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Found 7 results

  1. Artist: Omegahertz Title: Stax Label: Dimensional Records Date: September, 2015 1. London Eye Ride 2. Stax 3. Tyche Planet 4. Saita 5. Glava Neva 6. Weltraum Wesen 7. Denken 8. Or Keren 9. Viajado Dis guy? Last I heard of this project he was the other guy on the Purple Energy album with GoAsia. That was almost a decade ago and I recall his tracks filled me with a profound sense of...meh. Seems as though he has been hittin' the goa weights because this was an unexpected surprise. Omegahertz is Dimitrios Pouranis and he has just planted his flag upon goa mountai
  2. Artist: Space Elves Title: Terrestrial Planet Finder Label: Dimensional Records Date: April, 2012 1. Fead Huck 2. Goa Trance Mission 3. Opening New Dimensions 4. Terrestrial Planet Finder 5. Tokyo Old School 6. Trance India Express (rmx) 7. Satellite - Space Elves and Somnesia 8. Vega (Space Elves rmx) - Jikooha Maradonna punched a ball into a goal in front of a billion people and he can't figure how you f*cked this up. So...lemme see if I got this. The, ahem..."secret" service, an elite force of agents responsible for the safety of the leader of t
  3. Artist: Toi Doi Title: The Search For The Key Label: Dimensional Records Date: May, 2012 1. The Search For The Key 2. Darth Vad On The Moon 3. Nebuleuse 4. Semaphore 5. Aranda 6. Up Days 7. Uranie 8. Transduction 9. E-Tium I don't know much about Toi Doi other than what his Discogs profile tells me. I reviewed the Mother Pitch EP which I found delightfully dark, but I gotta ask. Is he goa or psytrance? Dimensional Records released the Space Elves album (great) as well as other goa albums so I'm thinking goa, but we'll have to wait and see. Everyone talks
  4. TOI DOI – The Search For The Key ( DIMENSIONAL RECORDS ) Artist: TOI DOI Title: The Search For The Key Label: Dimensional Records Country: Belgium Tracks: 9 Format: CD Catalogue Number: DIRECD008 UPC: 9366977747821 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Toï Doï is Gilles Coïa, a funny warrior coming from Paris' suburbs. Sound perfectionist, with classical and jazz music education background, he became a music maker addicted... His studio, furnished with crazy engines and dreaming machines . His music take
  5. Goa Madness presents : Psychedelic Wild West powered by Alternakult Innerspace live + Dj set (DE, Suntrip records) Agneton live (BE, Sita records) Ephedra live (BE, Dimensional records) Asmik live (RU, Phonyrik records) Maka Baobab live (BE) Anoebis (suntrip records) Chakras (dimensional records) El Druidos (BE, Goa Madness) Rama (Goa Madness) Mighty patch dub on september 22/2012 Deco by Goa madness and Xibalz. The party will start @ 2 in the afternoon and will be outdoor untill 10 in the evening. We will continue indoor untill the morning ! Location: 100 % confirmed! a wes
  6. Release notes: After years of working on the album, Dimensional Records is proud to present you the first album release of Space Elves!! On the very verge of the new golden era, four spiritual entities had landed on a small planet called Earth and taken human forms. On their quest of learning about the Earth’s culture and civilization, they grew up separated upon this world. From their first human steps the boys showed incredible mental abilities. One of these soul joint abilities surfaced just with the start of the new millennium, exactly when the four Elven mates finally ma
  7. Artist: Bell Size Park Title: Escape From Planet X EP Label: Dimensional Records Date: December, 2011 1. Escape From Planet X 2. Reptillianz 3. Lost In Time Belgian indy label Dimensional Records is nipple deep in goa trance with re-releases of several discs as well as a couple of compilations of their own. So along comes this name from the past with a short 3 track EP with tracks from his upcoming album. I don't really know much about Shlomy and his music, but in their short lifespan, this label has yet to produce a turd. So I thought I would check it out. The firs
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