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Found 7 results

  1. Artist: PharaOm & Somnesia Title: Santorin Label: Space Baby Records Date: July, 2013 1. Message From Heaven 2. Zophina 3. Elytra 4. Toxic Kiss 5. God's Tears (Nova Fractal Remix) 6. Radioactivity 7. Neilos 8. Havoc 9. Frogs 10. Darkness 11. Hell-Heaven 12. Road To Exodus I miss complete sentences. 2013. Back to a time when I could wake up in the morning and not immediately wonder what the bloated pumpkin in chief had done to sh*t on my country. Got poor? F*ck 'em corporations are people too and they need your money. Any new p*ssies to grab? Remember, nazis are good people too. Mary and Joseph it's only been less than a year and I'm literally exhausted from his constant buffoonery. But thankfully this isn't about him, it's about a digital collaboration that I feel flew way under the radar. Two well known artists who got together and released a storming, melodic goa trance album. They say don't judge a book by its cover, but c'mon. Hello, rule...exception. It looks like Egypt threw up all over Ra with this cover, so you know what type of goa trance is found within. That aside these are two accomplished producers who probably understand that a certain amount of exploitation occurs when doing a concept album like this. They take it tongue in cheek, realizing that goa trance music can be full of tropes and stereotypes. Hell in one track they even have a sample that says, "OK guys it was just a joke." So yeah this is the type of goa you think it is, but it is very well done. Throw out the useless intro and outro and mostly what you have is rapid, twirling melodies sometimes hovering close to the nitzhonot line. But fear not intrepid listener, because And I love it. Fast and furious mostly, but it's not always just four on the floor. The breaks are well placed to allow the compositions to breathe. The sound quality is great which really comes out when listening to all the layers. This is one of those releases the collector in me would love to have in physical form. Beatspace Digital
  2. Artist: Thenaria Title: UFO Ep Label: Space Baby Records Date: December, 2016 1. Display 2. UFO 3. Ultegra 4. Acceleration 5. Microscope Thenaria is a project consisting of two lads from the Ukraine who seem to dabble in a few genres of electronic music. One could surely be forgiven if upon listening to this conjured up images of any number of horses from the progressive stable of Ovnimoon Records. Indeed their Ep Fantastic Universe released in 2015 sounded like all the other progressive trance you've heard (yet even that one was expansive and deliciously detailed). This Ep has that smooth feel, but the difference is it's drenched with heavy goa themes. On the surface it's nothing that will rewrite the annals of goa trance, but the production value is high as the tracks twist through multiple layers of melodic goa clouds. They seem to be quite good at telling a story and generate an immersive atmosphere. Their ponderous downtempo closer hits all the right eerie and mysterious notes. Like I said, nothing groundbreaking, but very talented and on my "ones to watch" list. Space Baby Records Bandcamp
  3. Artist: Kyoto Title: Astraverta Label: Space Baby Records Date: March, 2012 1. Time Tunnel 2. On Mars 3. Anahata 4. Forest Cat 5. Astraverta 6. Shivaz Dance 7. Floral Fractal Don't know what to think about this one. Do I want to kill the Batman or do I remember that being a lawyer required incurring expensive student loans and should therefore attempt to build my client base? At times I like its varied styles and tempos. Other moments I find myself bored with it. There are nature sounds aplenty so the outdoorsman in me likes it. Guitar is also prominently featured so the unemployed redneck who hates brown people can relate to this. Kyoto is Vitaliy Zenkov and with his second album he travels between aggressive breakbeats and dreamy marijuana cloud watching. The tracks are long episodes that undergo various changes. Sometimes I got lost in them and other times I was counting the minutes. The last track is like a long Santana solo over just such a break beat. So....long story short. Not bad, but not the first piece of chill I would reach for. Beatspace Psyshop Mdk
