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Kadasarva - Steamagination


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Kadasarva - Steamagination

2011, Released by Sun Station Records

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01 - Kadasarva - World Of Tomorrow (145 BPM)

02 - Kadasarva - Quaternion (144 BPM)

03 - Kadasarva - Cybermind (145 BPM)

04 - Kadasarva - Trylon And Perisphere (143 BPM)

05 - Submatukana - The Krypt (Kadasarva Remix) (142 BPM)

06 - Kadasarva - Ginger (147 BPM)

07 - Kadasarva - Quakers (144 BPM)

08 - Kadasarva - North Pole (143 BPM)

09 - Kadasarva - Amrita (144 BPM)


My favorite sample here is "Rachel, Kids, I'm sorry...", apparently from System Shock 2. I like it not only because it isn't from just another movie (or from one of those movies which are so common in our music), but also because it points to the vision the artist had. The steam punk theme is obvious from the album title of course, but I think it is admirable when there is a theme, or a vision, to be found at all, since most albums, of any genre, appear mostly a collection of good-enough-tracks; although for any competent artist, they will follow a singular individual style, theme or not.


The style of "Steamagination" is an interesting fusion of several sounds. Someone called it a throwback to the, so-called, good old days, but frankly I'm not sure that I have ever heard this sound in completeness before. There is a bit of Koxbox here though, I find. There are also plenty of gritty percussions that often sound great, some very tasty snares. The melodies are pleasing, never sublime, but always elegant and are not relied upon to carry the tracks. The second half of the album becomes a bit darker, a bit more chaotic; rhythm and darkpsy-like patterns become more important than melodies, in some of the tracks.


My favorite track is "Cybermind"; this thing is a beast, it twists and turns into and out of melodies and funky screaming rhythms.


Overall this is one of the most interesting and unique releases of the year for me, and it should appeal to lovers of all up-tempo psychedelia. Here is a score, because scores are fun:




Available for free on Ektoplazm


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Artist: Kadasarva

Title: Steamagination

Label: Sun Station Records

Date: December, 2011


01 - World Of Tomorrow (145 BPM)

02 - Quaternion (144 BPM)

03 - Cybermind (145 BPM)

04 - Trylon And Perisphere (143 BPM)

05 - Submatukana - The Krypt (Kadasarva Remix) (142 BPM)

06 - Ginger (147 BPM)

07 - Quakers (144 BPM)

08 - North Pole (143 BPM)

09 - Amrita (144 BPM)


Ah, 1998. Gas was $1.15 ($3.55 at the time of this writing) and a stamp was 32 cents (.45). A time approaching a new millennium when the world was close to sh*tting itself because we were unsure of how all our computers would react when we hit the big 2000.


A time when a small silicon valley company called Google (what a stupid name, it'll never last) was founded.

A time when we began to fully understand that Bill Clinton was a chubby chaser and liked to go...ahem, hoggin'.


But most importantly, a time when the love affair with the melodic stylings of goa trance was coming to an end and psytrance was searching for a new direction. Too early for boring minimal crap, it found it's footing in the crunchy, industrial sound unwilling to totally let go of all the trappings melody had to offer. This is Alex Volkov from the Ukraine who makes the old school stuff with some modern production. After all the positive talk with people falling all over themselves saying how great this is I had to take a listen. Hosted by our good friend Basilisk at Ektoplazm it's a free journey.



World of Tomorrow- "I have been witness to a world consumed by hatred and bent on self-destruction. Watched as we have taken what used to be a paradise and failed in our responsibilities as its steward. I know now that the course the human race has set for itself cannot be changed. I am the last desperate chance for a doomed planet."


It doesn't get any bleaker than that does it? This is a return to the good old formula of creating a thumping track and building around it. The effects are great with plenty of metallic clanking and post apocalyptic vibrations. Whiplike leads are in full play and this might as well have a blinking neon sign saying welcome to the late 90's on it.


Quaternion- So delightfully futuristic with it's crunchy beats and robot-like whirring of servo motors. This is being trapped on that huge junk barge in Star Wars being driven by those little Jawas.

Robots of every make and model chatter in clicking and bleeping sounds. Some in obvious disrepair. I wasn't thinking too much of it, but the effects are so involving and intricate that you cannot help getting swept up. It packs a heavy concussive wallop to boot.


Cybermind- "I will not abide disobedience."

