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Sattel Battle - SoundsCool [Gi'iwa]


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Artist: Sattel Battle

Album: Sounds Cool

Label: Gi’iwa Productions


Sonic-energy.net: http://www.sonic-energy.net/core/content/view/329/2/


01.Sounds Cool


03.Rabel Rabel

04.Sratim Metzuyarim

05.Work in Space

06.Hey Hop

07.Ghat Whore



10.2 Step Chase

11.Fuck It

12.24 Shots

13.Sky Divers


Elad Weinberg is one adaptable feller, building his name with the monikers Tsabeat and Sattel Battle steadily throughout the years. Tsabeat has made rounds before with Doof, Vertigo, Mistress of Evil, Parvati and Zaikadelic amongst others. On the sphere of night-time influences, his work stands well on it’s own, but we won’t dwell on that side today. Let’s talk about funky tunes, inspired on the semi-soumi side of things, including breaks and retro lines in the Gi’iwa flair, without forgetting the old console games, otherwise it might just not be cult enough these days.


Sounds Cool is supposed to be the highlight here as the album name indicates, but it feels like a well polished intro. Fresh beats, crispy lines in the nightmare before x-mas style, and slow developments along the way. Here’s the real kicker, it’s really melodic, magical, enchanted but never really sweet-toothed… and we don’t want cavities now, do we?


DoSomethingWithYourLife is one my highlights, probably because of that infectious bass, but rest of the track engrains every bit to the break-beat style so well, the end result is worth a listen.


Rabel Rebel sounds like a strange kid of the 80’s and the synth’s make it hard to refute. It feels slightly too retro in that awkward way I would rather not remember, even if the percussion alone makes for an amazing track. Shame on the mastering though.


Sratim Metzuyarim is a noisy homage to Tim Robbins’ spooky/ magical vision. Inside, layers of synth duels battle melodic tugs on one side, and musical Dadaism on the other. Let’s not forget the little bells and you have one strange mother.


Work In Space starts getting a bit more down to business with the type of beats we expect from this act, accompanied by an appropriate level of effects manipulation through voices and other cute embellishments. In between the madness, Elad finds time to sneak a cheeky line from the old school wave, but is so well disguised in the mechanical flow of delays and effects, it hardly sounds out place for a spugedelic fan. This is still very much retro camp, but is quite interesting at that.


Hey Hop takes a detour through some funked up panoramas inspired on future-past, with guitar bits and the whole riled up figure of organic accompaniments that had gone amiss this far. Wretch the whole thing up and slice it with the manic Sattel treatment, until it’s wobbly enough to bark. Lighthearted and entertaining slack.


Ghat Whore is downright brilliant. By this point of the album things have loosened up from retro on to the simply strange. Gi’iwa juice. At every corner you look there’s a different door leading to wacky netherworlds conveying dirty, filthy, motion. This is the kind of stuff I had been expecting.


Strangless brings back some of that Caribbean Cruise style that to me ears just falls flat as a sonic cliché. The whole thing moves past that quite quickly, razing through myriad themes and moods. At the end I keep thinking this is how a wedding would sound, if I decided to show up spangled on DMT and way too much cheap champagne. I want to hate it (and I do most of the times) but it’s definitely funny.


Homegrown -as we all know- is the good shit. Think hydro and we are getting close to the idea. Once again, this is funked up, twisted to the core style I enjoy the most. Fucked up trance with a few melodic lines barely scrapping the surface of this never-ending whaler.


2 Step chase is in deed, about the beat structure and the bass line arrangement driving through tumultuous surroundings of warped slippery notes. A very convincing finale with a melodic climax. It’s uplifting, it’s worth the money.


Fuck it, is the original version of the track Ex Uus remixed for Musica Discordia. The main differences are clearly the jumpy bass and refined synth treatment. You will still hear the glissandi backbone to hold the track together and it sounds just as good as the previous version, with noticeable but slight changes.


24 shots starts slowing things down to the kind of style we begun, the BPM counter is definitely going down and the funk without the big thunk is the main highlight. Nothing much to add from what has been stated before. A little droning overall for my taste, but this is nearly lounge material with the classy percussion treats and careful arrangement.


Sky Divers produced with Roi Cohen, offer the most complex beat of the lot, to the point where I don’t even know what the fuck it is. I’m not even sure where to categorize it. It smells fresh, it works and there’s good reason to think there might be something new here…


Big Bang is the hidden track at minute ten : something. Make no mistake, this perverted country type of thing -with the Arabian night's stuck between- serves to line dance and is intended for shits and giggles mostly.


