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Bypass Unit - Dropz Of Obscure Eclipses


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Very powerfull music ! Bomber combination of psy trance , house&nrg ! all

tracks is best and this album is a whole production , which make kick your ...



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Bypass Unit - Dropz Of Obscure Eclipses


Artist: Bypass Unit

Title: Dropz Of Obscure Eclipses

Label: Hypnotic

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 06'37" Zibling Zwirl

02. 08'53" Spectral Collapse

03. 08'53" Liquid Prisma

04. 07'57" Mesmer Drops

05. 06'35" Lunar Senses

06. 06'37" Distorted Frames

07. 08'17" Nanosphere Courier

08. 07'15" Frozen Symrex




Hey Good Surprise ! Not a very melodic album, but a very psychedelic one !!!

That really sounds good ... I don't see Bad Tracks, and my favourites are

Tracks 2&3 !

Rating : 7.5/10

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Guest rx7style

I really thought this album was cool. I enjoy the melodies that this group

pumps out -- strange harmonies. Different. I've listened to a lot of albums,

and can't even think of one to compare closely too. It may not be some

peoples style, but I really like it, and it gets people moving on the dance

floor! 7.5/10

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Guest Epic Automata

Agree. Big sound, melodic, wicked and acidic. In your face. Not going to change

the world, though. If you like this check out Color Box's Train to Chroma

City, also on Hypnotic (it's better). 7.5/10

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Man.. what a good album!! It feels like i heard all this before, like u all

say: no invention. But hey, these guys does it better than anything ive ever


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Guest Mental Disruptor

Excellent Album! Far from Psytrance, i'd call this style Nu Goatrance... kinda

evolution form 96 style, like Oforia. unstopable rythmic with a little kick

making you smile and have LSD rush!


All track a listenable form start to end

HARD cheese!

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Simply mind-blowing ! One of a kind. The tracks are a bit too similar, but if

you've run out of energy, just put this CD on ! Rating : 9/10.

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Hmm... no this one just doesn't do it for me... IMO, "On a Trance Mission" they

made way back in 95 is MUCH better than this!! The general feeling I had when

listening to this is that they took already done sounds and use them to make

melodies which go completely wrong after the first couple of minutes...

Sometimes, this actually sounds like some Nitzhonot or at least some VERY

known isratrance (Arsim on Acid, some AP and MFG,...) OK, this isn't a BAD

album, but hey, I would've expected much more from some of the pioneers of

psytrance... 6/10

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Guest Davidtolsn

i do not think this is good. i liked on a trance mission better, actually. the

songs are not at all layered, there is usually just one loud "psychedelic"

sound effect that can get pretty annoying sounding and predictable. a lot of

times something will sound cool and then they'll do that over and over until

you are sick of it. ah well... 4/10

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Stunning album ! This is their last album and what a shame...3 albums by Bypass Unit is good thing but I wanted to hear more of them !


I like their melodic cyber style and this is their most progressed album of all of them, this and Colorbox - Train To Chroma City...


I quite like this cyberdelic style and it has some harder tracks too : NANOSPHERE COURIER ( ! ), LUNAR SENSES, MESMER DROPS, DISTORTED FRAMES and some softer ones : ZIBLING ZWIRL, LIQUID PRISMA...All in all, very good album....8/10

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Well, I have met René few months ago, and I can only say his music is just like his personality - laughing: wicked mixed salad ballade dancing music vibes!!! Only made in a few weeks time; well this is a bomb!!!


Zibling Zwirl is that track name that cover the entirely what the songs is doing here: taking "zwibling" twists and let your body wanna see all corners of the room. A fluent melody, twisting and turning you around. Like a whirl wind take control of your feet and hands!

Frozen trance, but still fluent is a strange sort of way. Making you wonder if the ice is melted or not!


Spectral Collapse is more trancy than the first track. Especially the brake on 4:10 shows how skilled René make the trance come back into the song, from here the songs takes a leap forward and makes a happy end to the ending! Slowly building up and making you flow on weird kinda trance trip.


