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  1. predator vanguard albino absynth discovery z3ta+
  2. i guess all solo artists feel they can be much better with a partner.....so do i....my midi sequencing skills r better than my sampling skills n it's the opposite for a friend of mine....we had collaborated 1ce....but he's 2 busy to meet up nowadays....so i'm now tryin to take a break in producing and rather spend a month only experimenting on sampling and synthesis...n so after an experimental month, i shall be ready with fresh sounds :drama:
  3. hey mirek, i guess u should try n make this label more official....get what i'm sayin....jus a suggestion u know
  4. lol then i must say its got an inbuilt arpeggiator function or somethin.... :wank: i'd love 2 have 1 like that :drama:
  5. nah...no luck...but anyways, i spoke to the edirol service center out here...n since my k/b is in warranty period, they said they'll give me a free service...but thanks anyways for your help every1
  6. i have an intel core2duo, 1gb ram, 1.6 ghz, i use the default driver...but i dont think its a pc issue coz whenever i press a note or tweak a controller it shows on my midi k/b screen...n it takes the same time to show the info on my the screen of my k/b also
  7. i have an edirol pcr-m30....n some of my keys take a hell lot of of time to respond...n this latency keeps increasing day by day....first was the 'D#1' note then the 'F2' then the 'Ab2'....does anybody have an idea what seems to to be the problem ???
  8. this is an old track of mine reworked....its called 'full power' n as the name says, its fullon morning...open 4 any coments and suggestions......here's the link:acidplanet cheers!!!
  9. my music is nature oriented...in a trip, u often get stuck at a particular site for eg. a weird lookin tree or somethin n while u're gazing at it, think of the numerous sounds that r ringing in your head...when u go into your sudio...try to think of those same sounds...well i get my inspiration by setting the mood...when i'm out in the evening with friends, i smoke a joint or 2, by the time i get a downer, i'm already home, in my studio, with a/c on full, i switch off the lights, i have a small lamp which changes colours (really trippy) i put it on...n boom...i'm on...i like to have my room cl
  10. finally...my name's on a compilation...thanks a lot cosmic flower
  11. hey cosmic flower....greetings!!!.....here's a track that i had created long time back and i guess it needs to be released...so here's the link:annihilation it's morning psytrance with some oldskool riffs P.S.:- there r also some more tracks on this page:acidplanet so feel free to check them out n plz lemme know which 1 u like n which deserves to be on the compilation cheers!!!!
  12. i also like rob papen's predator.......the name says it all......a masterpiece i must say
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