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Save The Robot - Love Machine

Electric Calm

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1. Communicate (8:00)

2. War - Low Rider (Save The Robot Rmx) (7:26)

3. So Real (7:32)

4. Let it Play (6:04)

5. What The Funk (6:16)

6. Feel Like a Star (7:19)

7. I Care (7:41)

8. Robotz (6:57)

9. Dreamcatcher (7:44)

10. She Came (6:07)



Let me start off by saying that if you like psytrance and anything related to it ,you will not like this album. I like it, but it's kinda hard to say why. At least it's not the same reasons why I love psytrance.


I'm under the impression that Save the Robot is a collaboration between Alien Project and Quadra. Thus, the production sounds excellent (plastic) and the build ups are agressive (too long) as hell.


The music itself is incredibly cheesy. Cheesy as in I'm-eating-cheddar-while-bathing-in-fondue cheesy.

And believe me, this album has it all. Overly long build ups, vocals (female and male), electric guitars, samples from known pop-songs (Fatboy Slim - "Star 69" and the other presumeably from Moloko) and of course a remix of a 1970's funk hit.

But don't get me wrong. It's not bad. Not bad at all. It just takes a lot of tolerance from the listener. There are some great melodies and feelings in the songs. Also the atmosphere on the whole album is very positive and I've been loving the uplifting feeling it has. I get bored with this kind of music easily, but it just cheers me up to listen to something like this once in a while. Oh my, with all the melodies and stuff going on! :drama:


Favorites: 6, 3, 10 & 5

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i downloaded this to see if it was worth buying....and boy am i glad i did....such disappointment from the first album. While the first album was insane fullon(which i know gets a lot of flack on this site) and full of energy and bordering on aggressive....this album sounds hollow. <_<

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My favorites were 2, 3, 8, 9, and 10. I thought Quadra and Alien Project did well as far as production is concerned. Nothing too mind bending or barrier shattering, and they need to cut it out with the lame vocals and focus more on drums and sounds like in Track 9, Dreamcatcher. Hardly any vocals here, but the type of full on that Quadra is best known for.


Overall I thought it was better than Perplex - 10 and DNA - Sounds like a Melody. I only liked 2 songs out of each of those albums.

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i love the war remix!! c'mon guys... this is made for FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I agree.. the album is cheese.. but, I had some friends over the other night... played painted doves from the last album and some other full-on and they actually danced around.. then I elevated the set with alien mental and other 150bpm and half of them left lol soo....



in other words depending on who is reading this you either need this album or should never even hear a single sample




cept for the war remix!!! everyone should listen and smile.. seriously why not?????? its friggin WAR :posford:

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