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Dimension 5 - Transdimensional


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Dimension 5 - Transdimensional


Artist: Dimension 5

Title: Transdimensional

Label: Intastella

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 08'55" Iron Sun

02. 07'45" Purple Om

03. 06'33" Antidote

04. 07'28" Omega Centauri

05. 09'02" Deep Space 5D

06. 07'22" Psychic Influence

07. 07'22" Beetlesnuff

08. 07'50" Harmonic Convergence

09. 07'41" Utopian Dream

10. 07'59" Flow




GOOD album ! Tracks have transitions between them, to listen to this album as a

journey :-) No Bad Tracks, and best Tracks here are Tracks 1,5, but many other

Tracks here are not so far ! If you've never heard Track 5, you're missing


This Track alone justifies the buy of this album ! Just close your eyes And

fly away :-) Rating : 7.5/10

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Too cheesy for me. Tho I think this must be a really good album for ppl that

love melodic stuff whatever...

It's getting old, ok, but it's well done and there are interesting tracks on

this album: 4, 5, 6, 9. The album ends on a cool ambient track. 6/10 because

it's no longer in fashion.

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Sounds a bit dated now, too much use of the same 303 sound. However, this was

a heavy-rotation killer for several years and still has much nostalgic appeal.

At the time, this was the most expensive disc I'd ever bought ($48 to get it

out of England), it was totally worth it. Get it if you still can.

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Guest psy61[at]home[dot]com

This was my first goa purchase back in '97, and is still one of my all time

favorites. Yeah, it's a bit dated, but it was made in '97. Track 2, "purple

om" is one of the best on here with its dark, dominant synth line that makes

you feel like whatever you are doing is suddenly REALLY important! Yeah, kick

ass album (even though it's old)


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Guest sysweed

This CD has a high quality with some really good songs.

The best for me are at this moment Iron Sun and Deep Space 5D; both with some

very nice melodies!

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Guest eden.solaris

Great album!!!! From the time goaTRANCE actually PUT you into a TRANCE!!!

Harmonic Convergence is WICKED!!!

And for all you all-beat-no-melody lovers: GO LISTEN SOME CLUB MUSIC AND LEAVE

GOA ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9/10

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Guest stelium[at]infonie[dot]fr

Yes; the best track is "psychic influence".

"DS 5D" "iron sun" "omega c." are very good!

Rating-- 7.5/10

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Very good CD, even better than the "Second phaze" by same chaps... and for

"Nordicraver", I found this in Finland. Summer 2001...so I guess it's possible

to find it from Sweden as well...anyways, good luck, you need it, but it's

worth it...if you find this, you won't regret buying it ;)~. Best tracks are

Deep space 5D and Beetlesnuff, not to mention Purple om. I give 9/10

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Guest Mescalinium

My friend found the 2nd disc of the LP in a used record bin for three dollars

and subsequently gave it to me. It only has tracks 4-7 but I really enjoy all

of these songs. I can't very well give this a score since I have less than

half of it, but I can recomend this as an oft-overlooked old school classic.

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Guest Jason - Los Angeles, CA

Antidote is beautiful. It still gives me chills everytime I hear it. It reminds

of when I used go to Flowers (GEOID) in Tokyo. Great time.

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Guest mushroommind[at]zadopia[dot]org

Its like getting a call from NASA and being told they are going to send you

into outer space, and then actually being sent into outer space. Fantastic is

an understatement of what this album is. Pure brilliance of cyber melodics

layered with thick and chunky acidy synth lines. Buy it, plug it into your

brain and go NUTS. The best album ever!!!!!!!!

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Guest Bezkurton

dimension 5 are bend for respect because their album "transdimensional"is the

best cosmic goa trance J have ever heard!!While you are listening track 4'6'8'

specialy track 5 which is the best cosmic goa track,you will imagine like you

are on some INTERSTELAR JOURNEY.The other tracks:

1&2-entering the journey

3-good goa track with beautiful ambiental melody

7-one cyber melody is repeating many times

9-agresive psy

10-you are falling in interstelar space


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Guest Davidtolsn

definitely a good cd, among the better that came out in this time period. my

personal favorite is utopian dream, and i'd like psychic influence a lot more

if it weren't for that one slightly annoying melody. if you like the old

school/melodic style i would check this out. 7.9/10

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Transdimensional is simply the best goa album never made to my eyes, my head

and my mind. The artistic quality is incredible and the whole album bring a

lot of richness, it's the kind of music which help your mind to voyage in

another dimension (the fifth).

I think a goa head is not a goa head if he had never listen Beetlesnuf, just

the best goa track never made (only Mozart could do better ??), but each track

are great, there is no bad track; even the ambiant last track is marvelous.

After listening it 15 or 20 times, i love it more and more.

Really a piece a art, final verdict 10/10

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Guest Rain

Posted Image


01 Iron Sun (8:56)

02 Purple Om (7:56)

03 Antidote (6:47)

04 Omega Centaurus (7:39)

05 Deep Space 5D (9:09)

06 Psychic Influence (7:35)

07 Beetlesnuff (7:30)

08 Harmonic Convergence (7:57)

09 Utopian Dream (7:40)

10 Flow (7:54)



why not revieuw this classix album from 1997 considering there's a new revieuw database with space for goatrance releases like this one...


If you want uplifting well here it is... the pure definiton of goatrance and definetely true morning trance...

Dimension 5 created their debut album 'Transdimensional' in 1997...

A year filled with melodic trance and stories...

This is mystique trance like we know goatrance back in the days... The samples fit perfectly and are always spoken like a wise old men who brings he's knowledges...

The bassline is very uplifting and fast... Deep ticking and pumping... This is goatrance for the morning sun & wild dancing... They usually use the same basslines through the whole release sometimes faster, slower but always present with a good vibe...

The melodies are the most important (thank god)... In the beginning of the released there aren't big waves but mostly spinning psychedelic sound formed and reformed creating a tale in one layer...

To the end more waves appear and dimension 5 uses more layers....

Transdimensional is a story...

I love it when goa aritst use trance as a form of communication and dimension 5 succeded big time...

Their detail sounds are very intilligent but their waves can sound a bit cheap one's & while... But don't forget this is moring trance and melodie is all what it is... Maybe a bit repetitive sometimes can be a negative mark but if you like their style you won't notice it a even a bit...

The intro's en outro's are always very subtile... there are no unexpected stops but everything floats in en out very genitle... Every sounds fits and comes at the right time and place what I makes so enjoyable and perfect....


a must for old skool lovers and also for newcommers who like to experience the old sound...

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This album was AMAZING at that time! Melodic from the beginning till the end. Certainly one of the best old school goa trance albums, I still enjoy it, of course Deep space 5D was a sensational track, not to forget Iron sun, Harmonic convergence, Psychic influence, Beetlesnuff, Utopian dream...

An all time classic for sure.

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Hehe, I like because you reviewed this album out of respect even though it is already reviewed here. I find this album as one of the best psychedelic goa trance albums of all time. Every single song is brilliant and I can't even separate one from another, they are all top notch cyberdelic melodic hypnotic pieces...Sheer perfection...11/10

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Yes this album is among my jewels. Great album a Must have.


I like all the songs here, and "flow" the ending song is just so good...


btw: if you like his style i think you ll love Ra-To Sirius. i wonder why ;)

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Bump! For great justice!


Got the Suntrip issue of this through today. Crisp remastered sound (Tim never fails), an already perfect album gets a sorely needed chance to reach more people. Bravo Suntrip!


Edit: Continued here.

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