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Your favourite VSTs

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Albino 2-3



Absynth 3-4

FM 8











Waves Diamond Bundlle

Wave Arts Power Suite 5 >>> good for mastering :P

dBlue Glitch 1.3

EPhonic LOFI

Camel (Crusher, Space, Phat3)


MgTrigger Gate


my favs


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impOSCar (fucked up sounds you can do with that is amazing)

ABL2 (I could not live without it)

Native Instruments Massive (Phat, both for sound and your CPU)

reFX Nexus (Really nice basses, but not as good as Trilogy imo)

Rob Papens Predator (since I discovered it, I can not live without it either)


those are the top ones, that I use in almost every track that I make (not all of them of course at once, but most of them)

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My favs in no particular order (weeell maybe in some order :P):


Tera 3 (i can make awesome pads with this baybe!!)

Crystal (this has to be the most awesome free vst that ive ever used)

Vanguard (Ver 1.1.2 and 1.7, they don't handle the presets the same way so i can't use the 1.7 on earlier projects)


STS 21

PSP VintageWarmer2


Sonitus Fx: Suite <3

Wavearts Suite

Cakewalk Velocity (An ancient DX sampler, but i luv it :))

EVM UltraSonique


There's lots other but i just cant remember right now, too many to list :D

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I find it rather good, for some things. The loops that comes with it is very well produced, but very hard to apply any of my projects. So I mostly use it for "one-shots".

Tell us more about it.. Im interested too.. I dont care for the loops that come with it.. Is it good for remixing as they say?


And techno how is that chameleon?

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I think the name "RMX" is more related to the new engine they applied to the plug after the original Stylus release. Liek, its Stylus 2.0 but they wanted to be a little cool and put RMX as RMX are very cool letters.


Honestly, the plug-in is not as flexible as I wish for. If it had an virtual-analog part and it was easier to design own kits, then it would have been a lot more interesting. I spent 3000 SKR (a little more than 300 euro) on it, and maybe if I had the choice today, I would have bought a couple of other plugins instead. Like CamelSpace and ABP. Never the less, I am saving up money to be able to buy the Trilogy and Atmospehere (in the same series) once they 1) get updated, 2) get REAL support for OSX+Intel.

you wont get dissapointed with them :D


I am "TRYING" the sample moog, and I am a bit so and so about it, so I will wait and see if it gets any better samples later...

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