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Artist: Tristan

Title: Way of Life

Label: Nano Records

Date: December, 2014


1. Talking In Technicolour (Dancefloor Deluxe Version)

2. Killerwatts - Another Planet (Tristan Remix)

3. Time and Space

4. Excitement Generator

5. Parallel Reality

6. Melody Maker

7. Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

8. Enlightenment

9. Fearsome Engine - Seeding Life (Tristan Remix)







This dog inching his way along this train is a perfect metaphor for this album. There is a lot of motion and for the first few tracks I'm actually interested in what's going to happen. Tristan Cooke is not a newbie and knows what it takes to craft a psychedelic track. This is Nano style full-on that should captivate, but after a little bit I'm like..."Where the f*ck are you going dog?" I keep watching him claw his way to the front of the train, but he never gets there. Imagine one of your co-workers telling a joke he "heard" from a friend but drags it out because he can never quite remember how the story should go. Annoying. And time consuming Eventually you stop hovering around the donut table cause you know he's gonna be there. You don't need that. Eventually you need to get to the f*cking point. But all these tracks sound the same. No up...no down...just straight ahead. I listened to this four times in a row and fell asleep during three of them. The last time I actually fired up Candy Crush. Or put another way...


We all love hand jobs.


We do.


But if there's no passion in it and I don't get to finish it's just a lot of uncomfortable tugging and awkward stares. I'm not saying this is an utter disaster because it's not. But I suppose based on past work I've come to expect a lot more from Tristan and this is just a ho-hum effort. Drug samples and lazy full-on ain't gonna cut it.


So that's what this is to me. A listless hand in my pants that turned out to be a disappointing waste of time.







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Drug samples and lazy full-on

I got tired of this combo years ago. Actually, drug samples and lazy <insert any music style here>. If that's the only thing that supposedly makes your music "psychedelic", well, I don't know what to say. Take a look in the mirror, or something?

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I actually think this is the best thing he's released in years?


Chemisphere was badly lacking, the Killerwatts album more down than up. I really liked parts ofthe Fearsome Engine album but it's not a huge classic by any stretch.


There are some proper full power psychedelic moments on this album. "Time and Space", "Enlightenment" and even "Talking in Technicolor" all destroy the dancefloor. Yes there are some cheese bombs ("Excitement Generator" = ugh)


Maybe I'm biased from seeing most of these tracks live four times in ~13 months and being really impressed by it all on the dancefloor (whereas he's never been one I rated hugely previously) but this was worth the money I spent on it.

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i like the cover and font. its very doofy psychedelic . maybe ill dig it one day. never been too much into tristan.

i think my most tristan song is this and its very classic





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your standard uk psytrance. what it lacks in special moments that captivate your attention, it also lacks in annoying things that put you off. it has some nice effects and even a melody here and there, but that is offset by the usage of the same old cheap tricks with kick and bass to add some variety. it's perfectly fine music for the dancefloor but ultimately boring for active listening at home. the cover is pretty nice though.

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