bandcamp Also available on Youtube: Youtube Link
  26. tsotsi

    Looking for melodic forest tracks

    I could only reccommend gubbology and Sab Kuch Milegator. They are the only ones I listen to though. More goa\suomi\forest
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