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Simon Posford (GOD of Psytrance)


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The best kind of music must be the old Hallucinogen sound manipulation with a more powerful industrial modern (not todays full on) base line

"powerful industrial modern base lines", full on bass kicks and Posford's music all in one sentence... WOW! It must have taken you some time to come up with that one! :blink:
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i think



Simon Posford is god of psytrance.










heh heh and one time at LIVE Juno Reactor, there was moment when it made me feel is this dude(ben watkins) a god or what!! Just then he mixed in the track 'god is god.'


How would he know what I/we were thinking!!


And I've also always wondered does mr posford really know what his music is doing to us on the dance-floor, in our heads!? And he calls himself hallucinogen... hah hah

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