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Found 1 result

  1. Artist: Logic Bomb Title: The Grid Label: TIP.World Date: December, 2011 1. Checksum 2. Kalibrator 3. Bitter Hitter 4. Sinister Science 5. Sonic Algebra (High Octane Remix) 6. The Grid 7. 4th Dimension 8. Knorrar 9. Frontline MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! I hope everyone had a happy holiday season. I know I did. There is nothing like watching your 2 year old son tear into some wrapping paper to get his gift and then play with his toys for hours. Yeah, I loved Christmas as a kid, but this was 10 times better. But let's not lose sight of the reason for the season. A new Logic Bomb album. Did you like Sonic Algebra? F*ck yeah, damn near only algebra I did like. Has it really been 4 years? Wow. You're old. This is now a duo Johan Krafft and Jonas Pettersson from Sweden who have quite the history in this genre. At it for over a decade, they haven't lost any steam. When most old schoolers come back the results can be, how can I say this politely...disappointing. As I've mentioned before when dealing with this, it is a no win situation for them. Stay true to your roots and people will say you haven't grown or evolved a lick...try something new and you've turned your back on what made you great. And for them to release on TIP Records? Only possibly the greatest label ever in the history of goa trance which I'm sure you could argue. So do they still have it? I mean, Sweden already has beautiful forests, that chef from the muppets, Henrik Lundqvist, hot chicks, the bikini team...No, you know what...f*ck you Logic Bomb. F*ck you. How dare you have so much. Well guess what...they just took it to another level. Checksum- This is a psy-progressive monster that shimmers and shines. Deep beats and warm melodies. It says, here I am...love me. Kalibrator- What began as the smallest snowflake falling from the grey sky soon became the reason your insurance is so high. Ooohhhh...did that just happen? It says no parking during daylight hours dipsh*t. Now however is little Stevie gonna get to badminton practice? The track is full of groove and bursting at the seams with sounds. Steam is picked up as it bumps along, bouncing and bubbling with sharp echoes and thumping percussion. Like a truck that starts slowly, but get the f*ck out of the way when it hits gear 4. Bitter Hitter- "I want you to lie back with the eyeshade on and the headphones...and let the music carry you now." Sparkling synths mask the evil intent as this tumbles forward. Soft tones tap out an outer space melody as the momentum builds. Man it sounds great, who did the mastering Jesus? Once the break hits, these guys prove they haven't lost the goa touch as layers coalesce in a spiraling array. Pretty heavy, hey dude? "Girls back in 45 minutes or Milt cuts your balls off." If you know this movie you're an old f*ck just like me. They don't make 'em like this no more. Sinister Science- Of course they can do full-on. Why would you ask me that? It has nice bass sweeps and a big melody with cool effects so it's not your everyday generic piece of crap. But it's a long track, so did you think they were going to leave it at that? Seriously, you did didn't you? Somehow it morphs into a new direction that takes it's time. So subtle I didn't even realize it. We got storytellers here Marge...storytellers. Not bad at all. Sonic Algebra (high octane remix)- This was my favorite track on their last album so I'm curious to see what they can do to improve on something so good. Ever see one of those supermarket sweeps where you tray and fit as much sh*t into your cart before time runs out? It's like that. Shimmering waves of sound reflect off the ocean and I think I just tripped over a dirty hippie. Fluttering effects, descriptive breaks, and dark melodies provide a gateway into their past lives, as this brings the dark smackdown in a powerful eruption. Bravo gentlemen. The Grid- "I try to picture clusters of information as they move through the computer..where the circuits are like freeways. I kept dreaming of a world I would never see. Then, one day..." Oscillate. Vibrate. Try not to hate. Masturbate. That how it goes? Another full-on track, but they way these guys tell a story it is totally inviting. Not just straight ahead, but taking different approaches with a beautiful melody that is epic in nature. What began as dark transformed into light. And then once you get nice and comfy in your "put everything in its box" snuggie they light that b*tch on fire. With your grandma in it. Poor f*cking dog. I hope he sh*ts on your blanket. 4th Dimension- Oh f*ck there's a 4th dimension now. I just got a 3D TV, you think Best Buy is gonna take that back? Yeah, me neither. As they like to do they pepper you with effects. The layered melody is like a staircase of sound, so fluid yet stable. It's epic trance massive but with Logic Bomb subtleties that showcase their ability to do it a little bit differently. Ahhh, but what was just so sunny and jovial a few seconds ago just pissed all over your outdoor festival as the dark clouds begin to roll in. Nice work. Very nice. Knorrar- "As usual this recording will decompose one minute after the breaking of the seal." Can anyone use better samples and set the mood better than these guys? Anyone? Me likey the undulating tones plunging me into the darkness. More outer space samples as the moelody kicks a hippie with a 604 tatoo. This is how you do dark goa, smooth and with patience. There's more changing of melodies than you can shake a stick at and just like my son's diaper they keep it dark. Nah, just kidding. He's getting good at the whole potty thing. To maintain the vibe with so many changes is a true talent indeed. This track gang rapes all other tracks in the universe...and then makes them toss its salad. Sorry, been watching way too much Lockup. Frontline- Their melodies are so outer space and the sounds they use are spectacular. This one gurgles, making sure all their ducks are in a row. Fullness, the likes of which haven't been seen since Thanksgiving dinner echo in the form of synths and effects across distant nebulae. Warm and inviting this track goes down easier than your sister when I took her to McDonalds. Really? You don't have 4 bucks for a combo meal? What a journey. The guys have still got it. Layers upon layers with ever changing focus. There is no opportunity to become bored with this. The mood can shift from bright to dark and back again all in the same track. As I mentioned their sound is fluid and very ear filling with great melodies and sample use. Normally I think the guys (or girls...girls can be stupid too) who write promos are on a glue sniffing binge, but they may be on to something here. Best album of the year? Maybe. http://www.psyshop.c.../tip1cd907.html http://www.beatspace...rid/detail.aspx http://www.saikosoun...ase.asp?id=8941 http://www.goastore....roducts_id=4721 Mdk
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