SoundsCool ends up being a full ride and not just a collection of tracks, but I guess any good album should be exactly that these days. I won’t fall into the cliché, but the music inside is quite refreshing. Almost to the point where I would say it was sorely needed in our small pie of musical works. Sattel Battle, has comfortably placed itself in a niche that borrows influences from retro Atari sounds, Suomi, twisted trance, funked up mashes and god knows what else, to do something new with it. I don’t know you, but in my view that should be recognized… a little ingenuity, a fair amount of skill to make it work, and a lot of balls to try out new things where most dare not.

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this one is worth checking out !!!!


It's funky, funny ...


very clean production lots of acid riffs and melodies, one of the best albums I 've heard in a while ... perfect morning music but I didn't expect less from gi'iwa !!



best tracks (5 6!! 7! 9! 10!, the very last one )

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Im really happy about this one, a good start for Gi'iwa's artist albums!


Full of crispy sounds and funky rythms, that puts a smile on my lips. (As RAH already said) this album has a really good journey within, a good flow with good variety (imho)... I always end up bounching in my chair listing to this (if im sitting that is) as Im dragged into his weird world of mindbending sounds, alien constructions and bubbling creations... this really goes to my bones ;) (and make'em move :P )

Well good job Sattle Battle... this release actually ended up beeing better than I expected, and I expected quite a lot. :)

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Sounds very suomisaundi, surprising to find he's from Isreal... then again there's also Exuus so might me a trend going on with the spugadelic infection spreading... definitely a good thing :) Funky, acidic, slightly melodic... was really looking forward to it and I'm glad it didn't disappoint! Gi'iwa is the future...

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This is an AWESOME album. No tracks (except 13) go far over 6 minutes. Most are 5. All of them are SEGUED. Yes, a psytrance album that is really properly segued, and not just with some crossfaded pads and effects. Once one track is over, the next one immediately follows it. This is not your average 77-minute 11 7-minute track album which, inevitably, is difficult to sit through in one go.


Lots of great melodies and leads everywhere, and cool breakdowns. Ah, Safi Connection would be proud. :) Work In Space is the best track, without question - it's fucking unstoppable, with a series of instantly memorable lead melodies. When that final squelchy acid riff comes in towards the end, I dare you to not get up and dance your arse off. But a lot of other tracks have great lead riffs and basslines: Sounds Cool, Fuck It, Rabel Rebel, Sratim Metzuyarim, and 2 Step Chase.


Ghat Whore and Strangeless suck though. People who complain that Safi is cheesy and actually find THESE tracks listenable need a kick up the arse. These two tracks are ruined by VERY obnoxious "lead" sounds (right at the start of Ghat, for example), and neither of them really have any memorable leads in the first place. Ghat has a really dumb two-note bassline throughout, and what the HELL is going on with that country loop that plays at 3:24? It's idiotic, not even funny. Strangeless starts off better with an ascending lead and bassline, but at about 1:40 some really silly strings come in - and what the hell is going on with those trumpets at 3:00? The hidden bonus track at the end of the album is even worse, bloody terrible in fact.


I'm only pointing out these two weaker tracks because they are the exception to the norm: skip them - everything else is great GREAT fun and is such a welcome reprieve from all the endless generic full-on artists that still appear these days.

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I liked the two Gi'iwa compilations (well, I like Schizm quite better), but I think this album is too uneven to warrant a positive recommendation. Most of the tracks are busy without actually being interesting in terms of ideas. Some decent tracks like 6 and 7.




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Sattel Battle – Sounds Cool


Posted Image


Hi-res cover: front


Artist: Sattel Battle (Israel)

Title: Sounds Cool

Format: CD (jewel case)

Label: Gi'iwa Productions (Australia)

Cat. #: GPCD 003

Distribution: Arabesque

Date: January 2007


Track listing:


01. 05’40” Sounds Cool

02. 04’47” Dosomethingwithyourlife

03. 04’59” Rabel Rebel

04. 05’18” Sratim Metzuyarim

05. 05’07” Work In Space

06. 05’22” Hey Hop

07. 05’13” Gnat Whore

08. 04’41” Strangless

09. 05’09” Homegrown

10. 05’32” 2 Step Chase

11. 06’16” Fuck It

12. 06’14” 24 Shots

13. 06’40” Sky Divers + hidden after 4 minutes of silence: 04’34” Untitled Track (Big Bang)


Stream: http://tinyurl.com/2ola8n (all tracks!)