  4. Space Baby records presents: sbcd011 _____________________________________________ VA.......................VA Misterika festival – Tree of the Life (part 1) GENRE................... CD 1 - Forest Psy, Suomi, Morning Full CD 2 - Psy Chill , Ambient , Ethnic URL......................http://www.myspace.com/spacebabyrec Tracks...................CD 1 - 10 CD 2 - 9 ____________________________________________ VA MISTERIKA FESTIVAL part 1 TRACKLIST: Cd 1 1. SWA – Zemlya (INTRO) 08:44 2. Re Horakhty – FWM 06:31 3. DoHm – Peace of Tunguska 07:20 4. Kala – Povik 08:06 5. Shiva3 - Misterikana 08:34 6. Vishuddha – Mono 08:48 7. Mandala Vandalaz - z-man 06:27 8. Kalumet – Ingatlan 06:12 9. Crystal Monkey – The Space Cat 08:03 10. M.E.E.O – Sambucus 09:52 Total time : 76:77 Сd 2 1. SWA – Utica 11:45 2. Squazoid – psylosphere 07:51 3. Secret Vibes – Terre Happy 03:53 4. Shiva3 – Amazon Ritual 07:32 5. Kyoto – Anahata 10:36 6. Squazoid – boombolom 06:28 7. Kalumet in dub - ingatlan dub 08:36 8. Ygdrasill – Riddlefish 09:18 9. Freesian – Highest Perch (OUTRO) 07:31 Total time : 71:30 ___________________________________ Compilation : Oku & Iri & Nikol Art Work : Smile Buddha Mastering : Dimitro (Zymosis) ____________________________________________ Description Misterika – is a single pulsing organism which soul exists in the very core of humanity and interaction. All our new ideas, creative art experience, relationship with people and nature have made a way to one common goal which is development of the consciousness of those who seek the purity of mind, union and help in art realization of oneself and other people. This help is given by the community through music, design, performance, art exhibitions, lectures, movie shows and many other things.Music part of the festival, apart of psy and ethno, will include other styles which will give our guests a possibility to have rest and relax, chat with each other and enrich their own knowledge in electronic music. The style specter is quite huge and will have such music as ambient, downtempo, idm, dub, raggey, experimental and live shows of musicians in chill, jazz, ethno styles as well which will bring a special touch to the festival itself. LINKS http://misterikafestival.com http://www.facebook.com/MisterikaFest http://www.myspace.c...sterikafestival https://www.facebook...SpaceBabyRecord Contact : Email misterikafestival@gmail.com Skype – misterika
  5. Shiva3 - Full Story - 2012 1.Intro 2:38 2. Hindu Trip 8:05 3. Beauty of your Reflections 8:50 4. Namah shivaya 8:07 5. Har Har Mahadev (version 2012) 8:07 6. Tuvan voice 7:49 7. Maya Shaman (version 2012) 6:41 8. Pentagonika 9:18 9.New Power 7:57 10.Mushroom opera (outro) 7:38 Total Time - 73:10 Cover Art Work by Odzunu Mastering - Dimitro ( Zymosis) Description : ENG The world of wood spirits reveals to us with the first notes of our magic rituals of sounds. Into the healing stuff we shall mix a bit of starry skies from luring faraway space, the sound of shaman tambourine, starting the sacred ritual and by all means the atmosphere of the wood and wild nature that gave us the sources of wisdom and understanding of the universe. We shall assemble all the magic creatures near our large bonfire of unity and perform the Dance of Universe and sing a song of Mother Earth. We shall recollect the nature and our true sources of existence - we shall go back to the dark thick forest together with Shiva3. poem for inside cover· god shiva dancing the tandeva dance nataraja deep meditative trance state enhanced creator preserver destroyer concealer holding trident cresent moon above 3rd eye revealer indiginous native indians in tribal ceromony drumming rattling playing wooden flutes in harmony offerings of sage tobacco and sweetgrass smoke indians with painted masks invoke attracting ancestral spirits in dance and chants within natures mind symmetry that enchants. David Baker http://beatspace.com/7284/Space+Baby+Records/SHIVA3/Full+Story/detail.aspx
