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  2. Manuser

    V/A - Xpla-Nations

    One of my favorites in the series. There is enough variety to enjoy, thumbs up to tracks by Fuzzion, Violet Sky, Typhoon feat Deedrah. I already had a hard time to listen to any Absolum tracks, but this one takes the cake in a bad way, noisy stuff all the way. Terrible. The last track is pretty nice, but my preference still goes to the Violet Sky track, the nice surprise of this compilation. Listen:
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  4. Im a music producer who makes electronic dance music, I have had some success with 3 albums released, But my computer/studio is not keeping up with me. Im am starting to help other producer's/musician's to master their track's for a much more affordable price then possible today, but my computer doesn't let me do this since the programs used is to cpu heavy. The computer is laggy and just freeze at very inappropriate times where I loose all my work. Check it out here https://www.gofundme.com/electronic-music-studio
  5. recursion loop

    The cheesy full-on thread

    Yeah, me too. Few hours of good melodic fullon and a closing set of quality progressive like FreQ, Andromeda, Vibrasphere, early E-Clip would be my perfect party. Thanks, I'm glad you think the track is good.
  6. Hello cosmic listeners, I am releasing a very very special album with a growing BPM from ambient to psybient, deep trance, dark trance. 50 to 150 BPM and even above !!! The concept is a journey from 0 to infinite BPM, to experiment the limit of sound, and see what we reach in the infinite ! This is the story of the universe, of creation, of us. Safe journey ! https://filsdesetoiles.bandcamp.com/album/0-to-infinite Nicolas
  7. Dragon Twins - The Many Lives of the Observer Oldskool psytrance inspired, Dragon Twins flavoured.
  8. Djuna

    Antares & Daimon updates!

    Cool, nice to hear some new music again!
  9. Yesterday
  10. psytones

    Videogames official thread

    I think I'll always will miss to play this brilliant game: And looking forward to play Abe's Oddesy again .... Any day soon now What happen to FFIV remake? Its a year or two delayed now? Good, dont have the money to buy a PS4-5 now anyway.
  11. psytones

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    Yea... So not this tuesday but the following tuesday falling on the 26th of june?
  12. Blubber

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    a single track? not sure if that should count... anyways, the list is almost ready, only few more votes to count. i think the winner is almost clear for those who followed the topic, but overall it's a pretty close top ten, that's for sure. so, hurry up, one or two votes might change everything (i won't publish the final results before next tuesday, simply no time) +1
  13. psytones

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    Ok thanks. Ive edited my vote.
  14. Blubber

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    see above 2018 release
  15. See you in space..
  16. In t ro d uc i ng the new and improved KER logo, idea by Jan Erik, and realized by Danung Design. ~;~ Barcode code defined by the web? Talos Principle (Short version: What makes a human, human?) U nd e r ho l d ni n g @ Yah ps. Original painting by #IdaVision Do You Like It? ..
  17. Blubber

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    not sure what to make out of this - so i counted them as if they were listed, at least we have one more vote i suppose it's meant to be vol.2, vol.1 is from 2016
  18. Blubber

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    oh, that's a fact... corrected... atm i'm counting the votes so hurry up.........
  19. djenergyro

    Mystic Progressive-Trance 2003 Need Help!

    An attempt again.
  20. djenergyro

    I want to buy two rare compilations and a few more.

    No, it seems that no one has them and they do not exist at this time in the discogs database. Thanks anyway. PS: The covers are exactly what I posted above, these.
  21. Last week
  22. If I understand correctly, then the digital will be available from July 7th.
  23. Link to the store. This was an instant purchase for me as I loved the first album, no digital for the moment though.
  24. Hello psynews! I am really glad to present my new EP called "Space Haze" which is due to release 26 june at Speedsound Records. EP contains 3 psyprogressive tracks, you can check them out here:
  25. Padmapani

    The cheesy full-on thread

    not cheesy, just good fullon. not as deep as goa trance but great to party to. i do miss the times when they played fullon like this the whole night long.
  26. GoaPsyRecords present : Native of Nice (France), this duo produce a Shamanic Psytrance of the most bewitching! They call themselves TERA AMATA. Producers since 2012, they sign their first track on GoaPsyRecords in 2017 This is a new GoaPsychedelic track TERA AMATA Doua Good trip
  27. mudpeople

    mudpeople live improv 14 June

    https://hearthis.at/mudpeople-yh/freeze-live-june-14-2018-fixed/ Been really loving that site, btw, as an alternative to SC. So far no spam in my DM box, no like-mongers, and no mumble kids. Anyway the recording is the live improv setup at work. Basically what happens during the set is selecting patches from the synths that have memory, selecting drum and Circuit patterns, patching the synths that don't have memory, making sequences for 2 of the synths, selecting melody + bass + kick lines from the rack of prewritten clips (without labels on some, most just labelled by root note), muting and unmuting various parts on various machines, making sure the levels are good and nothing is too loud (the Micromonsta has a tendency to really shred thru a mix at higher octaves, as a good wavetable should), triggering the Kaoss Pad Quad, and overall trying to keep it from sounding like an overly-repetitious 8-bar noodle-fest. I've taken a lot of trouble to make this setup VERY hard to play the same thing twice, even if I'm using the same patterns it's unlikely to be in the same key when played next time, and definitely unlikely to be played alongside the same patterns as before. Especially since 2 synths are run by generative sequencers, and 2 others (the main monos, Microbrute and Triode) are run by the ML185 Max for Live sequencer which maps almost flawlessly to the Launch Control XL. And when I get bored of any patterns I delete them to make room for new ones. Recently I had the idea of making sets of bassline clips that are meant to be something like a basis for progressing through a track, starting with one rather basic pattern then evolving it into a few more clips. It's begun to help make it feel less like just single patterns repeating. And there's no reason to feel locked into just those grouped together, they can definitely be mixed and matched. Someday though I hope to find the perfect sequencer, hard or software, that can do psytrance bass on the fly (The ML185 can do it, but is limited to either 8 16th notes, or using 1-3-1-3-1-3-1-3 stage lengths, where each of those 3s is a single stage, so a single note and single velocity, which sucks).
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