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  1. 1. Communicate (8:00) 2. War - Low Rider (Save The Robot Rmx) (7:26) 3. So Real (7:32) 4. Let it Play (6:04) 5. What The Funk (6:16) 6. Feel Like a Star (7:19) 7. I Care (7:41) 8. Robotz (6:57) 9. Dreamcatcher (7:44) 10. She Came (6:07) Let me start off by saying that if you like psytrance and anything related to it ,you will not like this album. I like it, but it's kinda hard to say why. At least it's not the same reasons why I love psytrance. I'm under the impression that Save the Robot is a collaboration between Alien Project and Quadra. Thus, the production sounds excellent (plastic) and the build ups are agressive (too long) as hell. The music itself is incredibly cheesy. Cheesy as in I'm-eating-cheddar-while-bathing-in-fondue cheesy. And believe me, this album has it all. Overly long build ups, vocals (female and male), electric guitars, samples from known pop-songs (Fatboy Slim - "Star 69" and the other presumeably from Moloko) and of course a remix of a 1970's funk hit. But don't get me wrong. It's not bad. Not bad at all. It just takes a lot of tolerance from the listener. There are some great melodies and feelings in the songs. Also the atmosphere on the whole album is very positive and I've been loving the uplifting feeling it has. I get bored with this kind of music easily, but it just cheers me up to listen to something like this once in a while. Oh my, with all the melodies and stuff going on! :drama: Favorites: 6, 3, 10 & 5
  2. A very fresh sounding and funky album. It's much more like an entity and has a lot more positivity in it. This one's gonna be wearing my shoes out for quite a while :posford:
  3. An excellent album. Pretty chill but still cannot be categorized as chill as there are some pretty rough moments. Also, the sample in the middle of Elephant Machine is finnish. It sounds pretty weird even for a native, but it says something like: "The last time I left my home, my father stomped his feet" Wonder where the guys got that from
  4. I was devastated when I heard the song... Despite their newest album, they still were my heroes... but this. LATIN POP ROCK!?!?!? just what the hell are they thinking!? this doesn't work at any level (maybe when you're overdosing on e at their live gig, but only maybe) I'm very dissappointed. If they want to go pop, Sub6 & Michele Adamson are doing it way better than this.
  5. Infected Mushroom is going to play a live set in Sweden along with several other bands on a festival called "Arvika". More information can be found on http://www.arvikafestivalen.se that is, if you can read swedish I'm planning to go there since i'm a huge IM fan and would appreciate any additional information about this happening. I know it's not the best place to see IM, beacause there are pop artists like Annie and New Order in the lineup, but for me this is a rare opportunity to see IM live, since I don't have the money for a trip to Israel.
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