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Intelligent Dark Psytrance


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Hi! broths from everywhere!


Here is a Dark Psychedelic Trance fron Venezuela!!


We are a couple of venezuelan musicmakers_psycheaddicts, so we realy like to recive some feed back from you all.....

send us your critic please!


Best Vibes


OUR SITE::>> http://nostromus.es.mn

OUR MP3:::>> http://www.vitaminic.com/cgi-php/src_eng.p...utput_type=HTML (Psybon Track) recomended

NOSTROM_US Ada & Blade from south america...

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so, some new promising releases are on the horizons !


VA - Lhiannon Sidhe (Mistress Of Evil records)

featuring Xenomorph, Ghreg On Earth, Para Halu, Mussy Moody etc.


VA - Unhinged (Last Possible Solution records)

featuring N.R.S./Green Reefah, Scorb, R.A.M. etc.


watch out for those two !

first one is containing the darkest hell psytrance i ever found, check out 4minute long samples at saikosounds.


the second one seems to be more progressively oriented, but still very deep & dark. i do expect high quality production from the ambivalent staff :]

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VA - Lhiannon Sidhe (Mistress Of Evil records)

featuring Xenomorph, Ghreg On Earth, Para Halu, Mussy Moody etc.




Buy this compilation.... Best v/a of 2004 (so far) in my oppinion

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thanx, i'm still checkin my topic of course ;)

but most of the recommendations does not match my taste; i think that people should read more carefully the first post and know some tracks from the list.

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the rumor a few years ago was that flying rhino was going out of business.  wonder if that's what happened?  that would be sad...


The rumour is indeed a fact. Flying Rhino went bankrupt and is closed down now. So no more releases from them.

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Heu... for what you looking for, I would advice Datakult, this french guy makes really dark industrial psy trance... Almost minimalist sometimes, but allways on the thin edge of experimental.

It should be easy to find some demo from him on the net ;-)

Take care.




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Don't know if it's exactly what you are looking for, but I think Datacult and GreghOnEarth make great dark&psychedelic sounds.

I heared that Gregh is working on an album as well, hopefully soon to be released.

Btw if anybody knows more about when that will be, please tell.


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Datakult is indeed a tasty treat for nighttime freaks. Ghreg on Earth also excellent. Chapel Perilous is a definite fave this year( brilliant comp btw).


An album would be killer.


Previously mentioned was the Unhinged comp, Last Possible Solution. I cannot reccommend this HIGHLY enough!! Brutal comp.


Keep an ear out for the NRS album. Should be great.

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Nefarious :: it seems that we have very similar taste :)


the new deviant species album is rocker ! imho much better than NRS album (i think i can say this just after listening to 45' samples)

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I can't wait for the Ghreg On Earth album myself.

I just heard thet early 2005 it will be out.

Definatly one of the most inspired artists making both dark and intelligent night music at the moment.

And the album will even be one level above the tracks that is already around from him it seems.


And since you like datakult as well, you should of course check the "Mythical Vortex" compilation on resonantearth :)

A great GOE track and three amazing datakult tracks is featured.


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spindrift - wow ghreg on earth album would be nice, i really like his little bit dirty tech-industrial rhythm and dark soundscapes !


heard rumours about new scatterbrain album to be out for xmas/december, but its information without any confirmation from good sources


btw, keep an eye out for italian dj natan (parvati/wirikuta)

i heard him in 3 hours long set in prague, he has raw and hard psy tracks with lots of noise/industrial/metal/ebm/dhc influences, really worth to hear ! it was like a heavy machinery ripping woods from the ground and destroying everything. the very bottom (meant from the track's atmospheres) of psychedelic music :)

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spindrift u were right :)


from ghreg's web :: http://www.phosphene.org/news.shtml


A few people have been asking me about an album and INDEED, there is one nearing completion.....I hope to have the finishing touches wrapped in the next couple of weeks in fact....so expect by early 2005.


More Soonish......

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hey i'll get your album for sure!

I read all your post since the beggining of that topic and you seem to have the same tastes as me concerning dark ..


A little while ago i heard some silent horror.. I don't know where it comes from and i don't know if he got an album released, it was an unreleased burned version my friend downloaded from somewhere.. Anyway it was pretty good !!

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DJ VONPIRE - Trip to Dark Trance

DJ VONPIRE - Nocturnal Madness

DJ VONPIRE - Journey to Deep Space


You can download them all free at http://DJVONPIRE.IUMA.COM


P.L.U.R  :D  :D  :D  B)


the download speed is like a snail on a holiday! oumaan! :o
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