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Morphic Resonance - The City Of Moons

Morphic Resonance - The City Of Moons  

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Rotwang    319

Don't get the Pleiadians comparisons myself, I actually enjoy this album more than what I've heard of those guys.

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Dolmot    132
Don't get the Pleiadians comparisons myself


"The"? There are probably more than ten different Pleiadians references in this thread, hardly any of them "this is identical to --". Examples from this page:



Oh, and looking back at this thread, this artist is not the new Pleiadians. He is the new Morphic Resonance!



While it's certainly similar to Pleiadians, this one does not sound like it's trying too hard to sound like IFO and has enough of its own character.



And you're making your own comparison right there too...

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Jon Cocco    65

This is one of my favorite Goa albums. I feel like Suntrip was getting a little like Disneyland with fun (less risky) rides until they released this beast of a dark Goatrance album. As with Filteria's Sky Input, it won't appeal to everyone due to its extremeness, e.g., intensity, aggression, etc. But I would hardly change a thing, in retrospect.


The first 3-4 tracks are so catchy IMO. Well done. T-4 felt a little less ambitious (less variety?) and felt less stellar after the first act before rebounding with more delectable synth work again. Overall it's a great track. The album seems to progressively improve in the first half, though it loses some momentum in the second half. I feel like it peeks with T-3 via City of Moons. Nevertheless, each song offers something innovative and satisfying with with exception to Mindwarp which isn't bad, but sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the other songs. Hmmm.. its been since 2009 with Filteria's Daze of our Lives that I recall giving a new school Goa album an A


Also, a few songs like Chronos, while overall great -- could have used a few segment refinements. I've since rewrote my review of Chronos and will include it for convenience...


5. Chronos begins strong, as if (at 0:13) a special event is unfolding in our consciousness. The brief opening is emotionally riveting and has FEELS -- something I'd love to hear more of (at times) in this album. At 0:52, the artist establishes "attitude" with a zippy, infectious synth. This attitude-esque segment coupled with a noteworthy beat, ambient, and atmosphere (0:52 to 2:47) is exceptional and develops beautifully. That is, until 2:48. From 2:48 until 3:14, the more zippy and edgy (I'm calling attitude) approach is lost due to a repeating dinging synth that takes me out of the hard-edged and raw, exciting feel that the artist so flawlessly captured beforehand. It's not bad but kind of dismal, comparatively speaking, a fairly weak patch. The song returns to healthy, now refreshed (new moves aka synths) topical terrain from 3:15 to 3:27. We enter an intriguing, atmospheric interlude that the artist takes advantage of. When we release back into hyperdrive at 4:20, the attitude returns, delicious. The second act is super from from 4:47 to 5:37. Unfortunately, at 5:50, we hit yet another less stellar (by comparison) patch due to a growingly repetitive synth. This part isn't bad. But it's not nearly as catchy as the more complex, rich, and sleek feel beforehand. That's two noticeably weaker (by comparison) segments so far to an otherwise strong track. We reach a final interlude from roughly 6:42 to 7:07. The sweet buildup releases us back into cosmic bewilderment at 7:20. It's great. Actually, the last act is beautifully designed, and returns us to the intergalactic feel I love so much on this track (when it's keeping things tight!) and overall album. The finale is excellent, a climactic burst of cosmic excitement and intervention. The song's few noticeably weaker patches (mentioned above) are unfortunate considering how great everything else is. Chronos could have used a little more refining in that regard. Otherwise, the song is satisfying as a near whole and showcases some amazing work.  A-


I LOVE how this album avoids middle eastern influences (feels) until the last song (at times) and keeps to its darker vision. Very few new school artists like Filteria I feel can churn out masterpiece tracks and albums. The next MR album has potential to be the Terminator 2 (so to speak) to this ambitious, sleek, and thrilling nighttime (but noticeably less stellar at times) release.


Thanks again Christian/Morphic Resonance and Suntrip for this killer release that knows how to let its energy loose off the hinges. Not since Tandu's Multimoods do I recall being so into synth work in a dark Goa-Trance album, nearly 22 years before this release. 

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Padmapani    342

i have really tried to enjoy this album as much as most of you guys do. while i cannot find a single track on here to be anything lower than above average, i still find myself skipping the tracks of this album when they come up. it's acidic, intense, atmospheric, melodic but not of the over-the-top-oriental-scale-random-nonsense kind. so in theory it should be great stuff, but i guess it's just too much. the constant barrage of always very similar intrusive acid-like sounds trying to grab my attention makes it seem like a constant noise background. it's like he tries to outdo filteria's sky input by putting on layers upon layers of even intenser stuff; and he succeeds, but the effect not a ever-moving wall of sound you can get lost in, but that all sense of direction and movement is lost. somehow it's like sky input^2 with the dark/industrial vibe tim schuldt's music has.

i can see a track of this album fitting perfectly into nighttime dj sets, but listening to the whole album would be way too tiring.

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