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Todays Goa.


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i dont think there is one goa..

every continent has its places that are really nice and chilled out..



thailand: koh phanghan, koh tao, pai

laos: vian vieng

indonesia: gili islands?

india: manali, pushkar, hampi (wow!)


australia: byron bay, nimbin


central america:

costa rica: puerto viego de talamanca, montezuma, mal pais.


and i am sure i am missing some here ;)

can anybody fill in some gaps or tell me where to go next?

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I heard it's beautifull over there....


well lol it aint thaaaaat cold!

And its very beautiful and all that shit, but we 2 psy artists there...that are not active!

we have no culture for it at all.....that means no psy parties at all, or mainstream trance or anything!

VERY few times stuff like that happens, but we are trying to build up the scene abit!


Anyway, Iceland has alot of good other stuff like good pubs and clubs....but non of good psy or goa...

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I had a change to play psy in iceland a while ago. but than the guy that was setting it up quit his job there..  :(


trunksan: i couldnt reply becuz your mailbox is full..


funland might be fin. uhh.. but i think it lacks warm beaches and palmtrees to trance under  :P


Ummm, for me you don't need only warm beaches and palm trees to trance under...


...as far as I am concerned I can trance out deep in a cold, dark cave as well... :rolleyes:B):ph34r:

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since more people seem to be interested i ll give a little bit more info on these places in india:


hampi is pretty close to goa. a really nice place. it has some psyparties i think. but its just brilliant for its surroundings.. its like walking in the middle ages in between all the old temples. And loads of ganja!


pushkar is in rajasthan. also quite a nice place with loads of banglassies. its a sacred place for the hindu's so no alcohol here.. There isnt alot of alcohol in general in india btw.


manali is more in the north.. hippy/ backpacker hangout with parties.


in the very very south there is kovalam. never been there but i heard it has some nice parties as well.


the rhythm in india is year round, meaning most partytravellers follow the nice weather. So after goa i think they all go to pushkar--> manali--> etc.. dunno exactly where they go when. but you 'll find out soon enough when you are there.


But november is goa time.. even though there is loads of tourists and stupid fucks you can still have a brilliant time. make sure you have a little extra money to rent a bike or scooter. That makes live ALOT nicer in goa. Best places to stay i think are vagator or chapora. If you like a little more tranquility arambol might be nice. Make sure you enjoy yourself and watch out for the cops, they are NOT your friends ;) (all cops in india want to be stationed in goa because thats were they make the most money ... baksheeshhhhhhh)

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A few years ago, Morocco was my guess for the "new Goa".... A few years after, I see there has been a few festivals etc there, but it still can't be called the "new Goa"... I guess you are right, that it's all spread around the world now, and that it is on the global psytrance festivals you still can find some of that old "goa spirit", even though the music is totally changed...

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