Glow stick repellent


Last year saw the resurrection of Australia’s Gi’iwa Production which finally surfaced again after a lengthy hiatus with their enthralling, genrebending Musica Discordia compilation. One of the most important compilations of 2006.


Elad Weinberg from Israel (Tsabeat) catapulted into the scene with his infectious, suomi-saundi track Dotman off the legendary debut Gi’iwa release Schizm released back in 2004. Since then his only Sattel Battle output were the two wacked-out gems on last year’s Musica Discordia + a bunch of releases under his darkpsy moniker Tsabeat. I’ve always preferred his wackier, more uplifting Sattel Battle style and ever since I found out about this debut album I’ve been excited…


Let me take you thru the tracks…


#01: Sounds Cool [138 BPM]

The opening track is a smooth little groover – rich in laidback, electro-jazzy flavour… Uplifting synth melodies are paired with both string-arrangements and harmonic, enchanting atmospheres… It’s some kind of weird mixture of bubblegum hentai-pop and edgy electronica. Lush, but not a stand-out..


#02: Dosomethingwithyourlife [140 BPM]

How many times have your parents/girl- or boyfriend uttered this line to you? Yeah, I thought so – same here. The actual choon opens with an echoing sample about quantum mysticism which resonates throughout the track “We are here to infiltrate space with ideas and mansions of thought. We are here to make something of this life!” Oh yeah, this is where the fun begins! As from out of nowhere the track explodes into a frantic, pounding piece of nocturnal trance… Ripping, shredding psytrance with one well-thought-out passage after another… The old-school acid-lines pay homage to the 303-tracks of the past in the best way imaginable. Fantastic track!


#03: Rabel Rebel [146 BPM]

And here’s the Bowie tribute… As the many tributes before it, this track hails relentless, in-your-face punk rock… In Sattel Battle’s version that’s done with analogue synths, hardcore guitar riffs and old-school computer game samples… That may sound cheesy on paper, but Elad has managed to piece it all together in a way that I cannot help but adore… Rock on! Great!


#04: Sratim Metzuyarim [145 BPM]

“Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt this program to bring you important news!” The unpronounceable next opus marks a return to the fluffier, more wacky bubblegum pseudo-pop style - similar to that of the title track… Complete with a ton of whistles, bells and so on. The level of experimentation is still pretty high and psychedelia is lurking just below the surface making this track an interesting experience…


#05: Work In Space [145 BPM]

Another musical u-turn here, as Elad fuses breaks, space-jazz, old-school Amiga music and of course psychedelic trance… The Finnish/Australian style is similar to the style he first introduced us to on the Schizm complation 3 years ago… Deeply experimental, but it works and never gets pretentious… Dancing to it though, is a challenge.


#06: Hey Hop [149 BPM]

“You are now beginning a Grand Circle tour of Tomorrowland aboard the Peep-Peep, the first system of its kind in the world”. And now it’s time for some patented Sattel Battle dementia. This is a sonic whirlwind of unprecedented proportions… Tripped out samples, tweaked rhythms, beats, breakz and a ton of other crazy FX… All stirred well in this amazing tour de force of perverted muzak… Phat digital entertainment at its most non-linear.


#07: Gnat Whore [150 BPM]

The next track quickly picks up the pace – it is teeth-grinding tech-trance from the start, and the high-pitched, full-on industrial-slash-gabba’esque style continues all the way through… Fast, raw and totally psychedelic hybrid-trance which will grab you by the gonads and keep you at the edge of sanity… Phew, what a rush! I’m totally digging it!


#08: Strangless [150 BPM]

Next up is a more ethereal piece of experimental sauna-trance… A groovy, yet pounding rhythm section lays the basis for some seriously fast-paced psychedelia… The ethnic world-music is blatantly kliché, but it makes perfect sense in this equation… The same is true with the unexpected tribal bits, the cheesy jazz-pop and the tons of other nifty little detours… On the verge of being a little too random, but it still has great qualities.


#09: Homegrown [149 BPM]

Ah, the joys of quality homegrown… This is another melting pot frenzy consisting of bizarre tricks, demented turns and an endless amount of electronic farts + digital burps… The old weirdness-meter has been cranked up to maximum volume and this is where it starts to get too damn weird for my taste… Holy shit!


#10: 2 Step Chase [150 BPM]

The demented antix continue unhindered on the next piece of sonic suomistyge… Highly experiMENTAL stuff that morphs from one musical reference point to the direct opposite – and back again, merging all kinds of freaky FX… Not as wacko as the previous track, and as such I prefer this… The most obvious shroom companion thus far. Wikkid!


