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wtf? I hope this isnt going to be the album cover.


Thanks for the update though, i never think to check on myspace because I deleted my account a while back

Probably not, I would think. Just a little add to promote the album.

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One of my favorite artists cant wait for his album may he makes more tracks like his track more directions on refractions that was a killa track..........

Refractions set very high standards for full on. There has been no album like that till now IMO; mind dala by mr peculiar comes a far 2nd followed by silicon sound- pure analog. I wish he makes an album which tops even refractions, but like how all good first albums go there is never a better follow up. :(
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I heard the promo of the Atomic Culture album "Disco Fever". I have mixed feelings. It sounds indeed like the linear Atomic Pulse style with Protoculture buildups & melodies on top. I expected a little more research.


What's too bad is that when I hear such music in a party/festival, I don't feel like dancing. Just vaguely movinig my feet which having a beer and chatting with people. It's not moving enough although it has quite shiny vibes. It's more home psytrance or psytrance for people on mushrooms. It would have deserved a more twisted and energetic flow all along imo.


And despite this mellow side, I think it's much better than anything full on I listened to recently.

So if you're looking for a borderline full-on album, that one's for you.

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Can't load the Avalon-remix, but I'm hoping for a good remix as the original is probably one of my favorite Protoculture-tunes (and that says a lot since I'm a huge fan). The other sample doesn't sound good to be honest - great production, but I don't like the singing and those israeli-like leads.

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By the way - just found out that it has been released on Beatport.com:




The Avalon-remix actually sounds like a remix for both "Avalon" and "Peekaboo" (one of my favorite full on tunes ever). Much better than the other tune!

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Guest nectarios

Ticks all the boxes of a well made trance album, but nothing to do with psy-trance imho. Its like a waterfall of cheese.


Surprised it got released on Nano and not on a label like Armada music.


Peace out.

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