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Specific styles/periods you miss in psytrance


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22 hours ago, Padmapani said:


agreed. the acidline was better in the original.

The first acid line just stuck out like a sore thumb, that one "off" note doesn't fit the groove to me. But the 7min acid was great and more fitting. And also close to the original. Great track tbh. 


So you process not different parts of the bassline, but different notes? That's probably why then, your basslines sound so freaking thick. I'm gonna try that next time.

@recursion loop

You also process each individual note? Damn, I guess that's the way to do it then :)

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On 7/28/2020 at 12:24 PM, recursion loop said:




As I said many times, I sorely miss melodic fullon, circa 2006 (Protoculture - Circadians) till 2013 (U-Recken - A Light at the End of The World). I admit that this subgenre/period is responsible for some of the most appaling cheese but also for some of the finest melodic psy ever made (Digicult, Chromosome, Mr Peculiar, Hyperion, Galactika, U-Recken and many others).

Forgot how good Mr Peculiar - Mind-Dala was. What a sweet album!


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On 7/29/2020 at 8:13 PM, AstralSphinx said:

This style of psy was really cool I think and this track and the compilation it was featured on impressed me back in the year 2000.


Wizzy Noise - Shores Of Freedom

Is it prog or regular psy? Very nice groove to my ears, whatever it is. When I heard this and some of the contemporary stuff on Flying Rhino I think, I remember that it struck me that ooh all that old goa with indian themes and oriental melodies is a thing of the past now. :D Little did I know that goa would make a strong comeback a couple of years later.

There was of course some exceptiona to this and some now classic goa tunes were released around 2000. But it was kind of in the air, it was on it's way out.


hah I still have a vinyl of this somewhere... it's a great 12" and the cover is also awesome

I'd say it's a bit intense for prog, especially the climax, but I get why it feels that way. Similar stuff: Maybe Fractal Glider's second album? There's also a couple of Bamboo Forest 12"es that have a similar vibe, like Xplorer/Vekto

A style I really miss in the turn-of-the-century flying rhino style. I loved and played this track to death, for example. 

People have posted "The Great Unknown" which is also a great example of this style. I will never understand people that complained about this kind of creativity in favour of 'more astral or pleiadians', although I can understand it to an extent if some would say it's too clubby

here's another funk-influenced mid-tempo trip that's slightly more psy


(edit: damn only 80-ish views on youtube for that one, that's depressing)


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On 7/28/2020 at 11:25 AM, Padmapani said:

maybe it's going back into fashion soon. at least there's a recent remix of it that captures the essence of the track pretty well (even though it's from captain hook).


I am very surprised you didn't mention the Metronome Remix - that one is indefinitely better in my opinion:

And the fun thing about it is, regarding this thread: lo and behold, I find nothing missing in that track.

So it really IS possible to still make stuff I enjoy limitless :wub:

The problem with today's stuff mostly is that I find it overproduced though. And here may lay the cool feature of that remix: "The Only Process" is an old track, grounding these new production techniques and not making them go havoc and be all over the place.
I second what you say about 2002 Fullon there above though - Silicon Sound was the main element I grew fond of, but there was more out there in that kind of style.

The modern sound = too complex. All this bassline stuff you were talking about in here for example ... already that makes my head spin. It must be even more complex for the other stuff in the modern tracks.
I have come to the conclusion that the more repetition and just gradual evolution a track has, the better it is ... that's also why I like the old progressive so much, it was "not jumping around", it was straight and continuous, most of the time...

When I miss something, then it's the continuous fast vibrating bassline of progressive.

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