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  1. No and yes. Thanks but as I wrote above I've been in contact with Merv several times but still no records.
  2. And I forgot, one of the received records is propably the most warped vinyl I've ever put on my turntable.
  3. Hello all, Wanted to check if anyone here ordered records from the Eat Static web shop (http://www.eatstatic.co.uk/) and received their records? Placed an order late 2007 and so far I have received 2 out of 10+ records. And since the payment also is done upfront it's pretty fucking bad. I've contacted them several times, and everytime it seems like they are about to send the next lot but I haven't received any new records since January 2008.
  4. If you haven´t heard yet, check out Rhythm & Sound
  5. Haven´t read all the posts, but read som about what music is harder to mix, here is my general thoughts about that. I would say that psy-trance is among the easiest dance music genres to mix. It might not be the easiest music to just beat mix but to do a really good techno, or other forms of more "minimal" music", calls for much greater skills (music where every tiny move from the DJ makes a greater diffrence). About drum'n'bass, not hard to mix at all (as you might think in the beginning). It just takes another way of listening to the tracks, more focus on percussions than the kick.
  6. From the top of my head: Various - Summer Night Sessions (Compiled by Michael Dog) Wagon Christ - Tally ho!
  7. Nice selections GSH, surely some of the finest artists from the past year!
  8. Yes, very obvious: ... and I´ve checked with my a friend with the CD version, and it´s not the same there. Just want to know if I should send it back or not. Thanks .
  9. Hello! Just got this one on vinyl yesterday but it is something strange with my copy. The track"Bitter Sweet" just suddenly cuts before it really ends, is this a issue with all copies of the LP-version or is it just mine?? Give me some clarity so I know what to do . Thank you.
  10. It sounds fucking amazing if you ask me!! Always liked Gus Till / Bus and this sounds like one of the most refreshing records in a very long time .
  11. Great mix (as all the mixes on the Son Kite site). Tried it out this foggy Sunday, and it worked out just fine . Hope that tracklist will be available in the near future.
  12. I first listened to your "Digital Delights" mix, and you got great skills and all that and some of the tracks was brilliant, but alot of the music didn´t entertain my brain enough (guess my head is to used to those sounds nowadays). But now I downloaded this "Rise" mix and this was rather good shit I must say! Feels much more interesting and doesn´t bore me for a second. Love it . Keep it up.
  13. Might be Synthetic - "The Mummy"? Don´t remember which part of the movie he sampled though, but maybe?
  14. For everyone travelling through Sweden/Scandinavia and searching for parties, don´t miss out this years Arvika Festival (this weekend! - 14-16th of July). Trance/House/Techno Acts: - Live: Banco De Gaia (UK) Infusion (AUS) X-Dream (GER) Infected Mushroom (ISR) Sensient (AUS) Skazi (ISR) Chris Pointdexter (SWE) Håkan Lidbo (SWE) Echotek (ISR) Pixel (ISR) - DJs: DJ Sangeet (GER) DJ Xavier Morel (FR) DJ Thomas Penton (US) DJ Oli OV Silence (GER) DJ Justin Sorrell (UK/SWE) DJ Morg (SWE) DJ Kvasi (SWE) DJ Martin H (SWE) DJ Gen6 / Paulina Cewe (SWE) DJ Enden & Sne (SWE) Other acts: DAF (Ger) New Order (UK) Khonnor (US) VNV Nation (UK) Deine Lakaien (GER) ... and many more ... MORE INFO: www.arvikafestivalen.se
  15. Sounds great ! Definetely in wantlist.
  16. Haven´t heard the album yet, only heard some of their tracks on previous 12" and I like them alot! Another nice thing with AP is that they care about the covers, even their 12"es got unique graphics for each release. Upcoming purchase .
  17. Yes, that Nirvana remix is awful, and even more awful was a remix I heard right after that one - Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl (some psy-trance remix). Really sucky ones I heard on a club some weeks ago. dj mylo: Actually bought a remix 12" of Pink Floyds "Another Brick in the Wall" some month ago. It´s a whitelabel, but the remixer wasn´t afraid writing that he was the remixer (a hungarian progressive producer called "Andro").
  18. The mixes up at DJ Nandas page (djnanda.com) has been running all weekend, really looovely downtempo mixes she done there.
  19. Sample 3: Has to be some old Elixir, sounds veery similiar to one of the tracks on this EP: Elixir - Drops Of Madness / E-motion (http://www.discogs.com/release/75250)
  20. Hey there, You can listen to Atmos today 21.03-22.00 (swedish time), live recorded this summer from "Hultsfredsfestivalen, Sweden": http://www.sr.se/p3/live/ ->Webbradio The live is available for streaming til next Wednesday, so if you want to listen to it tomorrow, just click on "Onsdag" in the left menu.
