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  1. thanks for all the great reviews! really happy to see this release hasnt dissappeared off the radar
  2. :D :D :D thanks for the reviews mate =) definately check out our first 2 compilations. maybe some new releases in 2008,...... maybe,...... giiwa music is hard to find
  3. yeah im puzzled by it too.... we've never released Suomi.... i guess if its not full-on, dark, or prog, it must be suomi huh? :posford: stoked to hear ppl are still enjoying this release
  4. good news,... great track =) is the version getting released longer than 3 and a half minutes tho?
  5. w00t! nice to see some debate! from psyreviews:
  6. thanks for the reviews ppl especially chis! hype and woo-har is great, but its always interesting to hear criticisms too. thanks for the feedback. would you prefer generic computer-gen fractal psy art next time? Sienis album out April 27!!!
  7. V/A -Musica Discordia- Sattel Battle - SoundsCool
  8. and @ the usual places http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=6324 http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/gii/gii1cd003.html
  9. now available @ beatspace!!! http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=3222 everywhere else in a few days
  10. Title: From A Nutter Perspective Label: Gi'iwa Productions Released: Early 2007 Format: CD Cat No:GPCD004 Distribution: Arabesque Mastering by: Gary Golbraich (Upside), Israel Original artwork by: Rolando Cyril (Sixio), France Layout and composition by: Michael Semprevivo (MindsEye), USA Track List: 01. Nuttin' 02. (2)Sum=Thing 03. Watt Duh HekK?! 04. Friggin' Box / Outside The... 05. Phinary 06. Memory Mechanix 07. Digital Dealer 08. Triangle Eye, Sir? 09. Re-Member 10. Me Against My Self 11. Form Another Perspective 12. Eye See The I Sea 13. Earth Womb The debut album of Eki Jokisalo from Sweden, making music under this project since 2000, releasing tracks on compilations at labels such as Exogenic, Stoneage, Devic Craft, Fabula Records and etc. Known with his crazy funky psytrance, he's now releasing a full album on the great australian label Gi'iwa Productions. listen to samples @: http://www.sienis.org/ http://www.giiwa.com
  11. Artist: Sattel Battle Title: SoundsCool Released: Jan 2007 Publisher: Gi’iwa Productions Format: CD Cat. No: GPCD003 Distribution: Arabesque Mastering: Simon Polinski @ Laundry Goat Artwork & Illustrations: jason.hueman@gmail.com & T-Bone File Under: Psycho-Funkadelic TRACKLISTING: 01. Sounds Cool 02. dosomethingwithyourlife 03. Rabel Rabel 04. Sratim Metzuyarim 05. Work in Space 06. Hey Hop 07. Ghat Whore 08. Strangless 09. Homegrown 10. 2 Step Chase 11. Fuck It 12. 24 Shots 13. Sky Divers Gi’iwa Productions is proud to present SoundsCool, the first full length album release from Israeli maestro Sattel Battle. The debut psyber-punk sound of Dotman raised curious eyebrows amongst the psychedelic community, and his latest releases Fuck it (ExUus rmx) & Stupid Computer on the Musica Discordia compilation, has left the question “why is this ex-metal guitarist so damn funky?” After spending years in the classroom, refining his musical theory and production techniques, Sattel Battles' sound emerges as an urbanized collage of rock, metal, punk, blues, goa psychedelia & suomi saundi influences. Fusing slick funky basslines, innovative melodic ideas, and layers of oozing spatial tangents, the result is an untamed hi-tech sonic wilderness, deliberately designed for maximum dancefloor carnage and all round super-fun-happy-times. SoundsCool is sure to leave a smile on ya dial! samples here http://www.giiwa.com
  12. pepe id love to grab a copy from you while im here in finalnd if u still have some? im @ julius' place (eraser),.... hope to see u soon
  13. http://www.tagworld.com/hiredgoonz we are also in the northern hemishpere for the next few months and avaliable for gigs.
  14. there is a mistake in the promo shpiel, Tarezen is SIENIS + METZANIMA (not Zekazy) sorry for the confusion!
  15. mebe depends when he finishes it..... we're in no rush. to the impatient ppl, release details are in the MusiCa DisCordiA thread
  16. http://arabesque.co.uk//index.php?option=c...Itemid=99999999
  17. reece

    V/A - Mesmerize` em

    thanks man, will give it a shot Kevin (scozbor) hasnt even recieved any tho!
  18. reece

    V/A - Mesmerize` em

    so where the hell can i buy this!?!
  19. hehehehe,.... its the gi'iwa way patience my pretties had some delays sorting distribution, but everything now on track for late July release through Arabesque distribution. (stay tuned for exact date : ) upcoming releases include: Sattel Battle debut album (late August) Sienis debut album (TBA) Alrune debut album (TBA) Neuron Compost european tour August - September,... more info soon
  20. should be released end of this month i think its compiled by Hippie Killer Productions guys
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