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Most intense psy/goa tracks


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What's the most intense tracks you have ever listened?

I'm not talking necessarily about fast or hard psytrance.


This is my top fav in random order of my most intense tracks.


Twisted System-Disrespekt (Most intense track ever)


Dirty Motion-Isolate

Azax Syndrom-The Covenant (Shift rmx)

EMP-Attack Of The Moose


Filteria-Domestic Modulator


Christof & DJ Mael-KLM

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Lots of Darkpsy tracks, such as


Septagram - Power Cell

Arcek - Never Ends

Mr. Hades - Electric 6969


First two tracks could appeal to lovers of intense psy in general as well, while the 3rd track probably sounds more like "cliché" darkpsy to the common listener, but somehow I like the details in it.


Anyways, non-darkpsy favorite in-your-face-intense-stomping-psy-top-tracks would be:


Posted Image


Pretty much every track from Absolum's "Inside The Sphere" album, especially the title track and "Virus". They don't make it like this anymore :)


Other than that: Shift - Pump


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Filteria - Galactic Rays

Filteria - Total Planetary Being


Sky Technology - Ancient Race


MFG - Why


Deedrah - Alien Dick


Pleiadians - Electra


Psykovsky - Lastbus Madrus


Savage Scream - X Mash Hard


Megalopsy - Devenir Cosmos


Kindzadza - 0923141030


Fungus Funk - F people


Shift - Cerebral Cortex


Off the top of my head. Also some of my favourite tracks ever!

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Ah, one track I couldn't remember the name of at first:


Psychotic Micro - Take Over. Heard it live once and the dancefloor was practically shred to pieces...everyone was going crazy. The two build ups from 3:05-4:05 and from 5:00-6:05 are among the best I've ever heard. No cheese, only straight, stomping, very powerful psy.


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I wanted to mention that the some of the most intense Goa tracks for me are


The Infinity Project - Phosphoressene (doors of perception RMX) since it is a very cold track that has some drama and feats very well for winter, it is a real masterpeace and appears on way too few compilations, the track is just amazing.


Another one is


The Infinity project - Wow


Ayahuasca - Ayahuascan Chant


and for sure,


Ayahuasca - New Moon

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Total Eclipse - The Furnace. A white knuckle ride!!!


Damn you're right! Can't believe I forgot to include it in my list... My favourite from Total Eclipse by far!

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