  21. Hopefiend - Out Of Know-Ware Artist: Hopefiend Title: Out Of Know-Ware Label: Plusquam Date: 2002 Track listing: 01. Squawker 02. Fizzy Fruit 03. The Crunch (Wider Mix) 04. Right Time 05. Inwards And Upwards 06. Information Age 07. Crack Down 08. Triggerfish 09. Out Of Know-Ware Review: Both the Quirks Mark Allen and Tim Healey have been experimenting alot the last couple of years and they are some of the pioneers in the wave of housey progressive trance - which have grown nearly to the size of a tsunami during the last year. Hopefiend is Marks own project and this album feels like it comes in the exact right time - the first releases I heard from Hopefiend didn´t feel at all as interesting as this, and it feels like he took the time he needed to evolve and experiement to release this full length. Because of the sets I´ve heard from him during the summer (that hot morning @ VooV,, ohh.. memories , just after Antis great(!) morninghours ), I had quite some expectations on this one, and he surely delivered what I wanted - loads of great pounding rythms and it´s as quirky and funny as ever. The tracks shifts between mostly uplifting, rather sunny parts while some ends up in real mind-slicing melodies - melodies which sometimes gives the feel off something experienced after a (bad?) snort of cocaine. All in all a great piece of work - if you feel like you need a sunny percussive journey with some slicing melodies and twists - then this is a really nice buy.
  22. 12 Moons - Invisible Light Artist: 12 Moons Title: Invisible Light Label: Spiral Trax Date: 2002 Track listing: 01. Invisible Light 02. Clairvoyance Review: Michael Andresen keeps on exploring the atmospheric side off progressive trance. 12 Moons often feels like the uptempo version of his brilliant ambient project Healer (which currently is climbing on the list as one of the most beautiful and relaxing records). This is no exception. "Invisible Light" is a very typical 12 Moons track - deep kick under numerous layers of heavenly atmosphere which progresses and transforms towards a pumping finnish - pumping ambient which could make the floor cry and burn at the same time?? "Clairvoyance" is more built around a typical 12 Moons melody which maybe gets a little bit more space then they use to have. It´s still very atmospheric with nice string-like sounds and a very strong and emotional finnish which works towards brighter and brighter areas until it finally hits the ground again. This was the first track I fell for on this EP, but after some more listenings it felt like the A-side is the one that will keep it up in the long run, maybe it's the melody that looses its power bit after a couple of listenings but I still think that this is one of his stronger 12 Moons releases.
  23. London Sewer Tour - Suggestive Digestive Artist: London Sewer Tour Title: Suggestive Digestive Label: ACDC Date: 2002 Track listing: 01. Gutter Phunk 02. Suggestive Digestive Review: London Sewer Tour is a project by Greg "Lunar" Coyle, Gareth Green and Charlie Norton. Greg is the one that I know of, and this is the kind of music that he is known for - nice laidback but still pumping progressive music. "Gutter Phunk" builds up from the beginning with just a rather slow kick but evolves into a really really nice tribal friendly track with superb laidback crystal clear melodies, can´t get other then top grade from me. "Suggestive Digestive" is a little bit faster, but still reminds alot of "Gutter Phunk" with morhping laidback melodies and the tribal thing going on. As in the first track, the happy melodies with a morphing thouch is awesome which takes both these tracks into my current top 10. Highly recomended to everyone who enjoys progressive music of finest brand. If you do so, then these melodies will give you some serious chills,
  24. Hallucinogen - LSD Artist: Hallucinogen Title: LSD Label: Twisted Date: 2002 Track listing: 01. LSD (Synthetic Rmx) 02. LSD (Oliver Lieb Instrumental Rmx) Review: So, some more remixes of the beloved classic LSD track from Hallucinogen. These tracks is more club-oriented then all the previous remixes done (except the Oliver Lieb then). The Synthetic remix is a sunny club-tech remix with all the ingredients you get from the original, just add a more clubby bassline and some other more clubby details and you get this one. He has done a beautiful work with creating a sunny and very emotional atmosphere around the track and the melodies is still VERY hypnotic and explodes after a break in the end with the well known sample. This might not be something for you who are totally allergic to clubby elements and rythms, but I think you should atleast give it a try in your phones, because this is great shit! both for home and floor. Oliver Liebs Instrumental remix is exactly the same as the one released on the Mi-loony-um EP but this is as it says, instrumental. I suggest you to go for the one with samples in, it feels a little bit empty without them. Besides of the (for me) pointless b-side, this was still really worth getting for the Synthetic version alone. This is not magic, but still beautiful.
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