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  1. Hello psynews! I'm really glad to present a new psychedelical trance duo Harmonic Soundform. Harmonic Soundform Date of creation: 20-08-2018 Genre: Psychedelic Trance Harmonic Soundform is a psychedelic trance duo created by Claus Valgren Christensen aka vGren and Ivan Popov aka X-Nova. Project aims to create energy rich progressive/fullon psychedelic trance vibes. Both artists share a huge love for experimental and energizing trance music and have already released a few interesting records on different labels like Spiral Trax, Power House, Sting, Speedsound and Climactic records.
  2. Hello psyfolks Really happy to announce a new VA compilation from Climactic Records! It's dark and Light, It's Fast and slow, enough of the info.. On with the show! ...More mind melting tracks from all over the globe, get out your glows sticks dugga gugga we go!... https://www.beatport.com/release/reverse-psychology/2321423
  3. Hello psynews! I am really glad to present my new EP called "Space Haze" which is due to release 26 june at Speedsound Records. EP contains 3 psyprogressive tracks, you can check them out here:
  4. Hello psynews :) Check out my new track, psyprog 125 bpm, i wanted to try something new, so i worked with vocal line this time. Vocal cover provided by most talented Farisha (link in description) Hope you enjoy
  5. Hello psynews! Check out my new fullon (145 bpm) morning track, hope you like it
  6. Hello Everyone! Happy to announce a release date for my new EP: "Sonic Evolution" - 2018-04-23 Genre: Psychedelic trance (what a surprise), Psyprog Label: Power House Records Tracks: 3 tracks in total Tempo: 132-138 bpm https://www.beatport.com/release/sonic-evolution/2271703
  7. Tell me what you think, like, share, follow on SC. Peace, love!
  8. Hello psynews Here is a new proggy track i made some time ago hope you enjoy!
  9. Coza

    Enjoy The Traveling!!!


  10. Hello psynews and Happy New Year Here is a small demo of a new upcoming track i called Tabula Rasa Hope you enjoy! =PLUR=
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