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Best soundtrack ever?


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Blade Runner by far.


I also really like the Koyaanisqatsi soundtrack.


probably the Ghost in the Shell ost by Kenji Kawai


Those three I guess :) in the order quoted... grrreaat stuff!


Also check out the 'Blade Runner trilogy', it's quite nice (disc 1 : original blade runner album, disc 2: previously unreleased blade runner(esque) music, disc 3: new stuff that is not so good).


Here's a piece from it that I posted:



Wow there is new re-release with unreleased BR soundtracks!!! Nice! I have the old one, is it worth the extra "good" CD to buy it?!

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T2 theme together with the ending scene, and the hand, and you know... just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.


Also, yeah.. Blade Runner is great, the music in 12 Monkeys is very fitting and I always had a soft spot for Halloween theme.


But I have to say, nothing beats Mega Man 2 that's for sure! Rock on! :ph34r:

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From The Terminator, Brad Fiedel - Tunnel Chase




I actually like the music from the first Terminator better (played endcredits)

Also soundtrack from the movie Basquiat


2001: A Space Odyssey

The Sting

Chariots of Fire

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A great classic movie theme is from some old movie I never watched called 'Dangerous Moonlight'(1941).


It's quite famous, called the 'Warsaw Concerto':




Another familiar classic epic movie theme: Khachaturian - Adagio from Spartacus



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Great indeed. (I mean the Once Upon.. Soundtrack)

I really love this kind of soundtracks, they're very beautiful and powerful without being pompous.


And now for something pompous yet simply superb.




From Randy Edelman the guy who wrote The Last Of The Mohicans and McGyver among others.

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I would highly recommend the soundtracks from Battlestar Galactica(re-imagined).

Bear McCreary has really outdone himself with these ones, especially with the one from season four.

The last few weeks it's been this and H.U.V.A. network.


This is my favo:


I would also recommend the Mulholland Drive soundtrack from Angelo Badalamenti...

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Donkey Kong Country + sequels (Super NES) :Dhttp://www.zshare.ne...448178c99ae476/


ok, seriously: Ennio Morricone soundtracks are the best ones for sure.


Dollars Trilogy, Once Upon A Time In The West, etc.


a class of its own. The movies in general are outstanding too of course.


currently so stuck on DKC2 soundtrack


best stuff ever!!!

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