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  1. You know, you guys don't have to analyze every minute detail about this music. I mean, this is a discussion board and all, but most of you are chopping and dicing at what sounds better than what. But really, shouldn't we be making more positive statements about these things instead of addressing every single flaw in a negative ambiance? C'mon, think about this. Tell me what you LIKE about Koxbox's new material instead of what you dislike, please... And Thank You for your insight ArronaX!
  2. Sounds exciting. Wouldn't mind experiencing Machine Elf live!
  3. I'm really liking the new Sensient album... didn't think he would release something again so soon... Thanks for sharing!
  4. Full-on or not, I don't find Koxbox's new releases to be nearly as cheesy as the crap some artists like Astrix put out. I, personally, am just happy that Koxbox is still present in the scene.
  5. Basilisk!!! It's artists like you who make the Eclipse experience genuine!
  6. From Discog's: Though this could be wrong, and I can't find any reliable translations. I've heard a few other interpretations in the past, but the most common is 'energy box'.
  7. has entered the realm of psynews!

  8. Haha, good one. And I totally agree!
  9. Cosmosis - Dance Of The Cosmic Serpent One of my personal favourite tracks... "We have to keep it rockin' so no one comes a knockin'."
  10. The warm welcomes are much appreciated! After exploring the forums, it's so nice to see a higher influence of Goatrance here... I was honestly beginning to think it had become a forgotten relic.
  11. Looks AMAZING! I would definitely attend if I could afford to travel!
  12. Tech Safari's Eclipse Festival 2010 Anyone in the area of southern Quebec should definitely take a look at this 10th anniversary psy festival. Highly recommended. 10/10 The setlist is HUGE this year, with acts such as JUNO REACTOR, KOXBOX, XEROX & ILLUMINATION, and MORE! Seriously, if you live nearby, don't miss this! Flyer can be found here.
  13. I honestly can't decide which I like better, so I would have to say both. Hence my username... And the difference between each of them? Production quality. Psy is basically a technological advancement of Goa, IMO. Though, essentially, Goa was very different due to it's middle-eastern influence, and epic melodies.
  14. Hot Shot SAMPLE -- This sample absolutely defines the meaning of the word Koxbox. Seismic SAMPLE -- Nice groove to this one. Koxbox Promo tracks -- A few full, high-quality tracks that are available for a listen--not for download! I really dig Frank E's recent work. He's evolved so much since the other two members have parted. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of these tracks this summer when I see him live!
  15. 97. Goa was a super party location. 98. Goa takes you on a space odyssey. 99. Goa is the language of the cosmos. 100. Goa is 'organic'.
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