Liquid Prisma, haha, a more happy start here! Com on and dance to this cheerful melody, but still very Bypass Unit, a bit frozen, still fluid enough to dance!

I feel that this track has more layers and spiral twists in it. More of a song to think about. Kinda rough and deep melody line switch from one to another. Taking one direction after another.

On 2:55 you can hear how nicely those layers all fit together. Again a masterpiece to me.

Not high peeking music, but still great enough to trow your self in!!! Spinning , spinning and twirling!!! And from 7:55; just dance!!!


In Mesmer Drops the cd takes another and more trancy twist! Taking you on a more melodic journey trough the Bypass Unit soundings! This track more is long ans spinning around; no high peaks, just infecting your brain with some nice layered goatrance!


Lunar Senses is even more going up the trace way, but still, we have that delicious Bypass Unit undertones and baseline, just love it actually! From the start this songs is strong, not really time for a slow motion building up, go with the flow, tis is like the first songs twisted and taking all directions.

This track bursts of energy, from the first to the last moment of it. It has no time to let you come easily in it, just take the ride, that's my feeling here!


Distorted Frames, I think this track is the masterpiece of the whole cd! This is the songs where every aspect of Bypass Unit and much more comes together!!! The whole is vivid, strong, deep, powerfull and very melodic!!

I have no words for this track because it is just a very great ride to my opinion! Nothing to add.


Again, we have in Nanosphere Courier a strong and vivid track! Less melodic, but also deeper than deep. Check out the part around 6:20, genius at work! He makes us twirl and twirl, maybe even more than is his first track! A pearl, no a diamond doze!

Nothing to add here too!


I think the last track, Frozen Symrex, is a nice melodic finishing tough of the whole album! I goes very gentle and easy going from the beginning to the end; still it has (hidden) power in it layers! The more I listen to this one I dive deep in it! Become crazy with this - first a like gentle but freaky deep - melodies!


I guess this is the best album of Bypass Unit, less trancy than the second one, but o so strong and well thought!!! His music makes me dance and think at the same time; very enjoyable goatrance with a unique sound! Every collector hears this is Bypass Unit! Great, greater, greatest!

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Artist: Bypass Unit
Title: Dropz of Obscure Eclipses
Label: Music Research
Date: 1999

1. Zibling Zwirl
2. Spectral Collapse
3. Liquid Prisma
4. Mesmer Drops
5. Lunar Senses
6. Distorted Frames
7. Nanosphere Courier
8. Frozen Symrex

Did you know Denmark was responsible for some of the most twisted tracks in the golden era of goa trance? No? Me neither, but doing my homework revealed that it was so. I recently reviewed Train To Chroma City by Colorbox and believe that it deserves its rightful place right up there with some of the greatest goa trance classics. Point being, Colorbox was Rene Abildgaard Jensen & Kenneth Abildgaard, two brothers from the land of the Vikings.

Well, Rene drops by again with some more of his fellow Danes to deliver this tour de force. Denmark seems like a cool place that fosters creativity, but I wouldn't know that would I Team USA? You see, I played soccer for my country when I was 16 and we traveled Europe to basically get our heads handed to us. We did, but our tour guide in Paris for the team was a smokin hot French chick that I hooked up with. I was 16 and she was 21, what was I supposed to do? Long story short, just because I broke some rules and got laid, the "man" confined me to my room when we weren't playing. How am I supposed to enjoy all that Hans Christen Andersen land has to offer if I'm stuck in my room?


Eh, f*ck you coach. I made up for it in Sweden.

But I digress. Must be something in the water there because this is another bomb in the goa trance annals that doesn't seem to get the notoriety it deserves. It was released in 1999 when goa was pretty much on the way out making way for the ultra boring and ridiculous minimal bullsh*t. Yeah, I said it.

