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Hey i am not the best reviewer so i'll let the job to others, but this is a pretty serious solid comp !

I like the concept, an israelian label releasing 100% scandinavian tracks, and this is a good mix of psytrance and hard progressive, I love playing it when i'm driving :P

Really recommended!!

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I used Fribic Bounce's Päck on my latest mix. It's a great chameleon natured track, starting as a kinda low profile acid techno jam, eventually progressing to twisted, night-time pounder. All the good vibes for this label, you're one of my favourites...

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I seem to be missing something here - meaning a way to listen to samples! The Bandcamp link in the announcement post has nothing, and the Soundloud link only has a mix of Flight 604. Where do I check this out?

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this is not really my cup of tea. the tracks aren't bad, but there's nothing that really stikes me here. it sounds like a collection of b-sides that weren't released back then, because there were better tracks to take their place. my favourite is nrg beings, because it has that old miranda style we all know an love, but even here, it's miles from most tracks of phenomena.

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Oh. It's weird to me a record label wouldn't make it easy to hear their releases by setting up a website.

The record label made it easy by posting the tracks on youtube. And full tracks not some 30-90s samples like most labels.

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Artist: Various

Title: Scandi90's

Label: Zion604 Records

Date: October, 2012



1. Stronghold - Sarolta Monspart

2. LBM - Little Blue Men

3. Pack - Frippic Bounce

4. Shape Shifter - Construction Planet

5. Fender Bender - Little Blue Men

6. Self Transforming Dialog - Atmos

7. NRG Beings - Miranda

8. Reza's Delight - Shazbatt

9. Nervsond 47 - The Mato Project



Pffft...Scandinavia. What have they ever done?


Well, for starters the Vikings right? Sure on paper they seem ferocious and primeval, but I've been around long enough to know that you can't count on those pussies to cover the spread. What's that? We're talking about the Minnesota Vikings right?


Ok, well they're known for the midnight sun right?




"Turn it off! Turn that f*cking thing off, I have to work tomorrow!"



Cool temperatures so it's bound to be comfortable.





Rich culture and beautiful scenery are just a couple of reasons I can't wait to visit this area when I get some real dough. Zion604 is an Israeli label that is committed to releasing goa trance that is more on the abstract side. Headed by Roy Sason and Stephan Spivak their journey to The Kingdom was well received and this new compilation is even more...out there. It's one thing to focus on unreleased tracks from well known artists, but to narrow that focus to a laser beam on solely Scandinavian tracks...well I'll come right out and say it, you're insane. These are tracks you won't find on Suntrip or Cronomi Records. For this compilation they wanted to release stuff with that Scandinavian sound that the average goa listener wouldn't necessarily reach for. In a market where CD sales are disappointing at best this is a brave move that reaffirms their belief that bringing goa to the people is the ultimate goal. Only two of the artists on this compilation are on my radar. The rest is a box of chocolates.



Stronghold- A real slap bass? Sure why not? It IS Scandinavian so anything goes. There are percussive tribal facets to this as well and a pretty strong groove. Varied and strong.






I'm blue daba dee daba doo...l'hiem!


The first 4 minutes of this track was an exercise in annoying repetition. Then it began to mature and thicken with a nice throaty lead.


Pack- 10 minutes is a long time and it might've been a little too out there for me.


Shape Shifter- "Who's in command of this ship?"


There is a large techno presence here and it has a cold feel. The chunky beat is non-stop and it picks up momentum near the end. Not bad.


Fender Bender- The Azulitos are back with their brand of techno goa. That guitar lick burns in my memory, but I'm not sure it's because I've heard it before or because Boris Blenn co-opted it. Either way it doesn't change that much as it unfolds.


Self Transforming Dialog- "I'm feeling the sensation of going kinda clockwise."




Six Flags Afghanistan is well underway! Your tax dollars at work America.


Atmos did goa? Learn something new everyday. He's got talent and it shows with great sounding leads and goa in the melodic style I'm more accustomed to. Very good!


NRG Beings- "We are all energy beings."


You knew she was gonna nail it right? Rhythmic, melodic, and layered goa goodness that still has some Scandinavian weirdness to it. Her 303 has snap crackle pop and is easily my favorite here. Kudos for Asherun for not going with the easy call and selecting one of her more well known tracks.


Reza's Delight-




One day we can all hope for a cure. Surely that's where they got their name right? One doesn't just say Shazbatt in everyday conversation. I liked the bubbling in the beginning and then the leads become more metallic. This was more of a psytrance track that just rambled on.


Nervsond 47- When this first starts it's minimal with nice goa bubbling, but give it time and you will appreciate this old school gem even more.



Well it's interesting to say the least. This isn't your normal old school compilation with stacks of melody, but like Anoebis said it leans to the darker side of things. 5 years ago I would've hated it, but now that I can appreciate different forms of goa there is an excitement to see what direction they attempt to steer the music. I can see why some might not like it especially after the uber melodic Etnica and Mindsphere releases, but that's like comparing apples and oranges. Both are great, but it depends on what you're in the mood for. The production here is awesome so thanks to Zion for introducing me to tracks which I would've never listened.



One thing I noticed is that the Discogs tracklisting have Pack as the third track, but the Bandcamp page has Shape Shifter as the number three track.





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Awesome compilation! Scanditrance for life!


Really all the tracks here are gems, with some humor in shapeshifter as well. Miranda and Atmos tracks kick ass as usually and all the other tracks showcase the talent those Scandinavians have to create twisted driving psytrance.


Highly recommended!

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hi guys

happy you like my Scandi 90's cds compilation ,you welcome to check out my last cd compilation i did with the Z.N.A Festival to be released on Dance N Dust Recordsץ

the style is similar to the Scandi 90's all the tracks are Unreleased and from the 90's ,

tracking list:

Bus V.s Slide - Everyday, the Belsize Mix (1998)
Orion - Frenzy (1997)
Dragon - Resurrection (1998)
Shazbatt - Organic Deflection (1998) 
Little Blue Men - Ace of Space (1998) 
Atmos - Devine Hex (1997) 
Noma - K3 (1999)
The Mato Project - Asa Equals Goddes (1997)
Sarolta Monspart - Slowdown Action (1996)

Compiled by DJ Asherun

here is a link to buy it on our band camp  page on cd or digital


thanks for the support


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