Ok I like where this is going. What's the safe word? This has all the great effects of the last two tracks but now contains a bubbling bass adding to the groove. It gets pretty intense with some squealing leads, but also has some nice synth lines. It's almost 11 minutes long and there is not rest break. I liken the sound to choking a digital image of a female at an S&M club and all that comes out are 0's and 1's.

Yeah, I got...I gots some problems.


Trylon and Perisphere- Awww, this has a very throaty lead that scrapes the tonsils right off. Alien bubbling and stomping with a swagger, but it's that lead that sizzles like putting your hand on a stove. It's got some dark and ripping goa licks to be sure and the danciest of the bunch so far.


The Krypt (Kadasarva Remix)- Dark and bubbling sounds abound and you can feel this thing beginning to become more bold. Deeply electronic and fluid as this crawls from its place of entombment with screeching oscilating feelers. Its focus shifts several times, but never loses its way.


Ginger- This is a problem that I feel we have not sufficiently addressed as a people. Ginger's are evil.

They travel in packs like zombies waiting to strike at the unsuspecting. Such contrast between that pale skin and fiery red hair is unnatural. Some say that each freckle is a mark of the beast. They are of course led by the most evil of villains.


The track? It was ok. It sounded like the electronic crackling of a live wire. Whiplike and driving showering all with sparks but not much to chew on.


Quakers- "I have surmised that there...are local bases of operation. And some of these local bases may be underwater."


Sure as hell sounds like it. But waaay underwater where light cannot penetrate. It's got that goa bass sound that threatens to erupt as mechanical noises spray all over. Alien sounds fly overhead as this track is relentless. That bass really kicks up some dust. Plenty to concentrate on.


North Pole- Dark and barren just like I imagine the Pole to be. Layers of synth begin to stack and rumble as this becomes a driving force. Lead switch and get the filter business creating a powerful monster of a track. Loved it.


Amrita- Breakbeats and running synths are in the playbook for this one. But that's not all. It breathes and pulses with energy, moving straight ahead.


It's dark. Pumping. Psychedelic. Futuristic. Everything you could ever want in your psytrance. Can it be a little samey in theme and composition? Maybe. But he arranges the sounds so well that it doesn't come off that way. At least not to me or any of you based on the replies this review got. It's got power and atmosphere coming out of all orifices with not one single buildup or predictable moment. Good for you sir, you have made one helluva'n album.

And you gave it away.




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I'd like to bump up this (Yes!) reviewthread since its album, is a real piece of gem when it comes to general Psytrance music, like it or not - as mentioned somewhere I read:  Kadasarva - Steamagination is like a modern take on the Goa goes 2000 Psytrance before it became for a period, generic and clubmanifested. Steamagination is for me a bold (?) and WELL DONE take on the classic album by Space Cat (with some Simon Posford eh), "Beam Me Up". 



.............................................. no?


BTW. here's his  https://soundcloud.com/kadasarva 
and homepage http://kadasarva.com/

+ you can buy his album from Sun Station Records' BC http://shop.sunstation.ru/album/kadasarva-steamagination

I'm not 100% sure but the album is no longer to be found on Ektoplazm, where it back in it's day was released for free, with the option to donate money. I found the album first around 2012, or maybe 11 as it was released (ektoplazm frontpage..). I lost it soon after but always rememberd that i'd one day have to get a hold of it again. Because it was so well crafted. Time passed and all I could remember was the music, and the album art, for sure. I searched for the album not long ago, and finally found it because my searchwords incl. "steampunk". The artist name is for me atleast a hard one to remember. So you better learn it :D Kadasarva. Ka-Da Sar-Va. Ka Da Sar Va. Kada Sarva. Kadasarva. Thats a lot of a's. Maybe it'll stick. 
Now the artist from my observation of information is more focused on making Psychedelic Tech Trance released on i.e. Boshke Beats Records! As HimmelKompass. If the producer decides to release a new Psytrance album. That would be exited to listen. 

here's one of my elder reviews that has a string to this album by Kadasarva (still hard to remember) https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/52879-va-unconventional-compiled-by-alic-horns-hoofs-rec/ [Horns and Hoofs Entertainment]


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I'm not 100% sure but the album is no longer to be found on Ektoplazm

What do you mean "no longer on Ektoplazm", here it is: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/kadasarva-steamagination


But yeah, this is for the lack of a better expression an incredible album. Nasty, relentless, full of cybernetic mayhem, and contains absolutely no sunshine or your typical cosmic goa fluff. At least one track from this album tends to find its way into every darker goa set I play these days :)

Absolutely 250% recommended. One of the best albums of this decade. And so on.

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