#11: Fuck It [148 BPM]

“This is the sound that blows your mind!” Yeah, fuck it! Time to get down to the nitty-gritty and space out to a totally wobbly, yet dreamy track… This is dirty, funk-ridden eleKtroniKa with a grotesque, carnival-theme running throughout … Extremely fast-paced, though keeping a consistent pace and flow… And totally danceable too for the experienced trance-dancer. Quite thrilling… I like it!


#12: 24 Shots [144 BPM]

Next up is a yet another hybrid. This time Elad pours an inhumane amount of electro into the mix, leaving us with a bubbly, playful piece of wobbly trance… Tight percussion, subtle bass and rich instrumentation in the strangest of ways… Eerie, maximal trance which is bound to turn a few heads in either disgust or utter ecstacy. Yikes!


#13: Sky Divers [138 BPM]

The last ‘real’ track is Sky Divers which is a pretty nasty combination of evil downbeat and ethereal weirdo-trance…That’s meant as a compliment, mind you. Again the experimentation level is very high and it all ends in total bliss there towards the end. Brilliant.


+ hidden after 4 minutes of silence

# 04’34” Untitled Track (Big Bang)

The bonus track cracks me up every single time. This is so unbelievably grotesque that I don’t even know where to begin. Imagine a barn-dance where someone spiked the lemonade with DMT. Imagine Pikachu playing at this gig. His own remix of The Specials’ Ghost Town which he did on his Amiga 500 after a 3 week acid binge. That’s exactly how this track sounds. Genious.


Another fine Gi’iwa release draws to a close after the dramatic, side-splittingly funny bonus track. I like most of the stuff here – Elad manages to walk the tightrope between sheer excellence and bizarro-schranz like few others. A couple of the tracks didn’t agree with me, but they were scarce and more than outnumbered by the many brilliant tracks. Versatility is also a keyword here, as Elad ensures maximum attention from the listeners by never taking the easy way out or retorting to predictability. The sheer, eclectic force of this album makes it an a very interesting acquaintance alone – and the many stand-out tracks makes it even more kick-ass. The lush, urban artwork by Jason Hueman & T-Bone is the icing on the cake.


To sum up: A very fine debut album by Elad. Eclectic as always from Gi’iwa Production – and with enough depth to keep open-minded fans of versatile trance entertained for a long time… Picky neo full-on purists need to look elsewhere though… This is glowstick repellent. The rest of us will treasure this for a long time. Enjoy!


Favourites: 2(!!), 3, 6(!), 7(!), 10, 11, 12 + the hidden track (!!)



Posted Image


External links:

Gi’iwa Productions: http://www.giiwa.com

Sattel Battle: http://www.myspace.com/sattelbattle

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/release/879531

Saiko Sounds: http://tinyurl.com/38emw9

Beatspace: http://tinyurl.com/2urzdu

Wirikuta: http://tinyurl.com/334kn3

Psyshop: http://tinyurl.com/2phg4o

PsyBuy: http://tinyurl.com/32y53a

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To sum up: A very fine debut album by Elad. Eclectic as always from Gi’iwa Production – and with enough depth to keep open-minded fans of versatile trance entertained for a long time… Picky neo full-on purists need to look elsewhere though… This is glowstick repellent. The rest of us will treasure this for a long time. Enjoy!

Very much in agreement with you here, DP. This is an awesome album. Apart from the terrible bonus track, and the pretty offensive leads on Ghat Whore and Strangless, this is one of the very best, most creative and unique psytrance albums I've heard in AGES. Shame that there are so many picky neo full-on purists on this forum, really. <_<


Edit: And yes, one of the best album covers in years.

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Love it!

Something different in this identikit make an album world we live in!

It does sound cool. & although I think the cover & titles are a bit shit the music is what's important & that's great!

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thanks for the reviews ppl :D


especially chis! hype and woo-har is great, but its always interesting to hear criticisms too.

thanks for the feedback.



I think the cover .... a bit shit


would you prefer generic computer-gen fractal psy art next time? :P



Sienis album out April 27!!! :wub:

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Very much in agreement with you here, DP. This is an awesome album. Apart from the terrible bonus track, and the pretty offensive leads on Ghat Whore and Strangless, this is one of the very best, most creative and unique psytrance albums I've heard in AGES. Shame that there are so many picky neo full-on purists on this forum, really. <_<


Edit: And yes, one of the best album covers in years.

