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  1. this series looks interesting....anyone heard? http://www.discogs.com/No-Artist-Symphonies-Of-The-Planets-2-Nasa-Voyager-Recordings/release/684492 http://www.discogs.com/No-Artist-Symphonies-Of-The-Planets-1-NASA-Voyager-Recordings/release/1882807
  2. that reminds me of - http://www.discogs.com/Space-Time-Continuum-With-Terence-McKenna-Alien-Dreamtime/release/16979
  3. agreed, summer heights high was a well done mockumentary series. if you get the chance, check out another australian comedy - Wilfred.
  4. for the 70's rock/glam early albums go for Taking tiger mountain (by strategy), Here come the warm jets , Another green world and Before and after science. A compilation called Desert Island Selection has some great tracks from the first 4 albums and for the later ambient work i'd recommend starting with Ambient 1 Music for airports, Ambient 4 On land , Apollo-atmospheres and soundtracks and Equatorial stars (with robert fripp). then maybe Music for films, The Shutov assembly, Fourth world vol 1 possible musics, my life in the bush of ghosts (with david byrne)
  5. Subsurfing- Frozen ants (apollo) Gus Till - Dub shadows (cyan music) Shakatura - Shakatura (ceiba) Alex Patterson - Ambient Meditations 2 (Return to the source) Mixmaster Morris - Ambient meditations 4 (rtts) v/a - Module 02 (3d vision relax) Legion of green men - Spatial Specific (plus 8 records) Control X - ....to abort transmission (instinct ambient) Adam Shaikh - Essence (sonicturtle) Takkyu Ishino - Dove loves dub (ki/oon)
  6. i really like them too. recently i decided to get all the solar fields cd's in original form as well as some aes dana and a few other things ( krill minima, gas 0095 ) and got sent the hol baumann album as a gift - such a nice touch
  7. Brazilian. Real Name: Amon Adonai Santos de Araujo Tobin Next you'll be claiming Boards of Canada are Canadian
  8. say whaa? The money masters is a good factual documentary on the history of the Federal Reserve. http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-51...h&plindex=0
  9. i've never come across a movie that replicates a psychedelic experience well. david lynch? maybe like a hypnotic , deleriant trip. not psychedelic imo fear and loathing ? don't think so, even though it has some scenes of people on psychedelics and some of their perceptions. it's a linear narrative and that's not psychedelic imo soooo if there were such a movie it'd have to be a multi dimentional, extra sensual, fully immersive experience and that hasn't happened yet imo teletubbies are nice tho
  10. I bought a bunch of books by Robert Heinlein but haven't gotten around to reading them yet he wrote starship troopers and stranger in a strange land among others science fiction isn't my favourite genre
  11. The Black Dog remix Robert Hood. hypnotic mnml detroit techno gets tBD treatment. :clapping:
  12. indeet. me wants :posford: pretty amazing innovator RDJ. he was making his own analogue synths and other gear from a very early age i think. the music from SAW 1 dates from '85 when he was 12 or 13
  13. they're good tracks too imo. soma holiday is a favourite of mine from ambient dub 2--it's based on the drug soma in brave new world. i think their lyrics on that album for sale are based on the huxley book be worth checking out
  14. Rod Modell (DeepChord, cv313, Echospace) http://www.discogs.com/artist/Rod+Modell
  15. as others have said patashnik and cirque would be good to get next Have a listen to the two albums jensen did with higher intelligence agency ~ Polar sequences and Birmingham frequencies. for some reason i've always preferred biosphere when he's collarborating with others. and the fires of ork project with pete namlook is classic.
  16. hidden tracks can work when your listening to an album and tripping so hard you forget the cd's finished and then sort of come to when the track starts and think what the fuck is this? e.g. sattel battle's sounds cool hidden track. it's ridiculous, but in a good way.
  17. my top 10 would look like this Sandman - Withcraft Process - One drop or two? Ubar Tmar - Fusion Eat Static - Abduction Son Kite - Perspectives of Talamasca - Beyond the mask Cosmosis - Synergy Sensient - Blue Neevus Slide - Unstable Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy Tandu - Multimoods.
  18. Yes I am aware that my wantlist mostly consists of things considered more valuable but I don't need the money or want any other item. lol. most of the items in your wantlist are worth 3x what you're offering.
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