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  1. yeah good review man.. i highly enjoyed the album.. a little more acidic than I thought it might be which is neither a plus or negative. I still think I like the first part of the trilogy the best. I hope soon I find the time to listen to all three in sequence on my nice hi-fi...... probably not though
  2. sounds cool on my laptop speakers.... I'd say your well on track for a year...... wish I could say the same for myself
  3. this shit is so raw I can't fathom what it would be like seeing tegma live..... my skin would evaporate and my bones would snap.. thanks for turning me on tegma!
  4. 5meohd

    Minilogue - Animals

    ^^ the beautiful difference in opinion! I would absolutely put this album on full blast on a bright and sun shiny day! I think this is what I would consider a mature statement in modern electronica... not that psytrance is for the imature.. but being that they already rocked that scene, wouldn't we be bitching if they had just followed psy trends?? instead they followed where electronica has went in there area-minimal techno-and proved that they can do it with soul and style!!!! I do agree there is a somber chilly (as in cold/ice) feeling to the album, possible directly related to my interpretation of the artwork, but sometimes in the heat of a summer day some ice cold beats will serve well!! thanks for making such a fantastic album! I must admit, I'm now realizing I need to get back to disc two as i've only heard it once so the above is to be considered for the first disc!
  5. yeah.. what the above poster said.. this album is AWESOME!! listen to it!!
  6. so good that when trying to add something to my evergrowing ableton dj set I can't pick just one... and typically I dont like to have more than one from an album............ DEF the best of all the recent free chillout stuff on ektoplazm.. well done!
  7. fuck... I wonder how much money they made off it?? a friend of mine drove like 11 hours to see them and said the opening dj was so bad, I was better.. and I suck really bad.. you would think any sane, respectable, SUCCESSFUL musician would have the common decency to provide there fans with good memorable shows.. or maybe they were banking on the fact that no one would care about the first act..... still to me it just proves what a couple of fucks they are.. I mean seriously its like they evolve like the rest of us.. they are getting old right?? then why does the music seem to be going backwards as far as the conceptual side goes.. like they are angry 10th graders again!! wtf?? I mean if they are going to expand to other genres and what not shouldn't they be moving forwards to more intelligent types of music and working with other artists that are talented?? lool at bluetech for instance........ Evan probably doesnt have a 256th of the amount of money and he goes to work with Steve Hillage one of the most influential psychedelic rock musicians of the 60's and 70's... theyre album isnt some in your face "were gonna turn the world on" shit..... but for those that care to be "turned on" it is BLISS true "metalheads" would FUCKING LAUGH at this shit.. go check out necrophagist' myspace..... or nile's myspace... thats metal.. fuck.. sorry just ranting cause I'm sick of people with power, experience, knowledge, talent turning into rich mindless fucks that just want there power, experience, knowledge, talent, and piggy bank to keep growing and growing and growing... not giving two shits about what they could be doing with all that power, experience, knowledge, talent and piggy bank contents!!!!!!!! i read once where someone posted something about the best thing ever coming from IM was the small percentage of kids who convert over and within months learn that there are young inspirational artists creating better sounds.. then abandoning IM all together. I AGREE but I do plan to give a remix a go.. everyone else should try to.... flipping one of these glamturds into a 160BPM horror fest should be FUN!!!!
  8. interesting opinion.. I rather like the sound of farts.. and sinewaves..
