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What new music did you get today?


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Just got a bunch of oldschool stuff. Here goes:


Various - The Wizardry Of Oz (Cd Transient Records 1997)



Various - Second Flight: Turbulence (CD Flying Rhino Records 1998)


Mystery Of The Yeti - The Mystery Of The Yeti(CD TIP Records 1996)



Etnica - The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light (2xLP High Society 1995)



Etnica - Alien Protein (3xLP Blue Room Released 1996)



Etnica - The Italian EP(12" EP Spirit Zone Recordings 1995)



Etnica - Plastic(12" Blue Room Released 1997)



Transwave - Cycles Of Life / Quasar (12" Symbiosis Records 1995)



Chakra & Edi Mis - The Promised Land (2xLP Krembo Records 1996)



Prānā - Cyclone (2xLP Matsuri Productions 1996)



Elysium - Dance For The Celestial Beings (2xLP Nova Zembla 1995)



Ominus - Ominus(2xLP Koyote Records 1997)



Various - Boyd In The Void (2xLP Flying Rhino Records 1995)



Various - First Flight (3xLP Flying Rhino Records 1996)



Various - The Truth Of Communication (2xLP Matsuri Productions 1996)



Koxbox - Flashback(12" Harthouse 1994)



Slinky Wizard - Witch Juice E.P. (12" EP Flying Rhino Records 1996)



Process - Internal Horizon / Funktion Junktion (12" Flying Rhino Records 1997)



ECT - Helpless / Mr. Jolly (Lives Next Door) (12" Phantasm Records 1997)



Breach Of Space / Pleiadians - Accidental Occidentalism(12" Symbiosis Records 1996)



Their conditions wary quite bit from NM to very used (all seem to play w/o noticeable side effects) but given the price I paid I can't complain. And the Flying Rhino LP sleeves are sooo beautiful :)

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I got some new stuff for Christmas


I got;


V/A - Nightvision - 6th Flight this completes my Flight series


Atmos - Overlap (I am so close to a complete FR colelction now)


Biosphere - Microgravity


Biosphere - Patashnik


Infected Mushroom - Legend Of The Black Shawarma


and today in Shinjuku I bought


The Orb - The John Peel Sessions (2 different versions when I thought there was only one)

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Koxbox - Dragon Tales

Cosmosis - Cosmology

Coil - Musick to Play in the Dark^2

Daniel Stefanik - Reactivity

Gas - Zauberberg

Gas - Königsforst

In-Existence - Moonwater

Casino Vs. Japan - Whole Numbers Play the Basics

Luke Vibert - Rhythm

Chris Brann - Deep Fall


That's more than enough to make me happy!

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A bit late Christmas bundle.



Some up-tempo stuff:



Posted Image



Posted Image




...and a package from Aleph-Zero:


Posted Image



Posted Image



Posted Image



Posted Image



Posted Image



Posted Image




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Small saikosounds sale package


Puoskari - The Audio Hustler


Eat Static - Contact EP


Welder - Vines and Stream


Mauxuam - Viceversa


Any opinions on any of the above? I already know Welder and liked it a lot, just never had the original. Eat Static is for Eat Static's sake, goddamnit, and Puoskari to see if I can rekindle my longlost interest in psychedelic trance. :)

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B) Funkadelic suomi soundi, it always brings a smile to my mouth, I really like this one!


Deep and dubby, try to listen to the last two tracks with headphones laying in your bed (or couch)... (if u smoke weed that helps too :P)

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Fahrenheit Project Collection

Aes Dana - Season 5

Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries

VA - Bioluminescence

Optica - All the Colours of the Rainbow


From the last 3 months. Don't have the net at home yet.

I think there was one more that I may have forgotten for now.


Jon =)

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Darkened Soul - Bathys

Viridian Sun - Solar Noise

Viridian Sun - Perihelion

Viridian Sun - Infinite In All Directions

Steve Brand/Ishq - Spiritual Science / The Voice from Home

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