I think that bonus track fits perfectly there mate... ;) Its just got to be there imo, a perfect weird ending.... biga big bang!

And I actually think that Ghat Whore and Strangeness are two very important tracks here adding some "real" funky-mind-blend cookies into the pot, for me its fits *like a glove*!

But thats also one thing about this release I like, I have a feeling that its not made to please everybody, its just too weird and experimental for that.... and that actually when I feel psy-trance works best, when its not "trying to please" but to have fun... :)


ED: Like that sound taken from Evolution - Warriors Of Light in 2 Step Chase... nice little detail... ;)

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w00t! nice to see some debate! :D



from psyreviews:


Welp, this is certainly the goods. Sattel Battle’s sound is frenetic, pacey, mayhem-trance with more disparate influences than I can even begin to count.


There’s oldskool goa, Brazilian samba, Jazz, Funk, HipHop, Turntablism… all of it packed up into this far-reaching psychedelia that’s nothing short of delightful.


Strangless is massive, Rabel Rabel is tricky picky skippy, Homegrown and 2 Step Chase take the sonic piss, and Stratim Metzuyarim takes shimmering, kaleidoscopic trance to the next level. Sky Divers is a beautiful bit of trance, and once you think it’s closed the album in style there’s a glorious closing track that sounds like Madness doing a psychedelic polka in the lounge bar of the Holiday Inn somewhere on Mars. Well, you had to ask me.


It may be a bit much in high doses to warrant spendig that much time with it, but the intricacy, the passion, the quirk and the sheer volume of ideas make this a pretty awesome little album.




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8!!! thats ridiculous :P It surely needs a 9 or a 10 :D


well he gave KoxBox last album 10 for being innovative :blink:


Well this is surely innovative music as well and much more fun and inspirational to listen tooimo:D

Many of the recent Psyreviews comment are :blink: !

I agree with you, 10/10 for KoxBox boring shit and 8/10 for this one? LOL!

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Posted Image

Sattel Battle

Sounds Cool

Gi'iwa Productions

Jan 2007




1 Sounds Cool (5:41)

2 Dosomethingwithyourlife (4:48)

3 Rabel Rabel (4:59)

4 Sratim Metzuyarim (5:19)

5 Work In Space (5:08)

6 Hey Hop (5:22)

7 Ghat Whore (5:13)

8 Strangless (4:42)

9 Homegrown (5:09)

10 2 Step Chase (5:32)

11 Fuck It (6:16)

12 24 Shots (6:15)

13 Sky Divers (+ 4 minutes silence + bonus track) (15:15)


I bought this early this year after hearing how refreshingly different it was & how it was not just your identikit trance that is so popular nowadays. My first impression was, yeah it was different but it didn't get much play time & I totally forgot about it. After buying Sienis - From A Nutter Perspective, I gave this another try as it was on the same record label & it was so much better than I remembered. Fresh, yes. Different, Yes. Weird, Yes.


From the opening track Sounds Cool we are transported to a futuristic medieval fun land. The melody puts me in minds of a medieval jousting match performed & watched by robots.


Dosomethingwithyourlife meanwhile gives us a nice squelchy bassline. Gi'iwa artists really seem to know how to make basslines interesting and this one hums nicely, prominent but not overtaking the track allowing the acid lines here to show just how good they are.


The more melodius Rabel Rabel actually uses video game samples which could have been disastrous but combined with the excellent synths and the amazing subtle but moving bassline he's managed to make a great track. Fun but not annoying after repeated listens.


Sratim Metzuyarim has an other worldly melody that reminds me of Principles of Flight - Nighttime Lullabies in it's fairy tale feel & could easily have been on that album. This is a little squelchier than PoF though & this track twists & turns more in a shorter space of time but just as wacky throughout.


I'm not sure what to make of Work In Space, it's bouncy & fun with synths right out of old computer games, it sounds. The melody seems oddly familiar but my main gripe in this is the bassline is not up to the usual standards. Very pedestrian bassline saved by the fact that it doesn't intrude too much on the track. Still I expect more now from basslines thanks to Gi'iwa.


Hey Hop is a welcome return to well played basslines. The melody is played as a bassline giving it a lot of danceable energy. The sounds are experimental weirdness all the way through without any of it making sense but it all coming together in a way that really works for me.


