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O.O.O.D. - You Think You Are

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Trance2MoveU    361



Artist: O.O.O.D.

Title: You Think You Are

Label: Vertigo Records

Date: November, 2012


2. The Philosopher's Tone
3. Inner Inca
4. The King And Eye
5. Bube (The Tube)
6. Happiness (OOOD Remix) - FORUFREEZER
7. Dum Dum
8. English Pizza (OOOD Remix) - OOOD AND LOOPUS IN FABULA
9. Shpiral
10. Eye Of The Beholder (Sonic Species rmx) - OOOD AND OTT




I haven't listened to an O.O.O.D. album since aLive. Is that wrong? It was so good that I didn't want to f*ck any of it up by listening to their style change. Stupid really, because as any artist will tell you, unless you're Boris Blenn your music should evolve and grow. I know they made other albums...the one with the egg thingy and then the brains on the cover. Never heard them so...I'm guessing they're not making goa any longer?


Nope. They do more.


Let's start with the project which is a four piece outfit that plays live with real drums, guitars, and keyboards. They just don't stand behind a deck and twiddle knobs while getting blown by a groupie. They're actual musicians so they have talent. I mean, they're DJ's too, so they probably get their fair share of chicks with daddy issues. Aside from their first album, all I know is that Colin has made a name for himself in the mastering field. So what are they up to?


Eclectic. Original. I would say their style on this album is psychedelic and would call it Suomi-like, if they were looney toon Finns. But they're from the UK and the craziest people I met when I was over there were the soccer fans. Dems some crazy f*ckers. I love hockey, but I'll be damned if I wanna fight anyone over it.


There are all kinds of crazy sound manipulation going on all the while getting that groove going. It's out there at times, I mean who would think of putting Elvis and a 303 together? They did, and it's damn good. Bube (The Tube) is some funky sh*t Crystal Method would be proud of. That bass is pure filth and volatile fuel for the dance fire. They play with different rhythms and draw from a lot of genres. Sometimes it's techno or breakbeat or...whatever, but rest assured it's always with an eye for you people to shake your tukus. Like moving the back end? I defy you not to get down to English Pizza. It's like the soul train awards up in here.






"Hey blonde chick! Get back behind the decks! Save your talent for the uh, talent!"


Also I wanted to note that they didn't end with the cliche downtempo number. Nope, they tore the doors off with a pretty good storming track full of bass snarls and more pounding than a headache.



The sound quality is top notch so you hear every note and sound they intended. Is it perfect? Of course not. I would say there isn't one track that you simply must hear. They all have their quality moments, but nothing stands out head and shoulders above the rest. And when that happens you have to really pay attention to detail because when you hear a cracker you know it. You feel it. And that guy isn't here. But the funky stuff is here for all to enjoy. And if you pay attention you will also appreciate the detail behind this. Yeah it's not goa, but you know what?


Grow up.










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Colin OOOD    84

Also available direct from Vertigo Records on their Bandcamp page @ www.is.gd/tobuyoood


Thanks for the fantastic review, glad you liked the album!

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Ormion    413

I like this album a lot. None of the tracks have something really special, but somehow they keep me interested. I guess it's the combination of the groovy beats and a more happy, non-cheesy attitude. I prefer this style over the more organic of Free Range.

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smrt2wkr    0

None of the tracks have something really special

I dig free range over this.

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exotic    43

This album has grown over time. I like Inner Inca and Dum Dum now, both really crank up the psychedelia. I guess whats missing is the rhythm that gets one into a state of trance in the other tracks , i mean there are nice build ups and all to keep the listener interested but that quickly gets lost if you dont take those build ups to their logical destination. They are not bad in any way mind you , it could have just been sooooo much better. 7/10

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psytones    76


Artist: O.O.O.D.

Title: You Think You Are

By now, most psytrance heads know that the reason why we as sonic spectators rarely get to experience OOOD live on the yearly festivals around the globe, is mainly due to the fact that they as a live group, consist of 4 interactive members. And four (musicians, dj's) members of a humble yet powerful and quality marked psychedelic trance act without being a typical household name who pulls shitloads of prty-ppl, are usually expensive to book – especially with travel & accommodations in mind, organizers (who are often looking for income security more then a psychedelic security..) do not get out of bed all that often to book OOOD in full. But of course the OOOD's wants to be booked, so they have solutions for you if your event wants to make something OOOD happen ---- So regardless of OOOD's high quality throughout the 24 years of existance (imagine that, 24 years .. thats a long time, Babas), they are not really that commercially or mainstreamingly known, except maybe for their -now old- «Just a Ride» track with the famous Bill Hicks roller coaster sample, which isn't even by OOOD, but by Voice of Cod consisting of only 1 OOOD member. 

OOOD has -as many know- been in the scene providing quality Psychedelic Goa-trance music since the mid. 90's. And for the last 10 years or so the more active OOOD on the webs, Colin, has among others made quite the goood impression on providing sought-after mastering for labels and artists. Which pays, and also gives OOOD (The Stooodio) general attention and remembrance. Else I know Steve OOOD is an active dude as well. Maybe a new OOOD album is in the making? It's been about 6 years since this You Think Yoo Are album on Vertigo Records.. 

So I read remarks that this quite brilliant You Think You Are album by OOOD doesn't have any «hits», a track that stands out from the rest of the album outside the overall albums eclectic gloryness and groove. I disagree on this. The intro track «K.A.R.R. - album edit» starting with a cutie greeting and the promise to be protected by a knight... is one amazing ride. I often come back to this track which in return leads me to listen through most if not all of the album. Let's say that I come for the strong kick, and stay for the mesmerizing content. The huge amount of pleasurable and ear catching subtle details which is all over (!!!!) in such positively felt ways, is of pure psychedelic technoided QUALITY. Which kinda makes this whole album a hit not needing or wanting a «stand-out-track». The album in the most pleasurable way remind me a lot of Koxbox's «The Great Unknown». Such variation without loosing its homogeneousness. It's funky, detailed and smooth, techno-cidered full-on, with highly psychedelic oddness (Them bends, man. Such amaze), and the overall groove with pearly details layered beautifully makes this album to be a tasty and flavorful cake with many jummy tastes. Great production and so so much to whetstone your ears, body and mind on! The cover-art and its motive is really nice, and reflects the album very nicely.

So yeah, Oh Oh Oh D.... what a fly album. Enjoy the ride. Totally groovey. And pretty hoovering actually. Sturdy and solid but also soft and damn funky, pretty wise as well. Drums from the deep calls all psychedelic blaster master ravers. O.O.O.D. which obviously is a stretching of the -jut of land- word «odd», is a shortening for Out Of Our Depths. Which is coool. These psychedelic people, the OOOD, really smell like the best of people. Full of love, humour, compassion and understanding - also comes off as somewhat openminded yet sceptic - not being blind nor rejecting. Right now, I'm so hungry I'd love to go for a english pizza with pepperoni on the train-station. I'm flexi-vegan btw. I know I am.



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