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Out of Orbit - Wisdom of The Crowds [Shamanic Tales]

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1. Out of Orbit & Art of Trance - Imagine

2. Out of Orbit & Perfect Stranger - Space Jahnun

3. Out of Orbit & Gorovich - Star

4. Out of Orbit & Shpongle - No Disco

5. Out of Orbit & Gorovich - Flanged

6. Out of Orbit & Rocky Tilbor - Voodoo

7. Out of Orbit & X-Dream - Losgelöst

8. Out of Orbit & Shulman - Square One

9. Astral Projection - Searching for Ufos (Out of Orbit Remix)

10. Out of Orbit & Dekel - Hypnotize

11. Out of Orbit & Rocky Tilbor - Predator

12. Out of Orbit & Perfect Stranger - Space Jahnun (Eitan Reiter Remix)



Eitan Reiter goes Out of Orbit!

One of electronic music's more prolific and diverse voices has a new project and a new album and we are proud to release it in Shamanic Tales Records.

Eitan is well known as one half of LOUD in the Psytrance world and from his ventures into Techno, Acid & Downtempo music as well as a sought-after remixer under his own name.
In the last two years, Eitan decided to take a step back from the stage and devote his whole being into making an album, without taking a specific direction, he really went Out of Orbit. The outcome is about a musical story, about going deep into trance, about shattering genres and borders, it's a trip through sound. It's also about trying to give back and tribute the culture that Eitan feels gave him so much. Wisdom of the Crowds is sort of a collective brainstorming on synthesizers that includes a lot of collaborations with good friends and personal heroes, mostly based on live jams in the studio full of analog sounds. And so it happened that some of the musicians involved in this project include: Shpongle, Art of Trance, X-Dream, Astrix, Astral Projection, Shulman, Perfect Stranger, Gorovich, Dekel & Rocky Tilbor. The time away from performing also made Eitan realize how much he missed the people on the dancefloor, and how important they are for his music. Both of these reasons account for the album's name.


Buy here: https://shamanictales.bandcamp.com/album/wisdom-of-the-crowds

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Isn't this both goaish and shponglish if there's a bit of both in the contributors? :P

I don't really get what "appreciation" is referring to, though. Not reacting to a post in three days? I'm still going through the backlog of purchases that I made in January, there's more in the mail, and my to-buy list is miles long. If I'm also expected to check the samples and respond to every label blurb within days, this is starting to get quite stressful...

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23 hours ago, IronSun said:

How is it though? I was wondering about this one myself.

Awesome! One of the best albums in recent years! Truly psychedelic, deep, musical and hard put in a neat box - it's neither goa, nor progressive and definitely not dark. But it has ingradients from all of them.

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On 5/1/2020 at 5:02 PM, antic604 said:

Now I recall why I left this forum - only goa and shponglish psy-dub gets appreciated here... :(

this album is really great. very nice collaborations.

btw there is a limited edition vinyl release of it available via diggersfactory


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I came across this because of the AP remix. Really good stuff.

On 5/1/2020 at 6:02 PM, antic604 said:

Now I recall why I left this forum - only goa and shponglish psy-dub gets appreciated here... :(

It's not anything to do with what people appreciate, rather there just aren't that many people posting anymore.

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(New forum person here.)

I was really very pleasantly surprised when I first came across reference to this album not too long ago, and it didn't disappoint. It's nice to be able to say that once in a while. I enjoy the collabs with Simon Berry/Art of Trance and Shpongle, and certainly also the tracks with Rocky Tilbor and Dekel.

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