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Kaya Project


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Hello lads!


Last days i listening to Sebs music and found one super good track: Obsidian Beats. Can someone tell me artists that make music in smiliar style to Kaya?

Oriental or not i would like to listen :)




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Great albums really!


Favorite tracks La Ilaha Il Allah and Everything Disappears, but all tracks great.



Thank you :)


Hmmmm....Kaya Project :wub:


Let's see what I have that I would compare to Kaya Project who in my opinion makes serious ethnic chillout that never gets too cliched and shit just like:


Dakini Records

Best album on there is Jairamji - Kindred Spirits but check out the sky dancing comps too.


Also check out Angel Tears which you can see is Seb himself along with a couple more guys :)


Cell - Phonic Peace & Synaesthesia might also float your boat!

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Kaya Project = lush!


Some good recommendations above!


Also try Kuba - Bring it all back home which also falls into the category of 'lush' :)

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