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    gettingblowjobs n psytrance festivals
  1. Did Infected mushroom went Non-GMO? Their product has been on top shelf at Wholefoods....
  2. Most music is designed to sound better on drugs. Psytrance is designed to sound like drugs

  3. ♥Give peace a trance♥

  4. still no signs of life...stay away from the light saikosounds....life's too short for boring music and bad customer service!!! u know who u r.
  5. nice! more dark ear morsels for me. AC and the Aural Hypnox collective always deliver it for me. BTW, your reviews are hella funny and informative. keep it up(trance2moveu).
  6. cupcakes n creampies

  7. this, by far, is more addicting than meth (though the latter gets you horny faster.) This album has taken me to a new level of sensation:)
  8. This is a global event, aye! gotta check this out.
  9. "If artists think of their tracks as their children, is remixing a track from someone else like spanking someone else's kid?"....hahaha...you crack me up man. your reviews make me forget all the worries( on point yet sarcastically good). good quality tune picks too. alright, this should pump you up:)....keep 'em comin and us rollicking!
  10. soundproofed it. it's ok...would love to hear scorb releasing tracks in the vein of SOL INVICTUS.
  11. Dig the review mate! I'm deeply following those labels and artistes as well with the addition of SAVVA and AUDIOACLHEMIST records. Definitely on my hot rotation. Keep it Psy.
  12. edrush n optical/omni trio/domnroland/capone/grooveridah/ramtrilogy/guardians of dalliance/ezrollerz/total science/accidental heroes/moving fusion/rsize/boomerang/carlito&addiction/hype/LTJB all the way...still have 'em on cd format for archive purposes.
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