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VA - Dancing Mavka (LGCD04)

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Release info:

Format: CD, Jewel Case

Genre: Electronic

Style: Goa-trance

Total Time: 75:56



Release Notes:

Lookinglook Records team is pleased to presents our fourth release - goa-trance compialtion, titled "Dancing Mavka"... The compilation includes tracks as well-known Ukrainian projects, such as: Zelur Project (a.k.a. SynSUN), Sky Technology, Spirit Medicine, Celestial Consciousness, ShizoLizer Gin, and newcomers, such as: Pandemicus, Jyotish, Ufomatka, Space Vibes System.




01. Pandemicus - Out Of Space 142bpm

02. Jyotish - 1000 Little Indians 150bpm

03. Celestial Consciousness - Astral Dance 148bpm

04. Ufomatka - Vega 139bpm

05. Spirit Medicine - In the Brain Machines 150bpm

06. Sky Technology - Reactor Of Life 145bpm

07. Zelur Project (a.k.a. SynSUN) - The New Creature 145bpm

08. ShizoLizer Gin - Pony Ponyslas 145bpm

09. Space Vibes System - Space Energy 145bpm




Compiled by: Sky Technology - Dmitriy Kolosovskiy

Mastering: Makus (Overdream project) - Maxim Kurushyn

Creative Director, Artwork & Design: Ju Ju - Julia Sidorenko



Link: http://lookinglook.com/lgcd04.htm





Congratulations to my friend Dmitriy for making first ukrainen Goa trance CD compilation and to other friends from Ukraine for their support in this! :)

Really looking forward to this one!



Слава тебе брат Дмитрий!

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Nice previews! Very nice sound :) Man, this is excellent, the releases are getting better and better, and I must say that 2010 is one of my favorite years in goa history... Some verrry solid releases and verrry solid releases are still coming until the end of this magnificent year! I wish that 2011 becomes even better :))

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Really interested in Celestial Consciousness - Astral Dance :)


Got a few of these in the shopping cart just now, solid CD :)



I have old version, about year ago and now i think is much improved :)



PS. Old is great too!

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