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Goch - Sphere of Influence (Hypnotica, 2014)


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As I've been collecting Psytrance for 10 years now, why not start writing down some feelings so I can lead others to decent releases...? :) Also: Inspired by all the great reviews I've read here!


Goch - Sphere of Influence
Hypnotica Records





Let's start by saying this is pure braincandy for the Forest and Dark Psychedelic Trance lover, and that it is gold in any Forest dj's hands. I see this release and Goch's music in general as pure Forest Trance, and of the best in its genre, as it posseses every trait this genre has to offer, there where other artists offer only a few. It's dark, atmospheric, organic, raw... and can be played at any time in a set. At first it may sound chaotic and overwhelming because of the many many continuous layers, but when you listen to it closely, you will notice that he uses slowly moving waves and patterns and trancy percussions. This is were Goch offers a really unique experience. I find this music to be exciting as well as calming. It's very dark, but it never gets negative, depressive or downspiralling. Goch especially stands out in the way he uses percussions and bassline variations. All of his tracks are filled with changing and ever building organic percussion works, and this is what ultimately will have its effect on the dancefloor.
For this release itself:
This album will leave no Goch fan unsatisfied. It is similar to his webreleases and it feels like the artist has gone all out on this one. The 1st track 'Hemisphere' feels like a moodsetter for what is to come. The 2nd track 'Arched Orb' is where it really starts. This one has some amazing almost ravy sounding waves in it, and a bassline that will get everybody dancing. Somewhere it does feel like it would have been better if the waves and melody would have been used more on the foreground and in a more climaxing way. And that is what he does in 'Binary Pulsars' : After only 40 seconds he introduces a mindtwisting pattern that will leave no-one untouched and that really makes the track stand out. 'Flow of Perception' is typical bubbling Goch music with an intense transcending and heavenly sounding wave in it. Again very exciting and calming at the same time. Number 5 'Innersphere' is definetely the darkest and heaviest. It's like listening to a horror movie and experiencing it all within 6 minutes. After this tracks 6 'Sphere of Influence' , 7 'Purliev' and 8 'Swirling Crystal' offer a bit of a cooldown, welcoming some melodies that resemble Goch's earlier works on for instance Chronicle of Mystery Records.This tone continues throughout the second half of the album. The two last tracks 'Syntetic Space' and 'Outer Sphere' sound a bit less heavy and are there to serve as a cooldown I think, as they don't have much in it that makes them stand out from the rest of the album.
In general I think Goch has one of the most intelligent and unique styles in Forest Trance music and with this album he offers us a trip as we would experience it on the dancefloor. For home listening and as an album, after listening to it as a whole, it does appear to sound a bit monotonous. It's a unique and great formula, but this album could have used some melodies, breaks or other elements that would make some tracks stand out. It could have used a track like Goch - Scatter for instance. I want to give it 4.5/5. But will give 5/5 for originality and the genious percussion works :)
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Best release of 2014. In my eyes, it is a classic of dark psy, up there with Kindzadza, early Psykovsky, Derango, and not many others. The sound is similar to "Tumult", but harder, less compromising, less melodious and taking place, it seems to me, in outer space, rather than the forest. I knew I loved "Arched Orb" from the first time I heard the sample. But there is so much more. "Flow of Perception" may be my favourite. It is so thick and thunderous, charging and releasing these thunderous blasts which are completely absorbing. Goch does not give up anything for the dancefloor, but in doing this, he not only conquers it, he transcends it. Much of recent dark psy sells it souls to cheap thrills. The newest Antagon, Kindzadza, Kokobloko, Select Project, Enichkin, and others. It is all fast and fun and you think you love it. But only at first. There's a lack of atmosphere, a lack of telling. I respect the hell out of Goch for taking his time, for filling it up, twisting and turning, because this kind of integrity is rare. This is one for the books.




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Hands down album of the year for me.

Hyper-Psychedelic , Evolving , Organic.

I Dont consider this as darkpsy , this is simply psychedelic trance for me

it's deep and sophisticated.


*Headphone material




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Whoa.  I'm not a darkpsy type of guy, but I know talent and quality music when I hear it.  This is a thumping spacewalk through a nightmare with layers of despair and hallucination.  Effects and sounds from all corners of the galaxy (I agree with Longloststar that this is more about outer space than a terrestrial forest) with a bubbling electricity.  Oh the bubbling on tracks like Binary Pulsars is simply delicious and sounds like the very fabric of time is being shredded.  


Like a West Virginian on the Learning Channel it's heavy.  Punishing even.  And there is zero respite.  None, just straight ahead darkness crammed down your throat.  The one drawback is that a whole album of this is a lot to take when every track has similar sounds.  Off topic, but how in the snap, crackle, pop would you dance to this? 


Not to sound like I'm pairing wine with your darkpsy meal, but this goes well with Kiriyama's Reach Escape Velocity, Gappeq's Made of Clay, and Ianuauria's Beware of the Fish.  This is night time music, when all the lights are out, it's cold and you're all alone.  Grab those headphones and be transported to cosmic horror.


Bon apetit!

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