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Post concept releases that promote the country it's from


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I'm bored and came over this just now  https://www.discogs.com/Various-Hungry-4-Hungary/release/772107( seen it plenty years ago) 

Made me think about https://www.discogs.com/label/1062341-Namaste-From-Russia

And of course you have typical country based VA compilation releases with sub- and above titles promoting the country origin " ..... From Sweden" .. Like this *image* 

Especially back in the day when the scene was so small that each country had their own unique enough style :P:D Fum times. Now we're more one :wub: But still this flavour from a country happens for sure.

OT: Post releases in this respect.



Last let's post this: 



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does it have to be psy? (fuck, whe are in " General Psy " )

i have too many to choose from.

but if i have to put one based on the mood am at now, id prob pick this

it promotes the swedish attitude, the swedish psytrance sound perfected (sweden created much of the "boring" progressive psy that killed goa)

but for this track i dont think you can get atmosphere, 303s, sound quality, melody, and feeling all rolled into one much better

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I'm not sure but Sweden and Russia are probably the countries that promote where their from (Yo) the most within general Psy & Goa trance releases.



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RED ALERT - We Make Events: https://belgoa.bandcamp.com/album/the-sound-of-belgoa 

Shocking love the Artwork, is that Kali's hand putting on the (smile & have a) corona mask? Sure is demonic and green ..  Yellow ^^ Beautiful summer sunshine (did you notice how much the air smelled like flowers in the hight of the covid lockdown?) and Goatrance. Welcome to present BELGOA as in BELGIA (that's how Norwegians say Belgium). This spoofy ;} [read; mock] V/A is quality Trancey Goa ...  :)





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