  6. Artist: Maharishi Title: Sense of a Feather Label: Ouim.net & Space Baby Records Date: December, 2011 01 - Bhuvana (Intro) (105 BPM) 02 - Shadowland (feat. Extatic) (80 BPM) 03 - Liquid Trip (105 BPM) 04 - Satori (Punarjanma) (115 BPM) 05 - Maharani Deva (90 BPM) 06 - Angelic Tears (96 BPM) 07 - Call Of The Ancients (95 BPM) 08 - Satori II (Gourishankar) (110 BPM) 09 - Balance On The Edge (The Eagle Feather) (98 BPM) 10 - Satori III (Anapurna - Nirvana) (96 BPM) I don't think this is the guy. I mean it could be, but he seems more the type to be confused by the intricacies of a push button phone than mastering his pirated copy of Cubase. Remember the boy maharishi in Indiana Jones Temple of Doom? Don't think it was him either. Digging into this rusty filing cabinet that is my brain (give me a break, maid doesn't come till Tuesday...yeah you'll wanna not step in that) I can recall that littly guy was a mean SOB who came to a gruesome end. So...ghosts have trouble with software. Believe me I know, every spook from the Ghost Whisperer has been dropping demos on my desk. Do I look like Mars or Anoebis? No deal! Well, unless I can get a crack at 1990's JLH. Sure her football shaped pimento olive head couldn't seem to stay upright, but miracles were worked with that push up bra. Oooof! You know what? Scratch that. Any chick that has already purchased her own engagement ring is way more maintenence than I want to take on. Get with her and all of a sudden after sex it's 72 questions about what I'm thinking and why I can't understand her anger that I didn't remember our 2 and a half week anniversary. Newsflash honey, I was blinded by your sweater puppies and now if it's not too much to ask I'd like for you to turn into a pizza. Those five minutes of energy ain't gonna regenerate itself. What were we talking about? Oh, excuse me I do sometimes tend to ramble. This is Borislav Lazarov who was kind enough to give us this album for free. The tracks originate from 2005-2011, kinda like a compilation of his work. Bhuvana (Intro)- Birds, crickets, sloshing water...I feel like I'm in a psychiatrist's office and he's gonna ask me about my mother. Then the bass line rolls in and at first it doesn't seem to fit. After the beat kicks in with some soft melodies I'm thinking maybe this forest isn't all Disney, but maybe a little Sleepy Hollow. Not the gay one, the Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci "do you think me wicked" one. Shadowland- Webster knows the score! It's breakbeat goodness at a slow gangsta pace that lulls you right into your hypnotic cocoon. That ethnic guitar fits perfectly into the mix. Liquid Trip- Progressive leanings with a very long pad that pitches up and down. Nothing really happens and I think that's what drones you into a trip, but it's like when I would get high with my friends. Is everyone as f*cked up as me? This is how I'm supposed to feel...right? Why are you staring at me? "Dude, you are really f*cked up." Satori (Punarjanma)- Wailing sounds and skittering effects make it seem like you're walking down a dimly light corridor. It's got some percussion that's not too heavy, but full of motion. Very dreamlike with rapid fire guitar notes so I'm liking it, but I think it went on too long. 11 minutes. I coulda banged JLH twice in that amount of time. Maharani Deva- We are treated to more dark pads and a space vibe. Plodding along with peculiar percussion it's another track that lends itself to dreaming. Eerie for sure with the pianos playing against the liquid bass. Nice. Angelic Tears- See this is where he shines for me. A breakbeat with eerie melodies that wouldn't be out of place on a hip-hop album. It's dark and menacing and makes me want to do bad things to good people. Well, not me. But this guy... Call of the Ancients- That screechy lead took a filter bath at two and a half minutes and I...just...love it! You can't have a call to the ancients without a, you know...call. And there is one. I see a woman twirling (naked of course) in the center of the tribe like the film was sped up. Lightning quick synth riffs have me looking skyward and this is a race to the end. Not my favorite, but it definitely involves you. Satori II (Gourishankar)- Probably the most layered track here, it is full of dark melodies and futuristic effects. He uses that machine gun style again as the breakbeat bounces along. Very good track. Balance On the Edge (Eagle Feather)- Everything comes together on this one. Mid tempo rhythms and frantic synth races join a well placed sample to give it a spiritual feel. Also well layered thickening things up. Satori III (Anapurna - Nirvana)- With the final track at over 10 minutes, it could go either way. The beginning is a soft intro for about a minute or so, and then it gets hit with the funk stick for a dirty breakbeat. More layers and more melancholy, with piano slams like Depeche Mode. Super. The beat was so strong and the synths so involving I didn't even mind the long Indian sample. Very airy and floaty. I hope to hear more from this individual. He had some great breakbeats and synth work as his music leans towards the dark side. The fact that it's free is just icing on the cake. Ektoplazm Mdk
  7. Genre: Forest Psychedelic, Forest Goa Record Label: Space Baby Records About: Space Baby Records. History After a birth of our daughter Nikol' we've decided to make a new step in the trance culture and create new label named the Space-Baby Records We sound like goa / ethnic / shaman sound / suomi / night psy and dub / experemental Space Baby`s Psychedelic Artists Alienapia (Phototropic rec., Ezel Ebed rec., Space Baby rec. / Ukraine, Kiev) Genre: Goa Trance Info: http://www.myspace.com/alienapia Shiva3 (Lua rec., Space Baby rec. / Ukraine, Crimea) Genre: Forest Psy - space travel with the shamans and the spirits of the forest! Info: http://www.myspace.com/shivazproject Kala (Space Baby rec. / Ukraine, Macedonia) Genre: Forest Psy Info: http://www.myspace.com/kalabooking http://www.soundcloud.com/kala Manu (Space Baby rec. / Ukraine, Macedonia) Genre: Goa, Full Power, Forest Psy Info: http://facebook.com/manuel.backer http://www.myspace.com/manjulivemanubidj BalaGan (Euphoria pro, Misterika Family/ Ukraine, Crimea) Genre: cocktail of the Night Psy Trance and Suomi style Info: http://www.myspace.com/balagan25 Frog Prog (Euphoria pro, Misterika Family/ Ukraine, Crimea) Genre: Forest Melodic Progressive Psy with elements of Ethno! Info: http://www.myspace.com/frogprogproject soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/frogprog Amrita (Euphoria pro, Misterika Family/ Ukraine - Macedonia) Genre: Psy / Morning / Full On http://www.myspace.com/amritaproject Dirty Hippy (Space Baby Rec. / United Kingdom) Genre: Psy / Morning / Full On Info: http://www.myspace.com/dirtyhippydan Synergic (Space Baby Rec. / Germany) Genre: Full Power Info: http://www.myspace.com/synergic http://synergic-project.com/ Spirit Medicine (Space Baby Rec. / Ukraine, Lviv) Genre: Goa Trance Info: http://myspace.com/spiritmedicineproject http://www.spiritmedicine.com.ua/ Jar Jar Binks (Space Baby Rec./Macedonia) Genre: Forest Psy Info: http://www.myspace.com/mancoidtumbar Therange Freak (Space Baby Records/Macedonia) Genre : Forest Psy http://www.myspace.com/therangefreak Asoma (Space Baby Rec./Bulgaria) Genre: Forest Psy Info: http://www.myspace.com/asomabg PharaOm (Space Baby Rec./France) Genre: Goa Info: http://www.myspace.com/pharaom Space Baby`s Chillout artists FreeZian (Space Baby Rec. / United Kingdom) Genre: Ethnic / Ambient / Folk Info: http://www.myspace.com/dirtyhippydan Kyoto (Space Baby Rec./ Russia, Samara) Genre: Psy Ambient Info: http://myspace.com/djkyoto Zymosis (Altar rec., Sunline rec., Kagdila rec., etc./ Ukraine, Kiev ) Genre: Psy Ambient Info: http://www.myspace.com/zymosispsy Natural Element (Space Baby Rec./ Greece) Genre: Dub / Ambient / Psy Chill Info: http://www.myspace.com/naturelementmusic Djs André Sat (Brazil) morning psy label dj Okujah (Ukraine) main label manager and label dj In the tracks are used only to track our label - unrlzd and last new rlzd Design Group Shankara LAB (euphoria promo , Misterika family) Info: http://www.myspace.com/shankaralab http://okujah.gallery.ru/watch?a=g7m-ATZ Shivanebula (Netherlands) Info: http://www.myspace.com/shivanebula Current Location: Ukraine Influences: http://soundcloud.com/space-baby-records Email for booking !!!!!!!!! spacebaby2008@gmail.com Phone +3980972869116 Website: http://www.myspace.com/spacebabyrec FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/SpaceBabyRecord
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