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  1. Thanks m8! I have several things i have to work on indeed, but thanks for the tip i'll try to tweak the twisted picture into something more mind manifesting! Great, now to all others: DOWNLOAD AND BE NICE LIKE THE GUY HERE OVER! You wont regret it...i hope...
  2. Edited because Super old, MODS / ADMIN! Could you please delete this Topic? Thank you. - Psyolopher
  3. haha lol! just need to get a GF, juuust so i can tell her this!
  4. cute 12 year old poi picture!
  5. www.myspace.com/djdolliproduction let me know if you like something there! i make Ambient, chillout, progerssive housey psytrance and techno! Lotsa diffrent stuff! Art and stuff like that i used apophysis and Photoshop.... =) and your site is cool!
  6. I like your pic very much aswell! very detailed!
  7. Nice! photoshop? i liked the first one and the 3rd one much!
  8. Im listening to Ari Miller's music: check it out: http://www.myspace.com/arimillermusic I think he´s talented! i like Kross fade the test
  9. hehe! well the only thing that is hard to get used to are the buttons....They are abit all over the place! =p
  10. Muse - time is running out Muse - Apocalypse Please Muse - Sing for Absolution Muse - Megalomania ...and so on! YES I CONFESS, I LIKE MUSE.....im in muse mood today....
  11. http://www.winamp.com/skins/details.php?id=137015 wow that was hard! ^^
  12. winamp.com is loaded with cool skins!
  13. Very nice indeed! Would like some of that on my future album if i'd afford it!
  14. Thanks alot m8! I dont have much hardware yet, gotta change my midi keyboard....get studio monitors and upgrade my pc! So i still dont have much hardware yet to play with yet, but im thinking of buying this baby to play with: http://www.woodbrass.com/images/woodbrass/ESX1.JPG And i've never used hardware to record with other than midi so i wonder how it is to combine the ESX with Ableton.....Im such a n00bie when it comes to hardware lol...But im a fast learner!
  15. What do you guys think is the best??? Im thinking of moving on to other programs than Reason....(well im going to use Rewire) But im also intressed in making Live performances! Im most into Ableton becouse of its better to use live, but is it good to make music with to? Or is Cubase MUCH more better in that area? What do you recommend? Thanks for all answers!
  16. 1+....Im not 100% sur how to do a whole show and it be cool(and actually do something else than pushing some few buttons)
  17. haha i even find the name similar! But you know it was very hard to nominate the biggest matrix wannabe! Space monkey reminds me of matrix almost as much as Astrix: But Space monkey is the most The most crazy monkey with tubes in his head with glowing eyes! He's good at that!
  18. Goa Gil is older than Raja, isnt he? sure looks like it.... anyway: The most Matrix Wannabe: Astrix! http://www.psymag.com/siteUpload/contentim...STRIX_Voov2.jpg
  19. This mix was friggin awsome! MAAAAD!!! <3 THANKS, awsome mixing there...... *plays really really loud*
  20. CLICKY-->Dark hard and evil =) <--CLICKY Is this dark enough?
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