  9. 5meohd

    Heyoka - Gatecode

    psytellgibientglitchdubwhomphop http-~~-//www.discogs.com/image/R-1825046-1245989547.jpeg http-~~-//www.discogs.com/image/R-1825046-1245989381.jpeg In other words.. very very psychedelic dubstep. It wobble's, squeeks, rattles, and bleeps........ but best of all it makes my tummy feel warm and my mind feel blissful! I'm not good at doing track by track reviews so I'm just going to say that I love this entire album! Its intelligent enough to keep my attention all the way through.. yet it has that simplistic digital vibe that keeps it cohesive and helps me to understand what is going on production wise. The BPM's vary greatly but its pretty much all broken up with no 4 to the floor kicks...... so most of you may as well moooooooove on! It's also a little intense to be in the dubby chillout category so half of the rest of you may as well moooooooooove on! Oh your still here? Well great go right ahead and crank the PA up.. twist a phatty.. throw the dancin sneakers on and GET DOWN!!! but seriously though.. this record has a very unique feeling and I really think you should give it a go, especially if you hate dubstep! ps.. I dont know how to upload the images.. help?
  10. Boris Brejcha's album Mein Iche Whares... I think is how you spell it is the bomb.. yes.. the bomb!!!
  11. I can see where you would call it ambient... although I would really like to hear him produce a true downtempo song/release... that would be VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRY interesting to my ears.. also to recap and note to any new readers... I think this release is complex.. possibly not "musically" but rythmically.... or in terms of deep modulation/experimentation with the new mellinia of DAW's.. I'd be very interested to have the actual harddrive used to make this album.. i can feel/hear that I would look at the files and have no clue what the fuck was going on. in other words if your looking for trance that forces you to trance out.. maybe skip it. if your looking for chaotic mind manifesting darkness with fresh techniques... or well.. advanced from what was fresh on the last album.. then get it! I don't specifically put this record in to dance.. or to chill.. or to mix.. I put it in to analyse.. I listen to to technical death metal and progressive rock.. this is what music has become for me... something to learn about and ponder the technicality of its creation............ so the fact that it is psychedelic and danceable is only a PLUS!! so yeah it makes my stomach cringe... in a good way!
  12. thanks much friend! im actually really into kindzadza already.. really only have some comp. tracks of the others that never stood out, maybe have to get some full lengths! all though the melodic parts of this album are excellent indeed
  13. www.intellenoise.com is this not the mastering your looking for? when you said 1000 did that mean for one record? if so then vince should do you just fine basilisk! but maybe you are speaking of post-mastering? like for the REAL deal? hmm... probably not necessary for free psytrance! or maybe you mean 1000 for five releases in which vince is in the same ballpark... well either way i think he is doing a very good job on the records he has done.. and also to be a total dipshit and speak for him, you could shoot him some emails and maybe if you asked to hire him like indefenatly to do most of the ektoplazm records with giant banners for intellenoise then he may cut a deal? but i'm an american retard and only talk to him through email and perceive him as an extremely cool, nice guy, i could be way off and insulting his talent..... it is how he survives!!! but really you liked funked up so if you havent asked him already do it! and if you have pm me or something cause i'm just curious what the conclusion would have been.. i really admire his work, like everything... it seems that in the future he will be doing VERY big things! lol hopefully soon I will have an ep to give you! and I will pay for the mastering to be done by him!!!! keep an eye out :posford:
  14. This album is BOMB!! I heard his track on never ending story vol. 3 which i personally fucking love!!!!! and think is better than any of these... but alot of darkpsy comps are cool and then the full albums might not be as good.. but this shit, not being quite as good, is sooooo fricken worthy, man maybe I just missed the older darkpsy (just got into this stuff last yearish) but this "darkpsy" is where it is AT for me! I give it an -A
  15. man o man are we all different entities.... I feel that not only is this eat static most brilliant work.. but it is so powerful and so skillfully designed that it transcends the fact that making music on a computer is in all reality just a smidge easier than physically playing the instruments... I dont know if its because they really do alot of "acoustic" recording or if its just because the millions of little samples that are so perfectly placed for me... I can listen to this anytime anywhere and just become baffled at how bad I suck at making music.............. true most good albums do this.. but when I listen to LOTS of ambient/style records I can just imagine the few more steps i need to take in my productions.. or think like "yeah maybe in a year i can do this" ya know? but with back to earth I'm just left in confusion of the complexity............ which is def. my bag baby!!
