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What are you doing right now?


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I'm making a presentation for a seminar which is only held for formal annual reporting. The topics are technical, they vary wildly, and it's unlikely that they'll be of much interest to anyone else. In fact, I expect most of the participants to daydream through it and to use the printed proceeding as a pillow. How much effort should I spend on this?

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I was just checking showtimes for Prometheus. I'm trying to see it before I learn anything more about it.


Go for it!

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Nooooo. One final exam on Monday & thats it, I'll be a freakin engg graduate :D


Alright, looking good, wish you the best...


I'm babysitting my nephew and niece.


Seems great, my sister (older) decided not to have kids,

so I'm not going to be an uncle -_-

I was looking forward to that to be honest...




Today Lazy Sunday, it's raining and snowing,

so watching cyclo cross, maybe a movie and listen to music off course...

I've installed Crysis 2 (the game) so I'm going to give another try...

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