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  1. this album is a SUPERB debut.....unbelieveable.....a strong candidate for album of the year so far.
  2. i downloaded this to see if it was worth buying....and boy am i glad i did....such disappointment from the first album. While the first album was insane fullon(which i know gets a lot of flack on this site) and full of energy and bordering on aggressive....this album sounds hollow.
  3. UNBELIEVABLE TRACK!!!!! please check your messages...i must have this!!!
  4. thanks guys i am checking out each and everyone of these suggestions!!!
  5. good question. More in the ARE YOU SHPONGLED? vein.
  6. Thank you very much......i'll definitely check them out
  7. I've been listening to my Shpongle collection for the past few days....and aside from the occasional ambient track here and there on my cd's, I would like to get some psychedelic ambient. But not just chill music, highly psychedelic. Can i get some recomendations? Thanks in advance guys!
  8. over here in California, U.S. it takes about a week or so, not too bad
  9. Cosmosis....hahaha.... if i have to pick....Astral Projection for sure
  10. Yeah i agree....the GMS remix is GRRRREAT!!!! I just ordered the vinyl the other day
  11. i have the vinyl ep and i've played at least one song (out of the 4) the last few parties i've played since i've got it....it fuckin rocks and gets the crowd movin' like mad!!!
  12. i think it's a great album and i nice showmanship of today's sounds on yesterday's top quality songs. I just got this cd recently too....about 3 months ago and i love it!!!!!
  13. Oh shit!!! I left out GMS!!!! I need to go change like 4 different board posts!!! Thanks for the look out
  14. Alright people....brand new mix.....now here it is for your downloading pleasure!!! Prepare your ears AND your brains for the psychedelic beauty and madness.....all neurons will be fireing at once!!! TRAPPED IN A DREAM <~~~DOWNLOAD Tracklist: 1. Intro - Fall, Marion Barfs 2. GMS - Juice By GMS 3. Hypersonic - Every Single Sound 4. Space Tribe - The Alkaloid Experiment 5. GMS - Arabian Knights On Mescaline 6. 1200 Mics - Garden Of Eden 7. Bullet Proof - Blue Monday 8. Cosmosis - Howling At The Moon 9. Slinky Wizard - Lunar Juice (Hallucinogen's Moon Strudel Mix) 10. X.I.S. - Shadows And Flashes 11. Prana - Taiyo(Chakra Remix) 12. Astral Projection - Time Began With The Universe(The End Of Time Mix) 13. C.P.U. - Skynet 14. Semuta - Storm Coming 15. C.P.U. - Computer Error 16. Outro - Summer, Hope Overture TRAPPED IN A DREAM <~~~DOWNLOAD
  15. I'll be seeing him this weekend in Los Angeles, California.... I'll let you guys know how he does
  16. full price!!! hahahaha...... if they didn't have samples....i would have waited awhile for it to pop up on SOULSEEK....download it and decide from there....but there's no way in hell i would pay full price for 4 songs.
  17. downloading all the rest....this is some awesome music!!! I'm surprised you're having a hard time getting it released. these will definitely get play time in my sets/mixes!! Thank you very much!!!!
  18. Downloading riot fuel right now.....my download speed is fine. It says it should take 2 minutes to download.
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