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What is your diamond in the rough?


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3 that I think of right now:


pink floyd - pulse


ott - blumenkraft


antix - TCD


and if I can include dvd too: ´rainbow bridge´, but only the end, with the jimi hendrix show...

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I love Goa Syndrome/Imperial project!!true psychedelic goa...pity its an almost unknown band,the only thing i found was their profile on garageband :huh:http://www.garageband.com/artist/GOASYNDROME there are 2 tracks available there...enjoy B)


Posted Image


dl them!thanks divine!


btw,they are VERY GOOD!

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AYS is my supreme perfect album, i feel nothing will ever beat that...


some other random diamonds:


entheogenic's first album

12 moons - solid state

dimension 5 - second phaze

oforia - let it beat

abakus - closer to the sun

steve roach - magnificant void

ozric tentacles - spirals in hyperspace

melvins - stag (this is very psychedelic!)

string cheese incident - carnival (the ultimate stoner album)

miguel migs - colorful you

jamiroquai - funk oddesy

bt - escm

particle - launchpad (theyre like a funkier ozric tentacles)

my latest discovery im really diggin is flexitones! merv really can kick ass! now i cant wait for metal sharon!!!


and the ultimate supreme diamonds of my other fav genre, and why...


kamelot - black halo (the most epic and dramatic band out there)

porcupine tree - in absentia (the new prog rock kings, and the succesor to floyd)

dream theater - scenes from a memory (the most perfect non-trance album in the world)

in flames - clayman (uplifting epic spacey, this is like the astral projection of thrash)

therion - vovin (by far the most beautiful classical music i know, fused with rock)

tiamat - deeper kind of slumber (very unique deep deep dreamy ambient rock)

iron maiden - brave new world (pure fucking epic! and the sweetest orgasm inducing guitar tones in the universe! best produced album ever)

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