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Well maybe the guy will actually take his time to make some prober tracks if they will go on to an album? Thats what I'm hoping! B)


(I know I'm very optimistic by nature :P )

So am I but I have the unpopular opinion of that Hallucinogen has only made 1 good album :P

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yeah when i listen to Simon's music it's like he going "take THIS! take THAT! check THIS out! listen to THIS @!#$! oh yeah?! try and do THIS!" it's kick-ass!


I've also noticed he kind of uses pieces of music (not just notes) as instruments, harmonizing entire "clusters" of music together in different ways.


And there's that effect everybody's into now where you take a voice or a long soooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnddddd and cut it up make it go sooo-o-oo-o-oo-oooo--o-o-oo-ooo-o-o-oouu-uuu-u--u-u-uuu-uu--uuu-n-nn-n-nnn-d-d-dd. He's mastered that as well. He'll have the same sample playing in 3 different keys, and he'll bust that effect on each one of them differently, fitting it together perfectly.



Fuckin show-off!


-=- Matt/Strumpling -=-


LOL, I cannot explain it either. But whatever the fuck was this guy trying to say with the above quoted equations, you just cannot not agree.

It seems to me like the Posford freaks have developed their own linguistical code or something.


+1 :lol:

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