  16. This comp kicks progressive ass!!! I'm starting to get very emotionally into minimal sounds.............
  17. yes! exactly! I mean this shit is fucking nuts... like the most chaotic music I have ever heard without being aaron funk! but then again its trance.. so I can easily put in the car stereo cruise to work and just trance the fuck out.... I completely think this is more mature than the last... maybe debut sounds better overall.. like groundbreaking....... but to me the same fucking genius took a few years of practice and lots of new ideas and made a tempo twisting, loop busting, trip starting album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A fucking plus! There is darkpsy.. and then there is russian 1930's mental hospital evil torture experimental psy! SSSSSIIIIIIIIIIICK!
  18. tons of singing by the way... and yes I beleive like I was mentioning there albums get worse as they go..... all though I think the track on the last album "discodelic" is a disgrace....................... I mean in my opinion the gateway to psytrance was like psychedelic rock and prog rock like steve hillage and king crimson then brian eno doing his thing... then you take that mix it with some techno drums and bam.. goa.. sorta but disco! come on! since when did sluts and cocaine have anything to do with the mind manifest? fuckin dipshits... fuck dna.. everytime i think of that song i think... FUCK... D.. N.. A.. no offense to any disco dancing coke heads
  19. I'm not really a HUGE fan of goa trance but with this album I can see what the big deal is... nice one filteria!
  20. I totally think its special... I happen to be in my first few months of producing electronic music so I admit this has a huge impact on my impression of music, like if I am trying to learn how to sequence something.. and then bam the new bluetech album has these tones and effects 100fold and with a "I can not only hear, but feel as well that he made each spec, blip, noise, hit, sound himself" aspect as well... then to me it = OMG! I also went back and listened to the other albums again... personally I think they happen to get better as they go! But this is the wonderful world of the human mind...... so individual! good job Evan! now give us an epic live record that takes us on a perfect flowing journey on one single disc through all your styles and side projects... and yes pleeeeease get Steve Hillage on stage, my father and I will travel however far to see this happen!!!!! p.s. one day 3 years ago working in the dusty cabinet shop my father showed me steve hillage's album "green" dubbed on a cassette, this was the singlular moment in time where i decided to get into "psychedelic music". just mindblowing!
  21. This album rocks, I think it is a great style of trance... that perfect fast pumping MOTIVATING SMILING trance... and if there is cheddar... well I guess I like cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. I hope more people d/l the T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi comp ... I had the pleasure of having my first psy party experience where Dragon played..... the show was so unforgetable.. one of those weekends that is so good it makes the rest of life loading boxes into trucks damn near suicidal.. luckily there is ableton! and ektoplazm! and psynews! :clapping:
  23. I really disagree about the androcell being repetitive.... in fact I said the same thing about another psy album on this forum, crazy ducks newest, ALL PSY CAN BE REPETITIVE... it is called TRANCE for a reason lol. ..on that note Efflorescence has moved the heads of anyone who has been blessed to hear it on my stereo.. metalheads, skater punks, even my dad who only gets arroused by Frank Zappa and Dream Theater. If we are worried about repetitiveness (word?) then why are we listening to trance? Honestly I can't think of any album I've ever heard that didn't have some repetition.. cause music is music.. maybe ghost reveries by Opeth or Tool's 10,000 Days I wonder what the members of said bands would think of androcell and jikkenteki!!!??? someone should ask
  24. Thanks for shopping with us online! damn.. you all should be paid.. i just put it on the plastic because of this single thread................ oh and the fact that when it was supposed to come out i had a decent job and was ready to buy day and date... ...the suspense! p.s. I have yet to hear the samples
  25. Boris Brejcha - Mein Wahres Ich Noisia - Stigma Vinyl Bassnectar - newer mp3's "heads up" "art of revolution" Kode Six - Kold Fuzion cause i might get to see one of em live!!
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