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Fiery Dawn - Cosmic Ascension EP (Timewarp)

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Fiery Dawn - Cosmic Ascension EP

Release Date: 2014-04-25

Label: Timewarp

Catalog # TIMEWARP021



1. The Priest Of Voodoo [ 7:31]

2. Hyperspace [ 8:02]

3. Mahakala [ 8:10]

4. Acid Fury [ 6:44]


Timewarp Records proudly presents this amazing four track EP "Cosmic Ascension" from artist Fiery Dawn. This is the debut from Goa/Psytrance producer Giorgi Shavgulidze who has been producing electronic music for more than 10 years in his city of Tbilisi, in Georgia.

Being inspired by such outstanding masters of the genre as Astral Projection, Man With No Name, X-Dream and many others made Giorgi refine his skills and make really high quality and interesting tracks to let people fully enjoy this amazing genre of music, which is Goa trance!


BUY: Beatport / Psyshop



Promo video:

Fiery Dawn



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hehe actually it is not Georgia from US :)





Great one! Looking forward



Artist from Georgia? More and more artists from different countries. Goa trance is getting big! :D


Our artist Lectro Spektral Daze is from New Zealand :P


Anybody maybe interested to book him for gig? :D

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