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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Cosmic Guide Label: Goalogique Records & Ezel-Ebed Records Date: December, 2013 01. Guide's intro - Burak Mal├žok - Didgerdo & Ney 02. Travma - Son Nefes 03. Imba vs K.U.R.O. - Uchu-Jin Deaimasu 04. Somnesia - Pyrotechnical Project 05. Shidartha - Tetalidrocanabinol 06. Ephedra & Goarama - Spiritual Sunday 07. Mindsphere - Chosen One 08. Astrancer - Hercolubus 09. Ogo - Kobejada 10. GoaTree - Goaliens "Since I was a child I've seen some very strange things in the sky..." "It's still good, it's still good!" When a friend tells you that he struck out with the head cheerleader it means two things. One, there will be no awkward fondling in the back seat of mom's minivan and two your friend has no game. Strikes are bad. Garbage man goes on strike and you're knee deep in banana peels and disposable diapers. I suppose a strike in bowling is good, but then again you're a bowler so you've obviously failed at all the sports that actually matter. Having reviewed this label's previous two releases I was less than impressed and gave them two strikes. One more and they'll be having lunch at the chess club table. The powers that be have clearly consulted the Cosmic Guide for answers because this is the best thing to come out of Goalogique Records since...well, ever. You can debate the cover art quality (no you can't even though this was clearly their best effort), but the music is head an shoulders above Up to Next Step and Astronot. Now they joined forces with Turkish label Ezel-Ebed Records so at the very least those guys deserve an assist. The Goalogique sound is characterized by an amateurish, raw feel and some of that is still here. But nothing like the previous compilations. You have good tracks like Son Nefes, Tetalidrocanabinol, Hercolubus and Chosen One. It's a very good compilation, but it still doesn't tell me if Goalogique has turned a corner or just relied on Ezel-Ebed to do the heavy lifting. Beatspace Psyshop Mdk
  2. Artist: Doruk Title: Astral Colours Label: Ezel-Ebed Records Date: December, 2011 1. Alien In My Room (intro) 2. UFO 3. Astral Colours 4. Space Journey 5. Core Of The Universe 6. No Gravity 7. Astrophysics 8. Eyes Of The Moon 9. You Are Not Perfect Always on board for new goa trance I came across this a bit ago. It's a digital download and oddly enough the only place I could find it was on Beatspace. These are tracks made by Doruk in the years 2005-2008 packaged into a nice space themed album. Alien In My Room (Intro)- We begin with a brief intro that sounds like aliens are doing a sweep of this guys room with some superior sensor technology. Ignoring the semen stained sheets and the leftover hamburger helper left in the corner they come to realize they might not need back up. UFO- "What is that...smell?" 8. 8 times that sample was used. And that's just the whole sample. I'm not counting the times where he just said "what" or "smell". 8 times. I like masturbating, but I don't think I could squeeze out that many knuckle children during one track. Ridiculous. Part flowing goa-lite and part epic trance which was completely overshadowed by the overuse of the above sample. Astral Colours- It seems to have all the ingredients that would make a good goa track, but...it's missing power. Force and anger. That extra kick in the nuts that blows your wig back. If Portamento and Artifact303 are heavy metal than this is Air Supply. Not that that's bad. I can see this being played in an elevator. If it was, it would be the coolest elevator of all time. Space Journey- "Did you ever think what it takes to live as long as I have?" I liked this better. Darker and more twisted with some good layering. Pumping and flowing with a great sample and outer space leads. Very Astral Projection. Back when they made music...and not just promises. Core of the Universe- More ripping space leads that leave an acidic taste in my mouth. It is a track that hypnotizes and constantly twists and turns. Solid No Gravity- With an aggressive bass line he takes no prisoners. Couple that with a nice, searing 303 and you've got all the makings. It's pushing your spacecraft in tight 360 degree revolutions to avoid enemy fire while the stars whizz past. At each brief break it reorganizes and continues it's assault. Astrophysics- Astrophysics? That was me on the first day of class. Not proud of that moment... But he obviously gets it. If there was one track that could be called an Astral Projection clone, it would be this one. And that is not meant as an insult. Analog space leads, thumping kick, dark atmosphere...beautiful. Eyes of the Moon- I'm thinking that this is unfinished due to the short track length. It's more floating and trancey, but no less entertaining. Surely there is more of a story to tell here? You Are Not Perfect- One you get a pass on, but two short...blurbs? That's just a tease. Punishment will follow accordingly. That wasn't me! I didn't do that! I DID NOT DO THAT!!! *drops riding crop and quickly backs out of basement* First the bad. With the intro and the two short tracks at the end you get more of a 6 track EP. Which is why I suppose it is a digital download only. But if that's the case, why offer them at all. Spend the extra time and finish those two to make a proper album. Now for the good. This was great work. Really, it was. I wasn't so sure after the first third, but he saved the knockout blow for the rest of the album. Dark, atmospheric, melodic. The comparisons to Astral canot be helped. I mean, sh*t it's in the title. What more could you want? Thanks to Ezel for intoducing this artist. I know these tracks are old, but here's to hoping that he is working on some new material. Beatspace Mdk
  3. Artist: Travma Title: 303 From God EP Label: Ezel-Ebed Records Date: May, 2012 1. TraWorm.Win32 Virus 2. Maximum Pain 3. 303 From God Hmmmm.....some new guy. Never heard of him. Sure does have an elevated opinion of himself. 303 from God you say? Guess I'll check it out. TraWorm.Win32Virus- Oh sh*t, did I just download a virus to my computer? I did didn't I? Waitaminute! What effect will this have on the TB of porn on the hard drive? I'll have to worry about that later because BOOM! he blows the doors off with a Nitzhogoa stormer. Leads twist and curl at high velocity. It only knows on way and that is straight ahead. Want some variation? Hippie. Travma's not here to tell you a bed time story. He's here to punch you in the face. On a side note Agneton said, "Mother f*cker that was fast!" Maximum Pain- This is a great track without losing any of its momentum. Spinning melodies don't have me feeling any pain. 303 From God- Finally the mystical 303 shows up! Bow down before your master! This thing infiltrates every pore giving you superpowers! It's razor sharp and aggressive the way that only goa trance can be. Nasty! Ummm....it's goa. It's Travma. How are you not getting this? Beatspace Digital Mdk
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