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Goa Trance vs Psy Trance


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  1. 1. Which one you like the most?

    • Goa Trance mostly
    • Psy Trance mostly
    • Goa Trance only
    • Psy Trance only
    • Both equally

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I voted for Goa Mostly, that means 90% goa and 10% psy every day.


But i really hate when some darkish narcos artist says i making goa :huh:

Today most dark psy artists say they make Goa. I had one guy on msn which making dark/forest and said that dark psy is new school of goa or new wave of goa :lol:


There is very big difference between those 'genres'. Thats like House and Techno.



"You fucking piece of filth... When the fuck are you gonna get sick of this lousy technoshit?" :D

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I don't think so.


You dont, but i know because my compilations. They heard before that im collecting and sending me dark tracks, and said listen this powerful goa lol

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I voted Goa Trance mostly.

Most of the time I listen to old/newskool Goa trance, Nitzhogoa and Nitzhonot. 95% Goa/Nitzho & 5% Psytrance I think. :) I enjoy some prog (AKD!), forest trance & full-on.

& I discovered the twilight sound some days ago and I quite like it. :)

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Voted both equally.


these days im enjoying other genres much more but this is all thanks to psy and goa for really opening me up in the way that i have.

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voted mostly psytrance simply because psytrance is a much broader genre than goatrance is and there is much more room for innovation. But of course, about 80% of the classics I cherish most are goatrance ;)

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when I get tired of listening to psytrance, i listen to goa, then when i get tired of listening to goa i listen to pink floyd. and ambient now and then.


Same here. Topic-starter must add Pink Floyd to this pool. ;)
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Voted Only goa trance.I listen to alot mixes most are oldschool a few Newschool goa. I use to listen to psytrance a lot but once my mind opened up to goa I was really taken with the sound. I hardly listen to psytrance now :) But for something different I will mix a full on set!

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I honestly can't decide which I like better, so I would have to say both. Hence my username... ;)


And the difference between each of them? Production quality. Psy is basically a technological advancement of Goa, IMO. Though, essentially, Goa was very different due to it's middle-eastern influence, and epic melodies.

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