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The artists' names pictionary game


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answer to this :)



nono.. GBU aka The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was correct.. but then i wanted to post that it's right, and posted under rotwangs post, which was already related to another picture :S so i edited and then messed up everything :P

so, kathmandu, go ahead ;)

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Is that supposed to be a real molecule?


:D yes.. last time i had to draw these things is quite some time ago :P i tried my best to draw it from how it looked on wikipedia, but if someone says its a complete mess i can just take another picture :P

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Hmmm... if you intended to draw an ethanol molecule (alcohol) there's no way that oxygen atom goes in the middle and without it's good friend Hydrogen.


Even so, I'm assuming that -O- is water and that your first drawing refers to the central nervous system. (If you'd meant the circulatory system, you'd have drawn it in red, I guess).


Anyhoo... can someone else work it out with these hints?

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Looks like methyl ether to me (CH3-O-CH3) and yes water... and CNS...?? I too have no clue about this one...


Nervous Ether?


yes, its supposed to be an ether molecule!

so... nervous ether is very very close


Hint: It's a collaboration of 2 artists, they have only released 1 album together which was released back in 1999 afaik. It's not Nervous but ...........

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