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  1. Hello psynews :) Check out my new track, psyprog 125 bpm, i wanted to try something new, so i worked with vocal line this time. Vocal cover provided by most talented Farisha (link in description) Hope you enjoy
  2. pinz

    Fullon 145bpm track

    thanks for feed! :D
  3. Hello psynews! Check out my new fullon (145 bpm) morning track, hope you like it
  4. Hello Everyone! Happy to announce a release date for my new EP: "Sonic Evolution" - 2018-04-23 Genre: Psychedelic trance (what a surprise), Psyprog Label: Power House Records Tracks: 3 tracks in total Tempo: 132-138 bpm https://www.beatport.com/release/sonic-evolution/2271703
  5. Tell me what you think, like, share, follow on SC. Peace, love!
  6. Hello psynews Here is a new proggy track i made some time ago hope you enjoy!
  7. pinz

    MATERIAL MUSIC - Love & Magic

    nice one!
  8. Coza

    Enjoy The Traveling!!!


  9. Hello psynews and Happy New Year Here is a small demo of a new upcoming track i called Tabula Rasa Hope you enjoy! =PLUR=
  10. Title pretty says it all, a melodical chilly track done at 132 bpm. Hope you enjoy
  11. pinz

    New music

    whoa...that's just epic, stellar work