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  1. Remastered Shakta What a great initiative, and on Bandcamp too - that makes it even better. I've got my eye on a few more of these rereleases, once my financial situation permits .
  2. Ah this is a fantastic thread, psyhoe. You're now my number 1 source for info on psy etc. vinyl releases. I had absolutely no idea about some of those listed in the first post.
  3. Hoping for positive news. I love DAT Records - such an exciting development when they started releasing all that fabulous music.
  4. (New forum person here.) I was really very pleasantly surprised when I first came across reference to this album not too long ago, and it didn't disappoint. It's nice to be able to say that once in a while. I enjoy the collabs with Simon Berry/Art of Trance and Shpongle, and certainly also the tracks with Rocky Tilbor and Dekel.
  5. Hello everyone, new forum member here. I'm pretty sure I've signed up to the Psynews forums before - a long, long time ago - but frankly I've no memory of what nickname I used and whether or to what extent I was posting actively at the time. Almost feels like a different era, so it does! I think I have to agree with the poster immediately above me - I've been a little annoyed with the music generally on more than one occasion in the past two decades (getting old, really) but these seem rather good times music-wise. I just noticed antic's topic on Eitan Reiter's recent Out of Orbit album,
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