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  1. Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Theme song (1977) Dune - Main Theme (1984) Star Gate - Movie Theme (1994) The Shadow - Soundtrack (1994)
  2. IMHO much better then the last album..but still..far from cosmosis i use to know. Maybe if Bill could ditch that full on concept and just start making music..who knows?! That's all form me..Peace
  3. yep thats it..thank you very much!! :clapping: :posford:
  4. I just can get it out my head..its an old track from the 80thiz..i think its recognizable..so here it goes :drama: Sample
  5. as a conscious being yes, i am trying do define what you said and experienced, to put some sence to it. its a matter of perception.. someone could watched a movie like a "xXx" and say: Wow this is really mind expanding movie, as oppose to "Velveteen Rabbit" and say..that`s a kids movie. and that was the hole point of my question? to see your mind "manifest" , no?
  6. then you got it all wrong...or you just forgot what the word "Psychedelic" really stands for and "House trance" do exist, i just imagine it and make it real just like people did for any other thing you see on this planet
  7. after 4-5 listens i could say that this release is not much of a story..more like an adventure (children, playing all over playground) but still..there are very nice moments to be seen, to actually be "there" at the moment... + Holding Space, ++ Living Time
  8. The music itself is really nice and i enjoyed it..but the mastering is just terrible, shame Over compressed..and all the life form sound is just sucked up. And if it ever goes on Ultimae i hope they will do it right
  9. bla bla..heres something fresh from the oven..eat it before it gets cold Structural Stereoneurometrics
  10. same here>>>Music for the jilted generation...poison was the first tack i'v heard from them DeathPosture..nice to see u here again
  11. Psykovsky Vs. Deja Vu - Only Love (We Will Take) :posford::clapping:
  12. great stuff :posford: actually its a melody form madonnas track "what it feels like for a girl" (Paul Oakenfold rmx)
  13. 11. Tamlin - Bonus Track Rocks
  14. Not bad..The style reminds me on OddWorld - ABE game.. But to much HiTech..to little nature, for my taste
  15. Here something my girlfriend made..with a little help of me So I wanted to share this few tracks with you guys. Hope you like it as much as i do! Lucy - Great Power Lucy - Healing Above Technology & Lucy - Secret Sign
  16. nice tune mate..albino all the way and >>>The Mist is very nice..keep up with good work
  17. it looks like it was made by FL Synthmaker and all other their stuff...
  18. Yeah i know all that..tnx..i just forgot.. Anyway iv uploaded .zip Here it Is FL Sidechain Compressor
  19. Here.. I made you a .FLP..So u can get the basic idea. Hope it will help you clear few things a bit. Peace FL Sidechain Compressor
  20. Eurythmics - Love Is A Stranger Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
  21. nice track afgin..it reminds me on dancing galaxy
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