Ghat Whore is reaching the top of the energy stakes. It's got a high BPM of 150 along with synths & snare rolls to add to my brain shaking. This is one of those tracks that it seems impossible not to move to in some way. I'm sitting now, writing this but my heads going & I have a big smile on my face. The slight intrusion of some country melody is quirky & brief enough to be enjoyably funny. Weird twisted stuff which I love.


Keeping up the energy Strangless is quite a random track with a lot of sounds going on. I'm not sure what to make of the leading melody at the start or the little melody at the breakdowns that continue sporadically through the next few minutes, but the acid like synths at the start are wonderful as are the squelchy sounds in the latter part. Not the best track on the album but pretty enjoyable anyway.


Homegrown has another infectious bassline that makes me move involuntarily and is surrounded by crazy ass sounds. Definitely in the out there section of music. Crazy melody in the final run sounds pretty cool too.


We are getting into my favourite section of the album with 2 Step Chase which has a lot of weird randomness at the start & a bassline that twists around noises from hyperspace but it's the acid melody here that just stabs at my brain with an ice pick. When it comes in for the second time it's lower & ends being played by the bass. Fantastic track.


Fuck It carries on very well where 2 Step Chase left off. Squelchy noises sound like the dripping of hyperspace & the bassline is another bouncy one moving like a melody. The melodious sounds themselves become more prominent through the middle section & form slowly into another ice pick of a melody stabbing seratonin into my brain with each pass. A very funky track, perfect for dancing. The squelchy, spacey final run is my favourite part of this album :D


We slow down a little with 24 Shots which isn't that great when compared to the rest of the album. Quite Electro & the bassline is pedestrian again which is a bit boring but like before it doesn't take over the track. There are a lot of sounds here & it's a bit too much in the old headphones & a bit ignorable on the stereo and overall a bit too electro.


Sky Divers starts off slowed right down & you think it's going to be an ambient number to end with but the beat kicks in it's a crunchy one at that. More lethargic than anything else, it plods along in amiable fashion. The final part is magnificent though with everything coming together in a climactic yet reserved way. Ethereal female vocals twisted into some sort of underworld cry end the track in a dark but beautiful fashion.


Bonus Track

Hahaha, what the fuck is this? Psychedelic polka? Crazy funny & worthy of being a hidden track. Fits with Sattel Battel's style but divorced from the rest of the album. Hilariously bouncing with weird ass noises. As music goes this would be too weird to put on the album without it getting annoying but it's a fun little bonus. This is out there-off the wall-brains pulled out through the eyeballs sort of stuff.



All in all this is one energetic, weird (in an interesting not annoying way) & it sounds really cool. Cover & track titles aside this is quality through & through. This is really shaping up to be one of my favourite albums of this year. Each track is pretty short, all being around 5 or 6 minutes each but as they flow into each other like a journey album it doesn't matter as the music progresses throughout the album. The music gets faster & stranger as we go along & when the pace drops at the end the weirdness just gets even more head schratchingly out there.

Get this.


The only problem I have with Gi'iwa is that they are making everything else sound worse. This is definitely a label to look out for in the future. I'll be supporting them if they keep this sort of quality up & now I need to buy their 2 compilations. :lol:


would you prefer generic computer-gen fractal psy art next time? :P

The problem I have with the cover is that I've seen it many times before. Not this exact picture of course but many like it. It looks like a lot of hip hop covers from some years ago of albums I was less than impressed with so I get a bad feeling from it. Still, it's the music that counts & this music is gooooooooooooooooo'oood!!!

The Sienis cover by the way is great ;)

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I absolute love the cover, and .. abasio, you seem to focus on bassline technique, into Work in Space track, but the build up in the melody is unbelievable, how the good melody is evolving into a liquid melody mixed with the crazyness, i simply love it :) Very nice release from Sattel Battle.

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I absolute love the cover, and .. abasio, you seem to focus on bassline technique, into Work in Space track, but the build up in the melody is unbelievable, how the good melody is evolving into a liquid melody mixed with the crazyness, i simply love it :) Very nice release from Sattel Battle.

Yeah, but I had to think of something negative to say about it :lol:
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The only problem I have with Gi'iwa is that they are making everything else sound worse.


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D





thanks for the reviews mate =)


definately check out our first 2 compilations.



maybe some new releases in 2008,...... maybe,...... giiwa music is hard to find

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Shit did I forget to post here????




One of the most fresh and funky melodic psy albums in my collection !


Keep up the spirit !


Workinspace, homegrown, fuck it !!! (don't forget to check out the fuck it remix on musica discordia


:posford: :drama:

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