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Psilocybian - Dreamtime


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Artist: Psilocybian
Title: Dreamtime
Label: Ovnimoon Records
Date: October, 2013

1. Altjira with Braincell
2. Balangurrk with Via Axis
3. Dance of the Antelope with HoTep
4. Rainbow Serpent with Audioform
5. Honey Ant with Wizack Twizack
6. Nibulin
7. Wutjbin
8. Kutu Kari
9. Lamang
10.Alterjinga with Deimos

You know not all black people have rhythm.


And surely not every Asian subsists on rice alone


Stereotypes are usually not true. They are commonly born out of fear and ignorance and can be just...


Ok so that one's pretty true. Jesus Conan you look like you're trying to work out a log. But you know there are exceptions to the rule in a lot of...


Yes Mexican food will do that to you.

But if I said the Balkan people are taking over psytrance, I don't believe that to be hyperbole. F*ck he even has a neighbor (Hotep) on the album. The only neighbor I have is a redneck that hates black people and I don't think he plays an instrument unless it's that jug with the 3 x's on it. Whether it's progressive or goa trance they seem to have their finger on the pulse of electronic music. Case in point, Psilocybian is Sasa Dukic with his 3rd and most recent album and boy is it a cracker. If you didn't get a chance to check out his 2nd, Brain Dissolver you will soon. There has been a steady increase in quality with his releases and he is certainly moving in the right psychedelic direction.

This release is visceral. Primal. Futuristic. Echoing effects along an infinite strand of DNA that never seems to stop unraveling. Bubbling sounds that surf atop a sea of electronic froth. The layers are many and he puts the sounds together seamlessly atop thumping beats. Apparently he got the idea for this release from the Otherland book series by Tad Williams. I tried to read that book, but it got hard so I quit. More of a pictures kinda guy I guess. So Kudos to him for pushing through. Some of the track names are aboriginal which means that I can't make fun of them. Well played sir, well played.

He wants you to compose your own dreams and this music makes it very easy. While I wasn't impressed with the cover from his last effort this one gets top marks. He did it himself and and it's a reflection of the myriad thoughts running through his mind. Cyclops with a tennis racket? Elephant riding a nuclear weapon? That's out there dude. I haven't seen that kind of mental depravity since Wizack Twizack. And oh yeah he makes an appearance with several other artists on some great collaborations. There are some that may say it can get a little samey, but for me it was all part of the journey. It's a quality album that may restore your faith in psytrance with it's dark vibe and outstanding production.

Highly recommended.





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Very good pure psytrance album! I love the soundscapes and the modern bass-heavy yet very psychedelic sound-architecture.

Nice Fx, still some melody left but hidden beyond layers of undulating frequencies.


Favorites are without a doubt the braincell colab and the wizack twizack colab although the album really retains it's quality the whole way through. If anyone can point me out albums in this similar vein of psychedelic trance please go ahead, I feel I need more of this.


The album can be bought here btw:



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Love it! Sounds like a proper blend of Braincell and vintage Hux-Flux / Logic Bomb in style/melody department, with a dash of Biodegradable and Dissociative in a way the FX are done. The beautiful cover also doesn't hurt!



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