Zibling Zwirl- Ok, I have never liked this track. It is totally different than all the rest and doesn't seem to fit. Sure there is the variety of effects and the techno leanings, but none of the groove that the other tracks have. The sounds are just noisy to me and don't gel at all. The tempo changes into a shuffling gait and at long last a goa melody appears, but it doesn't save it for me.

Spectral Collapse - I believe this is their most famous track as it bounces with a very hurried bass lead. Great how it gets to you right away. The synth is organic, crunchy sounding, even wobbly. It's pretty intense as leads come and go with a rough edge to it. I imagine the creator is high on coffee and says, "Nah, this just isn't doing it." He then does 5 lines of coke off a hookers stomach as he just finished his last 3 ecstasy pills. Yeah, that'll do it! Melodic, fast paced and rhythmic as hell!


High Five!

Liquid Prisma- More bubbling with a frenzied bass line and leads that change color like a chameleon. Easy to see the techno influences here as this is pure danceable fun. The lead is sneaky snakey darting from here to there in the blink of an eye. Good times!

Mesmer Drops - With a very Front 242 vibe of the late nineties the track kicks into techno like gear with effects and then a crazy lead that gets a little help along the way. Groovy man, with spiraling melodies that rise and fall. Highly danceable with a cool guitar (not really) like wail that fits right in. Super.

Lunar Senses- More high speed goodness with whooshes and electronic screams but that lead! Nasty, and it gets chunkier and funkier. This I love, this...intensity with attention to groove. Add more sparkling melodies right into a faux break as the bass keeps crawling. It's like whack a mole trying to pin down these leads, they are truly jumpy...and they keep on coming. More of this thank you very much! Perfect!

Distorted Frames- Distorted percussive sounds bounce off each other as squirty bass sounds herald the arrival of the kick. The bass is funky and makes me want to move as the melody stamps down hard. Super groovy as the leads get tangled up with themselves. I first thought it was too chaotic, but then I began to appreciate it with multiple listens. The melodies keep coming and they are not your sunshine kinda thing. Definitely has a trancey feel.

Nanosphere Courier- Bubbling effects so thick you can cut it with a knife and an awesome and I do mean awesome kick roll. If I made music I would put that in all my tracks. Very eerie feeling as the goa melody takes no prisoners with a distorted vocal saying God knows what. The sounds and melody are ridiculously famous and the distortion adds that outer space feeling. More leads swirl (or Zwirl) and carry an angry chip on their shoulder. Space time effects are sprinkled all over a section of the track and it's hard sounding like UX. Searing leads, that's how I would describe it. Awesome.

Frozen Symrex- Ooohhh, I feel like we are underwater with that intro, but tain't long before the machine gun bass line kicks in with a scrambly lead. Love the way they did kick rolls back then with the fading in and out; great stuff. The synth is filtered and pitched up and down as effects cascade atop everything. This is more psytrance with some goa flavor thrown in. Pretty harsh and intense though. Ever hear of a chill track? No? F*ck it, then. The flavor kicks in around 5 or so minutes..


No. Not that Flavor. Sigh, no wonder everyone hates us. It's a pretty straight forward track without a lot of twists and turns, but yeah, it sh*ts all over the idea of a chill track.

Train to Chroma City was f*cking awesome and this is right up there. There is a much more abrasive element, with harsher leads but it is no less groovy and melodic. I don't find it that samey and even if I did, give me great music over and over again. I mean really this is good:


But isn't this better?


Mmmm mmmm! Love me some cupcakes. And that's why there is an obesity problem here.

In a time when every 17 year old from Portugal is dumping his stuff on Youtube as the next great psytrance artist, I prefer to go back to when artists where musicians and didn't worship at the foot of Cubase. I'm not saying that every artist today is like that of course, but back when people were lucky to have midi it seems that there was more creativity and less cut and paste. This was an awesome album and the best from the project IMO. And as we know, my opinion is like Denmark...you know it's there, but more often than not you just forget about it.


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